Let’s be very clear about what happened in Charlottesville today that left one person dead and many injured.  The White Nationalist and so called Alt.right protesters gathered in Charlottesville to spout their racist, bigoted and decidedly anti-American “views” and that Dodge Charger that roared down that Charlottesville street plowing into the crowd and killing one of the anti-Nazi counter demonstrators and injuring others was a terrorist act.  Period.  What did the world call the Muslim in a truck who mowed down 86 people in Nice or the terrorist that killed one and injured ten on a bridge over the Thames River in London?  Both perpetrators were immediately tagged as “terrorists” who conducted “terrorists attacks.”  I am waiting for the media and the President to tag this Charlottesville incident as a terrorist attack, one that killed one person and injured nine.  

What we heard from the President was not a vociferous diatribe against terrorism, not a condemnation of right wing radicalism, not a condemnation of right wing violence but a sorry assed appeal for “coming together” and an admonition against violence on “MANY SIDES.”  Right.  Really Mr. President?  Many sides?  What about the anti-American, racist and terrorist philosophies of the so-called alt.right and white nationalist organizations who organized this demonstration?  They advocate the overthrow of the government.  The advocate killing Blacks and Jews.  They advocate violence to achieve their goals.  And right now I have an example of how the media – the fucking lamestream media – enables this violence and terrorism against Americans.  Here’s the push text I just received from the Washington Post:

“At least one dead after clashes at white nationalist gathering in VA.  Trump condemns bigotry, racism and violence.”

What the Post does not seem to “get” and what really angers me, is Trump’s statement that did NOT condemn the racist, bigoted and violent views and actions of the folks who actually organized the Charlottesville event: the radical right wing Nazi, KKK, Fascist folks who bear - according to the press - no responsibility for the violence and death they have perpetrated.  Tell that to the parents of the woman who was killed by the car that was used as a terrorist weapon against the liberal counter demonstrators in Charlottesville.  

So let’s be clear: it wasn’t the counter demonstrators who came armed with AR-15’s, Glock 9’s and Bushmasters.  I didn’t see a single firearm that any of the counter demonstrators were packing other than pepper spray cans and spray paint bottles.  It wasn’t the liberals who lined the streets in full war dress and desert camouflage to protect the white nationalists from harm.  It wasn’t the liberals who plowed that car into the crowd of counter demonstrators.  No.  It was not.  And if you equate the “violence” of pepper spray to the “violence” of a car plowing through a crowd wrecking havoc, death and injury, then you must be a Trump supporter and a supporter of the radical right wing provocateurs.  There is really nothing more to say.  This really is the bottom line.   What bloody argument could one mount in support of these violent Cretans?  But, as our whacked reality reveals, here are some of the lame “excuses” provided by the mainstream media as apologists for right wing extremists: 

“I don’t think it’s a time for this to become a political conversationalist.”  “Let’s not pour more gasoline on this fire.”  “Let’s not make political statements for personal political gain.”  “There was violence on both sides.” “We need to come together as a nation.” “We need to ratchet down the rhetoric.” 

Yeah. Right. But did Trump counter David Duke’s – former KKK darling who was in Charlottesville – challenge to Trump by saying "remember it was White Americans who put you in the presidency?"   Do you get the threatening implications of this comment?  From Trump, about this rather unambiguous White Supremacist threatening proclamation, there was nothing.  There was silence.  In fact, one could say that Trump's silence is acquiescence to Duke's challenge.  So we can expect nothing in the way of pushback from Trump and the Trump Administration against the hate and violence perpetrated in Charlottesville.  Great.  This is what we've come to.

We see this all the time, this apology for domestic terrorism and the silence surrounding the moral and ethical issues such acts of terrorism raise.   It’s an historical truism.  Timothy McVeigh and Eric Klebold and Dylann Roof and Adam Lanza have never been tagged as “terrorists” domestic or otherwise.  Why?  Well, because to condemn these domestic slaughterers as “terrorists” would raise a very troubling and ultimately profoundly threatening theme that undermines the basic separation between what we define as true, patriotic and sane Americans and the more radical folks running around the country spouting revolution and armed insurrection.  No way can domestic terrorists like Roof and McVeigh be classified as anything other than wacko, nutso, totally beyond the pale individual actors rather than the perpetrators of a violent, extremist and well-organized movement that actually threatens the continuation of America as we know it.  To tag them in this vein would legitimize their presence and their philosophy as not aberrant but part and parcel of the American fabric.  It’s why there is so much reluctance by the media to call out right wing supremacists as terrorists because it raises the specter of an unbridgeable chasm between right and left, conservative and liberal, progressive and reactionary.  This is not a theme that the press willingly addresses because it brings up visions of an America in chaos and grappling with what could be viewed as an unsolvable crisis which could lead to the ultimate dissolution of America.      

“There was violence on both sides today.”  And this folks, is what I predicted.  This is the bottom line for the apologists for right wing incendiary rhetoric and violence.  “There was violence on both sides.”  I did not imagine that my thesis would be so clearly and succinctly illustrated so soon after I posted my remarks yesterday.  When public officials – including the President – say that “there was violence on both sides” in a situation like Charlottesville, what they are doing is promoting, condoning and elevating a lie.  The lie of “both sides are equally guilty.”  They are actually creating a false narrative that simply does not comport with the actual reality of the situation.  It’s all bullshit even if unconscious bullshit.   So tell me why it is that the alt.right, white nationalist folks came armed?  They were afraid that the counter demonstrators were too powerful for them with their pepper spray bottles?  As far as I could see there were no counter demonstrators who were armed with anything more than pepper spray and spray paint canisters.  Sorry, but in the real world the spray paint cans are no match for the powerful killing machines that are AR-15's, Glock 9's and Bushmasters.  As one author states: Compare the damage an AR-15 and a 9mm handgun can do to the human body: “One looks like a grenade went off in there,” says Peter Rhee, a trauma surgeon at the University of Arizona. “The other looks like a bad knife cut.”  No, folks, there is simply no equivalency here.   But the press won’t tell America about this.  They will not highlight the vast gulf in sheer killing power that the right wingers posses as opposed to what the the counter protesters possess.  They will continue to speak of “violence on both sides” without the least reference to the origins of the violence or the goals and objectives of the right wing Nazi’s versus the goals of the counter demonstrator liberals. 

“The people’s hatred of the President is so severe as to condemn everything he says” says one Trump apologist on CNN.   Right.  What Trump failed to do is to condemn the violence perpetrated by the Nazi, Radical White Right Wing organizers of this demonstration but instead condemned the “violence on both sides.”  So what the President said, in other words, is that pepper spraying your opponent is the equivalent of mowing down your opponent with a car and killing him or her.  That, folks, is exactly what Trump’s “statement” actually means.  Spin it a hundred ways to Sunday but Trump did not, or could not, condemn the violence perpetrated by the Nazi adherents who organized this rally and committed unspeakable violence.

But the media will continue to portray this incident as “protest that got out of hand” or an “illustration of just how divided is America” or “the clash of different political points of view” writ large. Bullshit.  This is nothing less than a terrorist attack by the alt.right, white nationalist proponents against liberals and sane Americans.  Against what the vast majority of Americans stand for.  I hope I'm wrong about this but if history is any indication, I am not.  The media needs to get on board or America is clearly lost.  Period.  End of story. 

Want to know the headline CNN is currently offering to us their viewers?  


Not that someone actually was killed by the car that struck the crowd.  No.  Nothing about that.  Just that car "strikes" crowd an amorphous statement at best.   Wow!  In fact, apparently two more people died, police officers, who died when their helicopter crashed while surveying the protest.   Why are three people now dead?  Because hate groups have the right to "express their views" no matter how vile and disgusting and violent. That's why.   

NOTE: Just happened to catch a news broadcast of Virginia Governor McAuliffe commenting on the Charlottesville protests.  This Democrat was right on target and strongly condemned the actions of the hate groups in no uncertain terms.  But after McAuliffe comes Charlottesville City Manager, Maurice Jones, a Black man, no less speaking to the American public.  I had no idea that the people of Southern Virginia's Charlottesville had actually elected a Black City Manager to run their city.  Did you?  Did you know that Charlottesville's City Manager was Black?  I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of Americans had no idea either.  But the fact that Charlottesville's City Manager is African American speaks loud, ear-splitting volumes about who Charlottesville citizens are in contrast to the alt.right/white supremacists folks who protested in Charlottesville.  Out in the real America as opposed to the fake alt.reality of the hate-filled America that right wingers want you to believe is real, things are quite different.   City Manager of Charlottesville, Jones, gives credence to this reality. Apparently the residents and citizens of Charlottesville, the home of slave owner Thomas Jefferson,  don't agree with the alt.right, white supremacist meme about where American should be heading and frankly have evidenced their preferences with their votes.

It's both amusing and disturbing that the latest skirmishes between liberals and conservatives has centered in Charlottesville, one of the South's most iconic and traditional of American communities. After all, how could any red-blooded American dis the tradition, patriotic thread and fundamental ethic that is the Jeffersonian narrative that is so deeply imbedded in the American story.   But it is precisely this American heritage - whether from a Southern viewpoint or a Northern one - that informs our common American heritage.   The re-integration of Jim Crow themes and attitudes into American society as the alt.righ and white nationalists desire is simply an abomination.  It is a betrayal of all things American.  It is plainly and simply wrong.  Period.  There is no justification for the usurpation of American values by the alt.right and white nationalists any time, any where and under any circumstances.

PS:  Lord Have Mercy On All Of Us:  Even Fox News is calling the Charlottesville violence an act of terrorism.  Wow!  Let's see how long this lasts.



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