Republican Voters Turn 

Against Book Learning As 

Party's Enstupiding Accelerates

By: Hunter
Daily Kos
July 15, 2017

As the Republican base’s voters get dumber, their resentment of people and institutions who are not dumb continues to grow.
A majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (58%) now say that colleges and universities have a negative effect on the country, up from 45% last year. By contrast, most Democrats and Democratic leaners (72%) say colleges and universities have a positive effect, which is little changed from recent years.
That's a 13-point change on the Republican side in just one year—and it happened after years of the number being fairly stable. Why? God only knows, but at this point it’s safe to write the whole thing off as a newly aggressive defense of idiocy. We seem to be living in a new golden age for stupidity, as is evidenced by the vapid, ignorant jagoff selected by Republicans as their preferred leader and king, and the Republican-voting public seems to have redoubled on their efforts to defend willful stupidity as a proper lifestyle choice.
Or maybe it's because colleges have not-white people in them. Or maybe it’s because Ann Coulter tried to give a talk at one and someone was rude to her, and if there’s anything Fox News Republicanism can’t stand it’s people being rude to their frothing scenery chewers. Who the hell knows?
Republicans, by about eight-to-one (85% to 10%), say the news media has a negative effect. These views have changed little in the past few years.
Republicans have an entire news channel devoted toward defending their point of view and lambasting all others, and it's still not enough to dull their paranoia that the "news media" is forever out to get them, personally, because reasons. That news media, always reporting stupid numbers that disagree with the numbers we want to believe. Those colleges, teaching people which numbers are bigger than other numbers. Oh, how we of the Movement hate them all.
Yes, yes. Now I'm going to be scolded for thinking poorly of the poor, ignorant rubes and hicks of the Republican base because calling mean-spirited, paranoid, racist, willfully-reality-ignoring faux-Christian authoritarian-minded 'Merican jackasses such petty names is very very rude and will make them even more reluctant to see the error of their ignorance-peddling, paranoia-spouting, Jade-Helm-Walmart-tunnel conspiracy-theory-believing ways. Fine, whatever, get on with it.
But a Republican base that believes the first black president is probably a Kenyan because (insert Rush Limbaugh farting noises here) while being convinced that The Entire Worldwide Community Of Scientists is plotting against humanity and only the noble truth-tellers of Ma and Pa Oil Company can defeat them can go straight to hell, postage-paid. This is all while we watch them eagerly support presidential corruption and, just for good measure, foreign espionage efforts so long as Team Red tells them to there's at least some merit in noting for the record that the majority of the party is as dumb as a box of rocks and twice as stubborn.
Is science telling you things you don't want to hear? Declare science the enemy. Is the media reporting news that makes you feel bad inside? Declare the news to be invalid. Is college turning out people who are able to read charts and graphs and numbers on their own without Sean Hannity's shouty explanations as to why Numbers are Bad? Burn them down. That way we will never have to hear bad news again, not now, not when Florida is underwater, not ever.
To be honest, we may have reached the peak of what human civilization can accomplish. There’s a case to be made that we’ll only be getting dumber from here.

NOTE: Pretty Much Says It All If You Ask Me!!!

My first exposure to "enstupiding" occurred more than a decade ago now.  I happened to read the comments following a tech article about Apple's dedication to design.  This was before the introduction of the ubiquitous IPhone and probably following the introduction of the IPod. As an architect, design is important to me.  Not just in buildings but I notice the design of pretty much everything.  Most products are adequately designed for the functions they were developed to serve - my Kitchenaid stand mixer functions well and looks pretty good although stand mixer design hasn't changed all that much during my lifetime and my just installed SimpliSafe home alarm system (monitoring is $14.99 at month about $100 less than my old service) is both functional and looks pretty sleek.  Now if only I could find a can opener that's both well designed and functional and a rasp that didn't rust after three uses things would be perfect.

But back to Apple.  Folks were deriding Apple's power cord with the two thiniges that you popped out to hold the cord when not in use and the electrical prongs that folded into the case, again when not in use.  I thought these minor innovations were pretty clever and added a touch of refinement to what is a not all that important piece of equipment.  Compare to the PC power cords where you basically wrapped the cord around the the power pack and fixed it with a strip of Velcro.  But apparently the anti-design denizens thought Apple's neat designs were the height of hubris and malfeasance.  It kind of shocked me.  Why would anyone be so dead set against a company who actually designed attractive stuff that functioned really well?  I was, of course, being very rational and, as it turned out, extremely naive. 

It was a few months later than I came to realize that the attacks weren't about design at all.  They were attacks against all things liberals and Apple was (and still is) the darling of a corporation for us liberals.    Us liberals who had the intelligence to recognize good design when it came into our hands and were quite willing to put our money were our admiration was by buying Apple's well-designed products.  I'm not sure why it is that Apple became the poster company for liberal innovation and product development but it had.  But not among the rigid, anti-science, anti-progress right wingers.   Of course since then we've come to understand that everything and anything that we liberals admire, we liberals patronize, we liberals spend our money on must be a part of our continued rampage of destruction against America.  Ask Rush.  For me the Apple design "debate" was my initial  realization of the vast anti-liberal campaign mounted against us by the right wing based on nothing.  Or based on non-facts.  Or based on their "feelings."

As noted in the article above their is no rational basis for all this anti-good design prejudice just as there is no rational underpinning for their belief that it is us liberals who are destroying
America.   Or that Apple is consciously trying to subvert all those long held, sacred, rock bottom American values they hold so dear.

But This Is Where We Are Today!


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