Possibly the most startling piece of the Steve Miller bashing of CNN's Jim Acosta at yesterday's White House Press Bashing, was Miller's righteously indignant rant against Jim Acosta's alleged ignorance about facts surrounding the Statue of Liberty.  I say possibly because there's actually a rather lengthy list of crap that Miller hurled against Acosta in a effort, I suppose, the prove to America that the press and especially CNN is the real enemy of the people.   Miller termed Acosta's recitation of Emma Lazarus' poem attached to the Statue of Liberty that reads:

“Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” ignorant throw back to some quaint long-gone era or some more patriotic time in America's history or some long dead ideal that is no longer operative in today's America.  Be my own ignorance about Miller's world view as it may, Miller's response to what Acosta was basically describing as a racist, discriminatory, anti-American and anti-everything America stands (stood?) for Trump's new immigration policy, that can be summed up as "only highly skilled, English speaking Whites allowed."  Acosta's "cosmopolitan bias" is the charged Miller lobbed at ignorant Acosta.  Let's take a look at what "cosmopolitan means:


familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures.

"his knowledge of French, Italian, and Spanish made him genuinely cosmopolitan"

Synomyms:  wordly, worldly-wise, well travelled, experienced, un-provincial, cultivated, 
cultured, sophisticated, suave, urbane, cool, hip

I mean, can you imagine a term that is more "liberal" - other than the current right wing epithet "liberal" itself - than this?  It is everything we liberals attach to our very personas and everything the 36% of the country who are conservative, Evangelical, right wing Trump, Rush and Alex supporters hate about us.  This is Trump's "transactional" bet: that if he can keep a tight hold on his conservative "base" he not only will be "successful" for the next 3.5 years (hopefully much shorter) and will win another term in 2020.  But there remains a rather daunting drawback in his transactional calculation: he's banking on the same American populace that voted for Black American, Barack Obama, and awarded him the Presidency twice.  And Obama was elected by appealing to our better instincts, as his "Hope and Change" message did, to champion American idealism, to make America better, to more closely resemble in fact what we hold out as the very best of America and what the very term "America" stands for not only here, but around the world.

I have no idea what "America" Steve Miller was invoking with his attack on Jim Acosta.  Oh, wait. Something's bubbling up here.  Wait, wait!  YES!  I've got it!!!!

What Miller was enshrining as the very best of America is the same vision of America that the 36 percenters also cherish.  A Golden Age when Blacks knew their place at the back of the the bus and at that hole in the wall "Colored Service" window at the backs of restaurants and in the "Colored Only" bus station waiting rooms and bathrooms.  When America was a Christian nation not this multi-cultural heated swamp soup of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and yes, even Judaism.  That time in our not so distant past when gay men and women could be fired from their jobs at will or arrested and jailed for their immoral practices.  For being gay.  That euphoric time when Japanese Americans could be rounded up and interned in concentration camps because they were of Japanese decent. When terms like nigger, and slope and kike could be freely expressed without fear of public retribution with no apology required.  That Dream Time in our past when the "term" America could be universally substituted for the term "White" in any and every context.

Make no mistake about it:  This is the dog whistle appeal of Trump's "Make America Great White Again" slogan.  This is what the ignorant, racist, dumb-ass 36 percenters want.  This is the America they so long for and this is why Trump's support among them has not wavered.  Back when he was sworn in Trump's approval ratings among Republicans stood at 89% on May 20th 2017,   Today, after what can only be called six months of lies, chaos and bullshit, it stands at 86%.  So as far as they are concerned, Trump is doing all the right things.  Of course, Trump is being assisted in this giant leap backward by the likes of Steve Bannon and Steve Miller who share an isolationist, xenophobic and "destroy the government" world view.  It's why Miller can castigate a CNN reporter with impunity and Trump's base cheers.  This, by the way, notwithstanding the latest "allegations" that the White House knew about and supported Fox News' utterly vile, heartless, cruel and profoundly immoral fake conspiracy theory around the murder of DNC staffer, Seth Rich.  In Trumpland, where truths are turned into lies, when lies become truths and, apparently, anything goes with no thought to ethics and morality, not to mention compassion or understanding, I can't help wondering if Trump's "immigration reform" announcement wasn't designed to simply detract from the Seth Rogers "story?"  Once again there are no words to describe the utter depravity of the Trump Team.  Fox?  No biggie.

Want to know why Trump hasn't fired Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who was denied a judgeship by the Senate for his racist views?   Trump wants him gone, there is absolutely no question about this, since it's the only path to firing Robert Mueller and ending the Special Counsel's investigation into Russian meddling and Trump Team's ties to Russia, particularly their financial ties.   In his short tenure, Sessions has made great strides in dragging the Department of Justice and America back to that racist Golden Age the 36 percenters so dearly love, thereby assisting Trump in his overall "Making America Great White Again" efforts.  But Trump hasn't yet fired Sessions not because in his short term as Attorney General in turning back the clock on civil rights, LGBT rights, voting rights, and criminal justice reform as being wrong.  On the contrary, Trump desires the very same.  Why Trump hasn't fired Session?   Because Trump's base - the 36 percenters - love racist Sessions just as much (if not more) than they love Trump himself.  This, folks, is the only reason: Trump does not want to upset his base and, indeed, cannot since he would lose his only base of support among the entire American population.  Let's see if Trump does a recess firing and appointment now that Congress is about to recess for the summer.

So another term drops into the right wing lexicon of weaponized terms to be wielded against us liberals.   Fine.  We're used to this.  We have become accustomed to such daily liberal bashing from the right wing from the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones.  Steve Miller can now be added to this ever-growing list.  Frankly, I'm hoping that Trump continues his campaign to "Make America Great White Again."  It will force the remaining 64% of the voting public to actually having to decide which America they want to inhabit: the White one Trump and company are determined to re-create?  Or the America that elected America's first African American President, twice?

This is the only question that matters.

Have A Great Day!  And if you are a reporter, you might want to brush up on what our symbolic icons - the Statue of Liberty, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, the new African American Museum - really mean because the Trump Team has declared that they no longer mean what they used to mean.

Have A Great Day!  Unless You Are Non-White Or An Immigrant - You Won't!


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