I’m sure you’ve all see the video clips of the Neo Nazi “gathering” in Charlottesville on Friday marching with lit torches and shouting white power chants.   Yes, of course you have.  Even Trump’s “who’s got the biggest dick” contest with North Korea’s Kim Jung Un didn’t trump the media’s coverage of the large, radical right wing Fascist rally extolling the all-American, patriotic virtues of racism, bigotry and hatred.   Variously described in the media headlines as an “Alt.Right” or “White Nationalist” gathering, two terms that blandly describe and mask what is a much more pointed and dangerous demonstration of growing Fascist power among radical right wing groups.    The media reports seemed grateful that the “White Nationalists” weren’t wearing white Ku Klux Klan sheets and hoods as if this was a sign of “moderation” among the Black, Jew, Immigrant, Latin and Liberal hate groups who have threatened to rise up in armed warfare if Trump is deposed.    Charlottesville, the home of Thomas Jefferson and the liberal oasis that is the University of Virginia, is bracing for more demonstrations this weekend.  

The white fascist rally was sparked by the Charlottesville City Council move to sell a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.  The conflict drew the attention of two white nationalists — Richard B. Spencer and Jason Kessler, both University of Virginia graduates. In May, Mr. Spencer, who gained national notoriety after the election of President Trump, led a gathering of torch-wielding protesters to the statue, which depicts Lee on horseback.  At a Ku Klux Klan rally on July 8 over the same issue, the state police used pepper spray to disperse protesters, officials said.
Mr. Kessler calls himself a “white advocate,” said in an interview that his goal was to “de-stigmatize white advocacy so that white people can stand up for their interests just like any other identity group.”  You can take Mr. Kessler at his word but if you do then you are a fool.   “Standing up for white interests” is code for kill all the niggers and kikes.   The KKK rally last month in Charlottesville to protect Confederate statues was quickly dispersed by police when anti-KKK protesters outnumbered the KKK’ers by a factor of ten.  

Sure, the press has included statements from the American Civil Liberties Union and the Southern Poverty Law Center condemning the “alt.right” rally but the media pundits themselves have remained “objective” and “measured” lets say, since as we all know even radical right wing hate groups have the right of free speech and assembly.  This is America, after all. 
Here are a few media headlines dealing with the radical right wing hate groups in Charlottesville this weekend:

Charlottesville remains on edge ahead of

 'Unite the Right' rally - CNN

Charlottesville prepares for a white

 nationalist rally on Saturday- Washpo

Why the upcoming alt-right rally in

 Charlottesville may be less important

 than we think- Washpo

Charlottesville: far-right crowd with torches

 encircles counter-protest group

Torch-Bearing White Nationalists

 March in Virginia College Town

 Ahead of ‘Alt-Right’ Rally

From the mainstream media headlines, one might get the impressions that the “alt.right” folks are kind of like the Chamber of Commerce or your local Civic Association simply gathering together peacefully to showcase their message, whatever that might be.  But the “alt.right” headlines don’t give you the “flavor” of what these “alt.right” and “white nationalist” groups actually stand for.  And what they stand for is racism, bigotry, violence and hatred.  The alt.right/white nationalist groups gathering in Charlottesville advocate the elimination of Blacks, Latinos, Jews, Asians from America either through mass incarceration, deportation or by firing squads.  They promote the meme of genetic inferiority of all non-white groups, rail against race-mixing and are the origins of the current crop of anti-liberal epithets against multiculturalism, political correctness, and globalism. They also advocate armed revolution against the United States government if their "demands" are not met.  The U.S. government has labeled many of the “alt.right” and “white nationalist” groups as hate groups as have the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center who estimates that there are over 900 active hate groups operating in the United States.

But let’s take a look at the media’s response when leftists  - call them radical liberal leftists if this suits your sensibility and sense of fairness – exercise their rights to free speech.
Here are a few of the headlines that accompanied Griffin’s post: 




TRUMPI Support 


Kathy Griffin interviewed by Secret 

Service after controversial Trump 

photo shoot: Report

Today in Entertainment: 

CNN fires Kathy Griffin 

over gory Trump photo;

 CNN fires Kathy Griffin over offensive Donald Trump photo

Tapper: Kathy Griffin's


Trump photo 'disgusting'

Kathy Griffin’s exercise of her First Amendment rights was greeted with universal condemnation in the media.  The outrage was palpable.  She was canned by CNN, that is, she lost her job as co-host of the annual Times Square New Year’s celebration.    Now, let’s just put aside the fact that Donald Trump is a lying, ignorant, crude and dangerous President who might blunder us into a nuclear war, and consider what Griffin did.  As ugly, disrespectful, gory and hateful that her depiction of a bloody, beheaded Trump was, why wasn’t her act considered by the media as an exercise of her First Amendment rights of Free Speech?  Kinda like the current alt.right rally with burning torches in Charlottesville, let’s say.  Now, as far as I know, Kathy Griffin – as liberal as she and her comedy might be – has not been labeled a terrorist or a “hate-person” by the government.  And yet the media treated her as if she were some radical, bomb throwing, machete wielding jihadist terrorist. 
Frankly, I don’t get it.  Why is it that the media constantly treats right wing atrociousness as protected free speech yet immediately condemns anything liberal that is remotely “controversial” as an attack on the very foundation of American values?   As disturbing as Griffin’s bloody poster was, I don’t recall Kathy Griffin even in the most pointed of her comedic liberal diatribes against conservatives and right wingers (I’ve seen her in concert)  ever advocating the deaths of African Americans and Jews as the “alt.right” and “white nationalists” commonly do.   Yet this is precisely what the "alt.right" and "white nationalist" groups advocate and yet I have yet to hear a single condemnation of them on the mainstream media during their Charlottesville demonstrations.   
It’s not a matter of fairness or balance.  It’s a matter of the media’s reluctance to call out right wing hate and their advocacy of violence for what it is.   I have no problem with hate groups espousing their goals as an exercise of Free Speech as revolting and anti-American as they might be.  What I have a problem with is the media’s treatment of such groups as if they were the equivalent of the American Horticultural Society advocating the planting of trees, bushes and shrubs all across America.  To treat groups that advocate violence against Americans and who promote the violent overthrow of the U.S. government this way is to enable these groups and make them even more powerful forces in American society.

The media needs to grow a pair!

PS:  You can pretty much guarantee that today's Alt.right/White Nationalist exercise of free speech and assembly is going to devolve into violence.  It's just how these things go.  And one reason why they "go" down this path of violence is because the media simply cannot bring themselves to condemn these folks the same way that they condemned Kathy Griffin. What you will see on the news is the condemnation of the liberal violence against the alt.right, white nationalists, but you will not hear a single word of condemnation of the groups themselves.    It leaves us liberals with no support, and, therefore, with no alternative. 

(The above clip is from some non-mainstream "news" outlet but does a far better job than CNN, MSNBC, The Post and The Times of describing the Alt.right and White nationalist demonstrations.)  


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