By Jen Hayden
Daily Kos
July 29, 2017

NOTE:  Before you read this timely article, let me divert your attention for just a minute.  Month ago, on our European Art Trek to Greece, Italy and Germany, as we were on approach into Munich, Germany, I was astounded to see all the wind turbines scattered about the German countryside.  There were literally hundreds, if not thousands, as far as the eye could see. Then I noticed sunshine sparkling on the roofs of the village houses we were flying over.  Rooftop solar panels. I thought to myself, why can't we in the U.S. do this?  Are we so much dumber than Europeans?  Of course, it has nothing to do with intelligence but has everything to do with government policy.  German public policy has resulted in that socialist, mamby pamby, moocher nation getting 85% of its electrical energy from renewable sources.  We here in the United States don't believe in government so we get only 14% from renewable sources.  And, fully 45% of our renewable energy comes not form solar and wind but from Hydroelectric sources, you know, like from Hoover Dam that was constructed in 1931.  Wow!  What progress we've made after 86 years.

While Donald Trump pretends to bring back dirty coal jobs, China’s future is looking brighter. The Panda Green Energy Group has announced plans to build 100 new solar farms: 

A new solar farm is opening up in China, and this one has a twist. The energy firm, Panda Green Energy Group, has constructed the solar panels in the shape of a giant panda.
This particular solar panda farm has been built in the province of Shanxi, and Panda Green hopes that this is only the first of a hundred panda-themed solar farms the company is planning to build. The total cost of all 100 plants is estimated to be around $3 billion.
In addition to building potentially dozens of solar farms, the company hopes that the friendly panda faces will give Chinese citizens a greater appreciation and understanding of solar power. Panda Green has also built an education center geared toward teaching children about the importance of renewables.

Just think, our nation’s coal miners and veterans could be working around the clock to achieve Hillary Clinton’s ambitious project to increase America's solar energy capacity by seven times before 2027, but instead we find ourselves staring at Trump’s Twitter feed and watching China surpass us in green energy. U-S-A!

PS:  Between 1980 - Reagan - and 2008 - Obama - no Administration embraced the research and development needed to support renewable energy sources.  Obama reversed this ignorant trend and succeeded in increasing our reliance on alternate energy sources - wind and solar - during his administration.

    You can be guaranteed that with Trump's and his administration's reactionary policies we will fall behind once again.

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