Sure, we’ve all seen the terrible headlines about all the horrific crimes transgender men and women have been committing all over the country and particularly in the military lately. Yup!  It’s as if some Ebola-style virus is sweeping across the country mowing down victims like flies since Obama issued that “advisory” about transgender men and woman using public school bathrooms and would no longer have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” status in the military.  I mean who told that Marxist, Muslim, Mongrel that he could social engineer American society like that?  What a fucking jerk, right?

Well you haven't seen the imaginary Breaking News Headlines above.  Neither has anyone else because no such epidemic of transgender violence against anyone has ever taken place,  

But along comes the White Orange Haired Saviour sweeping down from the sky like a soft, rotund Batman to save the day!  That’s right!  Old POTUS Trump was having none of this Commie social engineering crap here in Amurika!  So in non-consultation with the Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Heads of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard, Trump ended this despicable chapter in America’s history.  And in the nick of time it looks like given the increasing reports of transgender attacks on straights, transgender attacks on gays, transgender attacks on teens, transgender attacks on transgenders and an increasingly disturbing trend of greater reports of transgender attacks on palm trees.  (Yeah.  It’s a yuge mystery!) 

His initial tweets telling transgender men and women in the military to get lost, was issued on July 26, via the following Tweets:

Trump is on his 17 day “working vacation” down in the New Jersey swamps where one of his golf clubs is located.  And, just to prove he’s not just funin’ America, you, know, not lying his ass off to all of us, he fired off a firestorm of tweets early in the morning about a variety of issues crucial to the continuation of the American Republic:

But even though Trump is taking a working vacation and the White House is undergoing repairs, his Washington minions have been busy working up the directive to the Military about how to implement this transgender ban.   

“The guidance was approved by the White House counsel’s office Friday night and is expected to be delivered to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, the Washington Blade reports. After he reviews it, Mattis will likely order a gradual implementation.

“Though the policy — called ‘A Guidance Policy for Open Transgender Service Phase Out’ — has not yet been made public, sources familiar with the planning said it would encourage early retirement, usher out any enlisted personnel after their contract is up, and would fire trans officers up for promotion,” the Washington Blade reports. “Basically, said a source, ‘the administration wants to get rid of transgender service members as fast as they can.’”

What will happen to those currently serving in combat is unclear, according to the paper.  For those continuing to serve, there are apparently no protections against harassment or pressures to quit.”

So there you are folks, your President making “America Great Again” as he promised.    You could also call it "Dragging America Back To The Dark Ages Again” but, hey, I’m not the President, am I?  Trump’s transgender bullshit – bullshit because there WASN’T any problem with transgender men and women serving in the military or using the bathroom of their choice, at least according to the Secretary of Defense and all the other military heads of our military services.  Or our public school administrators.  It’s not that there is a real problem here, after all it is estimated that there are some 700,000 men and women in America who identify as transgender, some 0.3% of our total adult population.   Transgeneder folks serving in the military?  Well, a 2016 RAND Corporation study showed that of the approximately 1.3 million people who are considered active-duty members of the military in 2014, about 2,450 of them are transgender, making up about just 0.1 to 0.5 percent of the active-duty military. In addition, it’s estimated that about 1,510 transgender people serve in the Selected Reserve.   All those many, many official reports of transgender men lurking in women’s bathrooms all over the county over the past couple of decades?  Oh, ummmm.  Well never mind. 
Obviously transgender men and women serving in the military or using public bathrooms is about as much of a problem here in the United States as is weeding out aliens who have invaded Planet Earth from the Spiral Galaxy from the rest of the population.   Naturally, the real impact of transgenders, you know, how their practices, preferences and predilictions, out here in the real world is nil.  Nothing. Nada.  Zip. Not a thing.  But the real world is never where the objections of Evangelicals, Republicans, Conservatives, Trumpettes arise.  No.  Never.  Not ever.  Facts are never a part of the horrible impacts they cite.  The destructiveness they cite.  Same with gay marriage that has adversely affected straight marriage and the destruction of American Society just about as much as the explosion of a Super Nova in Sirius that then devloled into a black hole.  Now, and this is how all those batshit crazy, based on nothing right wing, addle headed, racist, discriminatory and knuckle dragging defenses go: “Well there’s no evidence that the expolsion didn’t cause an effect here on earth.”  Yeah, right.  And everybody knows that if all you batshit crazy Cretans were shipped off to Mars – its your fallback planet anyway – the rest of us would be far better off here on Earth. 

Just as a clue as to how this craziness works in right wing, here are the opening and closing paragraphs to a longer article by one Bethany Mandel from the National Review. 

“The breakdown of American social norms is advancing at a lightning pace. Just five years ago if you were told a woman doesn’t necessarily have a vagina, and may instead have a penis, you might have called that insanity. Today, you’re a hateful bigot if you don’t subscribe to this kind of thinking.”

NOTE: the fear-mongering appeal that transgenders are casuing the breakdown of American social norms.  Not that there might conceivably be a problem in some Army Platoon or in some High School bathroom which could conceivably be an arguably and discussable effect.  But, no the transgenders are causing the breaking down, the collapse, the destruction of American society as a whole.   This 0.3% of the American population are engineering and American disaster.  It makes no sense.  There are just about an equal number of serial killers in prisons, 2,600, as there are transgenders in the military and I would argue that serial killers – those that aren’t in prison but still running around at large in society - are probably a much greater  problem that are transgenders in the military.  Or maybe a couple thousand other problems American Society is facing that leap to mind before the threat posed by transgender men and women.  Just sayin.’

Ms. Mandal ends her National Review piece as follows:  

“With the gay-marriage debate there were many on the right who took a “live and let live” philosophy. But we learned it’s not enough for gay marriage to be legalized; activists on the left also were out to punish anyone who wasn’t totally on board. Religious Americans not interested in participating in gay weddings, including bakers and photographers, had their livelihoods destroyed. Americans aren’t going to make that mistake again. The transgender lobby is out to drastically alter our society and will lob accusations of bigotry at anyone who shows even the slightest hesitation to endorse their cause. The same life-destroying tactics the Left used against those who didn’t want to participate in gay weddings will next be used on those who won’t pretend that a man can become a woman on nothing more than a whim. Donald Trump knows this, and knows that Americans are reaching the limit of what they’re willing to accept. The hysteria regarding his tweets only solidifies his support, despite hopes from the Left that accusations of bigotry will erode it.” 

An analysis:

“With the gay-marriage debate there were many on the right who took a “live and let live” philosophy.”   Not sure where all these –“many” – people on the right who took such a “live and let live” stance where.  I surely didn’t see them and since it took about twenty years of fighting to achieve the same rights for the LGBT community as everyone else, they might have stood up and helped us.  But they didn't.  They actively fought just as they are actively fighting transgenders.

“ activists on the left also were out to punish anyone who wasn’t totally on board.”  Sure.  Every gay man and woman was out to bitch slap every heterosexual man and woman in the country.  Or worse.  You've all seen the cable news reports.  Haven't you?  

But here’s the real “punishment” by us lefties:

Religious Americans not interested in participating in gay weddings, including bakers and photographers, had their livelihoods destroyed.

First of all, the use of “Religious Americans” excludes and demeans the LGBT community with the implication that we are irreligious Cretans with no religious, moral or ethical principles.  Secondly, the over-the-top gays and lesbians “destroying hetero livelihoods” actually is just a blown up, all out of proportion description of the lawsuits commercial businesses have faced by refusing to serve LGBT customers.  In any other context, restaurants refusing to serve Blacks, banks refusing to serve Latinos, hardware stores refusing to serve the disabled, this would be called forcing people to obey the law and not called destroying anyone’s business.  But this is how the right wing works. 

But the whole transgeder non-problem only becomes a problem when some “they,” like gay men and women, like African Americans, fight for their civil rights.  This public fight sets off alarm bells within the White, heterosexual community since they feel “threatened” or their “culture” seems threatened.  How is anyone’s guess?   Oh, sure, let some baker refuse me service because of their “closely held religious beliefs” and I’ll sure their asses off in a flash.  So, yes, the “Religious Americans” will get threatened and maybe a few of them will be forced out of business.  Or putting it in Evangelical right wing terms, religiously minded hetero businesses who are “not interested” (a much less poignant term than “refuse”) in doing business with LBGT men and women will have their livelihoods destroyed.     But how to avoid being sued and loosing their livelihoods?”  How about simply obeying the law? 

Wow!  Radical left-wing, society destroying solution, right?

Have A Great Day!!


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