I suppose I should be saddened or outraged or at least indignant that the Iowa State House of Representatives has crafted a bill that allows children of any age – the “carry age” is currently 14 – to possess firearms.  That’s right.  The bill states that children can possess “a pistol, revolver or the ammunition” for same at any age.  Under parental supervision, of course.  Right.  “Parental supervision” is the key to this Second Amendment expansion to “toddler carry” and "Freedom" since as we all know adult parents are totally responsible when it comes to guns just as they are in informing their kids about sex.   I suppose this action also supports the ever-popular conservative memes of “personal responsibility” and “individual initiative."  I mean, why not start as early as possible, right?  I’m not sure now Iowa’s Republicans are going to create working guns that can be implanted in a mother’s womb so that even fetuses can carry guns, but I suspect the Iowa legislature will be able to craft a bill to spur this Fetal Carry idea shortly. 

Then there’s the Virginia State Senate who has just passed a bill (Senate Bill No. 552) that would allow the state’s police departments to keep the names of their officers secret.    That’s right.  Secret.  As in “Secret Police State.”  According to Virginia lawmaker John A. Cosgrove, Jr. (R-VA) the basis for the Secret Police Bill is that:  “The culture is not one of respect for law enforcement anymore.  Its really “how can we get these guys? What can we do?” Police officers are much more in jeopardy.  There’s no nefarious intent behind the bill.”  Right.  

This timely response to the current climate of police killings of unarmed civilians is supported by Kevin Carroll, President of the Virginia Fraternal Order of Police,  who said “This is not about trying to keep information from the public, to have a secret police. But it is about wanting to keep our officers safe.”  Presumably from all those toddlers in Iowa who will soon be able to possess pistols and revolvers.  Right.

And just in case you wondered what information, or data, or statistical analysis, or studies support the idea that our police forces are in danger from increased assassinations or otherwise in danger from an angry American public, there are none.  This "Secret Police Bill", as conservatives are wont to do, is based on nothing more than some fantasy brain fever that often infects those who think facts are simply theories.  I.E., Conservatives, Tea Baggers and Republicans. 

As noted above, I have a feeling that I should be outraged, saddened or despondent over this latest insanity by Republicans, but I’m not.  It’s as if when I woke up this morning, looked outside and saw a tornado approaching (we did have a couple yesterday that killed four people in Virginia) and thought “meh – nothing I can do about it.  It’s in God’s hand.”   Given the absolute retreat from reason and rationality exhibited by the current Republican frontrunners for the Presidential nomination, the Iowa and Virginia actions seem right in line with conservative thinking about how to “Make America Great Again” and how to “Take America Back,” the slogans of two of the leading Republican candidates. 

If you read my earlier post about the conversion to sanity of former right wing evangelical Frank Schaefer who was excommunicated from the Methodist Church for presiding over the marriage of his gay son,   [Frank Schaefer]  you will understand that the authoritarian, Fascist, police state strain of ill-liberty and un-freedom  that silently and insidiously undergirds the mouthings of Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Conservatives in general, you will also understand the reasoning behind both Virginia’s and Iowa’s legislative actions.  When we, us America working slugs, won’t accept or conform to the “philosophical theology” of strict constitutional constructionist  conservatism, - or whatever you call it - their response is to force us to. 

We liberals disagree with “guns for every American, at any time, anywhere and in any quantity.”  Thus Iowa’s “Child Militia” bill.  We liberals are concerned that our police forces don’t “serve and protect” all American Citizens equally, and, if fact, seem to be pre-disposed to kill unarmed minority citizens with all too frequent frequency.  So what do Virginia’s Republicans do?  Pass the “Creating Secret Police” bill.  And this pattern of forceful acceptance or forced dominion of a particular view of the world – the right wing view of American society to be more specific -  is not limited to Virginia or Iowa nor is it limited to Republican blowhards like Trump, Cruz and Rubio. 

Don’t like the fact that most Americans actually want to protect our children from corporate poisoning of our atmosphere and waters?  The Koch Brothers are right there with their billions to demolish the EPA.  Don’t like the fact that the majority of Americans want controls on gun sales?  Red State Legislatures are right there to expand gun rights.   Disagree with the majority of Americans who in fact support Planned Parenthood?  Congress’ Freedom Caucus and  282 Red State restrictions since 2010 are right there to force the organization out of business.  Think that the continuing existence of Guantanamo Bay is a soul embarrassing blot on what we believe America should be?  Congress steps in to force its continued existence.  Think that exposing unsanitary and cruel animal processing plants is a good thing?  Well, once again, Red States step in to make it illegal to expose our food processing industry for their practices.  Most Americans want to know what's in their food but Congress blocks all attempts at making this a reality.  The list is gi-normous. 

So, no, I’m not enraged, despondent or outraged about Iowa’s attempts to create a Kiddy Militia or Virginia’s attempts to create a Secret State Police.  After more than thirty years - or some way along to path of two generations of conservative rule - I’ve come to  expect this kind of insanity, this Fascist bent that only grows as time goes on.  I suppose my reaction to all this, is embarrassment.  I am embarrassed that in this nation that we call the United States of America, this nation that was once the world’s standard bearer of Freedom, Liberty, Democracy and Enlightenment, the U.S.of A. that once was so admired for our generosity, fair play, and compassion, has become a Fascist Nation In The Making and a pariah in the world community. 

And we don't have all that far to go until this metamorphous is completed.  



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