Stephen Miller 

Blasted a Reporter as 

‘Cosmopolitan.’ But 

He Lives in a $1 

Million CityCenter 


By: Emily Heil
Washington Post
August 7, 2017

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller famously used the adjective “cosmopolitan” to insult CNN’s Jim Acosta during an exchange in the White House briefing room last week, implying that the journalist somehow bore an air of swampy elitism.
But wait, what’s that expression about people in glass houses?
It turns out that Miller calls home a nearly $1 million condo in CityCenter, one of Washington’s poshest addresses and a complex that proudly offers residents an upscale, urbane lifestyle. With high-end international retailers such as Hermès and Gucci on the street level alongside fancy Italian, Asian and French eateries, the building is billed as “the new ideal for sophisticated, modern, urban living.” Also in the marketing materials is the slogan: “You are where you live.”
Which would make Miller … well, pretty cosmopolitan, in a city that is arguably among the most cosmopolitan in the world.
Miller’s luxe lifestyle appears to come partly courtesy of family connections. After graduating from Duke in 2007, he worked on Capitol Hill — first on the House side for then-Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and later for future attorney general Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) in the Senate.
Miller bought the two-bedroom CityCenter condo in 2014 for $973,000, according to property records. The unit comes with a hefty condo fee of nearly $1,800 a month. At the time, he was a 28-year-old Senate staffer with a $129,000 salary — not too shabby for a public servant. He plopped down a half-million dollars toward the purchase price, according to records.
A White House spokeswoman did not address Miller’s digs but did say that “the media’s inability to grasp the phrase cosmopolitan bias underscores just how much of a problem cosmopolitan bias has become in modern journalism.”
The buyer for the property is listed as “Stephen Miller Cordary, Inc.,” a company whose address is the same as that of Cordary Inc., the Los Angeles-based real estate company that his father, Michael Miller, owns. Cordary operates condo complexes called California Villages, and on his congressional financial disclosure forms, Stephen Miller identifies himself as holding an unpaid position of vice president with that company dating to 2010.
The CityCenter condo wasn’t the young political aide’s first luxury (or dare we say cosmopolitan?) abode in Washington. In 2008, when he was a 23-year-old fresh-from-Duke House staffer earning $54,000, he bought a unit in the Metropole, a Logan Circle building that touts itself as a “sleek, urban condo development,” putting about $200,000 down on the $450,000 unit, according to public records.

NOTE: The "City Center" referenced in this article, is a ten block area that used to house the old, now torn down, Washington D.C. Convention Center.  Unlike other D.C. neighborhoods like Capitol Hill, Georgetown, Adams Morgan or Ivy City, City Center didn't evolve into a trendy, toney, upscale urban neighborhood where Millennials and Generation X'ers now live.  No.  City Center was designed to be such a "cosmopolitan" urban community right from the last brick that was trucked out of the old Convention Center site and the first backhoe arrived on the bare site.

It is doubly ironic that White House biggie, Steve Miller, aka Government De-Constructor Miller,  would chose to locate here given that he attacked CNN reporter, Jim Acosta, with the epithet "cosmopolitan" that, in Miller's terms, meant that Acosta lived in some sort of walled off habitat that was devoid of America's "real people," i.e. those neglected ones who voted for Trump.  LOL!  Trust me, you won't find a single "neglected, overlooked, ignored" white Trump voter in all of City Center.  Why?  Well here's a short list of City Center's retail opportunities (as they're called):  

Boss, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Ferragamo, Tumi, Tesla,...

These are not "neglected whites" kind of stores unless I too am so wildly cosmopolitan that I cannot distinguish neglect from bullshit.  Trust me, I can!   But the range of  "retail shopping opportunities" as they are called in Cit Center's cosmopolitan ad campaigns, are very much the ideal "urban cosmopolitan" type stores right where uber-cosmopolitan, Steve Miller, lives.   They are supported by a raft of farm sourced upscale restaurants, yoga spas and expensive watch shops.   And, given that you will search high and low for Trump voters throughout the entirety of the District of Columbia since 97% of us voted for Hillary Clinton, and, since this is where de-constructor of the modern governmental state and close Trump aide and advisor Miller has lived since coming to D.C. - right here in uber-cosmopolitan Washington - it might be that he's been so steeped in cosmopolitanism vapors, he can't see his own cosmopolitanism that he so readily recognized in child of Cuban immigrants, CNN's Jim Acosta.  

A White House spokeswoman did not address Miller’s digs but did say that “the media’s inability to grasp the phrase cosmopolitan bias underscores just how much of a problem cosmopolitan bias has become in modern journalism.”

And there you have it!  Another weaponized term - cosmopolitan - turned into a weapon for the right wing to use against us liberals.

Have A Good Day.  In fact live it like it might be your last day on Planet Earth! 


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