It’s hard coming up with appropriate analogies to describe the level of incompetence and fabricatory endeavors – to say nothing of abject evil – that Trump and his minions engage in every day.  But let me try.  Okay.  So we all know that we’re stuck with the orange haired orangutan posing as a human being, aka President Donald J. Trump.  Yes.  We know this. We accept it.  Reluctantly.  The experience is kinda like seeing your brain matter slowly drained from our heads into a cache of swamp water to be disposed of at a convenient time before you die.  Or you could say that it’s akin to being skull-fucked in the mouth by a bull elephant in heat during the mating season in the middle of the Serengeti.  Still I’m not sure these examples adequately portray the fright and horror we all feel as we read the latest society destroying Presidential Tweet or the latest bizzaro White House News Briefing. 

So to put our pain in more compatible gay male terms, (it's what I know) let me suggest to you that it’s like you’re being fucked in the ass by some Black muscle stud’s twelve inch cock with no lube and the biggest you’ve taken so far is your boyfriend’s circumcised eight incher that, at the time, seemed Yuuuuge!  As Mr. Black Muscle continues pounding you into submission, you want this brick shithouse of a jungle bunny to stop but then too there’s that “frisson of high adventure” associated with his giant cock invading your guts and you’re not sure if asking him to cease and desist would be considered racist.  Of course, as a gay liberal man, no way do you want to be seen as racist under any circumstances.  Even while being impaled by an implement that has the heft and thickness of your mother’s rolling pin.  This Black guy breaking the glass on your back door, forcing his way into your upstairs bedroom, tying you down in your king sized California, fair-trade, sustainable wood framed bed, ripping your fair trade GAP clothes off and fucking your male pussy with an aplomb and energy with his twelve incher like your boyfriend never did, and you think, “Shit!  Is this really happening or is it some sort of fantasy dream that I’ve self-generated because I couldn’t decide whether I agreed with Whole Foods new “sustainable everything” campaign and continued to buy groceries at my local Safeway. 

So I’m thinking my description of what’s happening to us – and not as “analogy – but for real, comes much closer to actually describing the reality we’ve experience in the 200 days we've lived in Trumpland.  On the one hand it is brutal, frightening, painful and disgusting.  On the other hand, there is that anticipatory anticipation for the next atrocity that emerges from the White House or from the EPA and so that we can feel that fleeting “frisson of high adventure” that goes along with it.  At least until it fully sinks in that Scott Pruitt really is the actual personification of Satanic evilness done up in Pillsbury Dough Boy camouflage.

Forgive me if you are offended by my fantastical analogy.  But it’s extremely difficult to put Trump and Trumpland into some sort of recognizable framework since, as far as I can tell, we’ve never had a Presidency nor an Administration like this one ever before.  As evil as this one.  Even the Nixon Administration or the Reagan Administration pale in comparison.  Truth be told what we are living through, what we are experiencing, is like being kidnapped by a gang of perverts, bound hand, foot, and mouth, dragged to some X-rated movie theater and forced to watch porn films that have the quality of a Ronald Reagan B Movie that never made it further than the theaters on Hollywood Boulevard.  It's just draining and has absolutely no redeeming value.  

Now that this is off my chest, I can continue my commentary on Trump and his minions as they turn back every smattering of progress we’ve made in the past century, turn fiction into truth daily, create un-real realities they self-inhabit and invite us to inhabit as well, trash every American deal and tradition that we have treasured since Independence day with, naturally,  a few detours along the way.  Well we are in the midst of one of those detours.  Let’s hope we can pull the country back on track as soon as we can. 

Have A Good Day!


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