DAMN! This shit is weird.  So now the Attorney General of the United States (let that sink in for a moment!), one Jeffery Sessions, not only had meetings with the Russian Ambassador but discussed Trump campaign matters with him.  This from the Washington Post based on intercepts of Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak reporting back to Moscow by our intelligence agencies.   So then, despite Sessions’ recusal, despite testimony to Congressional Committees, despite his statements that he never met with anyone from Russia, it turns out that he was just lying.  This folks, is the highest law enforcement official in the entire United States of America.  This is the person who has our nation’s greatest responsibility above anyone for upholding the laws of the land and the Constitution of the United States of America.   And he lied.  Not once.  Not twice.  But multiple times.  Kudos to the Washington Post.  WOW!

The only thing I can say is that from the very beginning of the Russian scandal, back in July of last year, I took the view that the CIA, the NSA, the FBI already knew who met with whom, where the meetings took place, who attended and what was said.   Looks like our intelligence agencies are in fact doing their jobs and doing them well despite Trump’s oft voiced opinion that they are inept and create fake news.   Apparently Trump is wrong.  Now there is the possibility that this entire expose is a play by the Russians – Sergey Kislyak might have been lying in his reports back to Moscow just to create chaos here – which is just as disturbing.   I guess we will see.  But we are now at the point where every single Trump associate has lied repeatedly about meeting with Russians and what was said so where the fuck does that leave us now? 

But isn’t it odd that just yesterday Trump was trashing Sessions to the New York Times?   So will Trump fire Sessions now after the Post’s blazing revelations?  Sounds like it to me.  Sounds to me that Trump got a heads up about the Post’s Sessions revelations since he made it very clear that he was extremely unhappy with the Attorney General.  If Sessions is fired, Trump will, of course, appoint someone who will thwart Bob Mueller’s investigation (at least attempt to) which is exactly what he implied in his Times interview.   Will the Senate then vote to confirm whoever this person might be?  That’s a huge question particularly since the Republicans in Congress – both in the House and in the Senate – haven’t been all that interested in things Russian.   After each damning revelation Republicans have consistently played the “Oh, nothing really happened.  Meeting with Russians is okay.   It’s all just politics as usual.” 

But there is nothing “usual” or “normal” or “regular” about any of this shit.  And I suspect that there will be much, much more to come.  Think about this.  If the NSA, CIA and FBI were aware of Russian hacking as early as last July, I’m thinking that the spooks would be very much interested in figuring out – and monitoring – what Americans might be assisting the Russians – with intent or through inadvertence – and would have been intercepting conversations, e-mails, and, as it seems to be the case in the Sessions blowup, reports from Russian operatives here in the U.S. back to Moscow.   

And recall all of the Trump folks and Trump himself about how “we have nothing to hide” or “it’s all fake news” or “it’s Democrats mad because they lost the election” or “it’s the Obama Deep State” or “it’s the liberal media” forever telling us that they have been fully, completely, and utterly transparent.  Even Donald Trump, Jr. stated on Fox that he was anxious to testify at a public hearing about his meetings.   Well, this story seems to have changed.  Both he and Paul Manafort have worked a deal with the Senate to meet in a private, closed session rather than in a public forum. 

What a fucking mess.   The one good thing about this entire chaos is that it is speeding along fairly rapidly.  Certainly when compared to Watergate.  But this also is why Trump seems really scared.  Just as soon as he said that investigating his or his family’s financial dealings would cross the line, it was confirmed within hours that, yes indeed, Mueller is investigating Trump Team’s finances and presumably Trump himself.  Things are moving fast at least from what we know.  One huge difference between Watergate and Russiagate is the existence of a vast electronic spy/surveillance apparatus (thanks to George Bush) that was set up under the Patriot Act after 9-11.  Yes, the CIA and NSA did tap phones, read mail but they did not possess the spying tools that they do now which is one big reason why we may get to the end of Russiagate much quicker than we did with Watergate.  

What we’ve seen since the entire Russian meddling scandal broke, is a continual peeling back of the onion with each layer of skin that’s pulled back revealing more and more lies and nefarious dealings by Team Trump members.    But an even bigger reason for both the alacrity and the depth of the revelations is Trump himself who can’t seem to keep his mouth shut.  And nearly every time he opens his mouth like his latest New York Times interview or Tweets he basically self-convicts.   He indicts himself.   Remember, that he said he fired former FBI Director, James Comey, because he would not drop the Russian investigation which was directly counter to the reasons given by the Deputy Attorney General at the time.  This is an example of obstruction of justice something his actions have clearly demonstrated time and time again.   Also think about this.  Trump keeps on firing folks who are involved in one way or another with the Russian investigation quite obviously in an effort to crush the investigation.  Why, one has to ask?   The top reason off the top of one’s head is that he does indeed have something to hide when it comes to Russiagate. 

Don’t forget though, the NSA, the CIA and the FBI already know. 

Well, what can you say?  Be Careful But Enjoy Your Day.  


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