The Senate’s seven year promise to their base to “repeal and replace Obamacare’ has imploded.  Two more Republicans,  Wisconsin's Ron Johnson and Nevada's Dean Heller, joined Maine’s Susan Collins and Kentucky's Rand Paul who announced that they will not vote for the American Health Care Act.  It is a stunning defeat for Mitch McConnell.  McConnell is not all that well liked by many of the Senate’s members but he was always able to deliver and respected for it.  Until today.  It's a massive collapse of his power and control.  But I’m not counting Mitch out.  You know he’s going to be spending every waking hour plotting revenge until he gets it.  Well, until we get, in the ass. 

And this is the problem with both the House and the Senate’s health care bills: both just fuck Americans in the ass, hard!   The American Health Care Act is (was) one of the most cynical and sinister pieces of legislation ever introduced by Congress.   And why did this happen?  In another tidal wave of cynical legerdemain, Republicans promised to eliminate Obamacare because it was proposed by a Black Man.  It’s really that simple.  A Black Man was elected President and occupied the White House for eight years.  This was a condition that Republicans simply could not stand.  Thus the promise to take revenge on Obama’s signature achievement during his Presidency.

But, in fact, it’s not Barack Obama who the Republicans attempted to revenge, but what they did was to take revenge on the American people.  Twenty plus million not rich Americans stripped of their health care?  Re-instituting  a double tier health care system, a great one for the wealthy, a terrible one for the rest of us?   Massive increase in deductibles and co-pays?   Significantly reducing services and procedures covered by health insurance?   Bankrupting Medicare and Medicaid?  No it’s not Obama that Republicans took their revenge on.  It was us.  And, thank God, they have failed massively and spectacularly. 

But this is what the Republican Party has become: the enemy of us ordinary Americans.  The enemy of you and me.  It’s really that simple.   Sure we are all aware that many ordinary American Republicans hated Obama which is why Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Ted Cruz and the so-called Freedom Caucus thought that they could bulldoze the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act with impunity.  They were wrong.  Apparently folks finally came to understand that the flawed Obamacare was preferable to anything the Republican Congress would gin up.   Obamacare is now more popular than it ever was.   Now that the repeal and replace act has failed in the Senate, Trump has stepped up to the plate with the suggestion that Congress just repeal the AHCA and take a couple of years to work on a replacement.  He also stated that he would “not own” the failure of Congress to pass the American Heath Care Act. Would not take responsibility for it, which has been a consistent theme for Trump this not taking responsibility for anything.  What he’s done is pretty much jab Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan right in the eyes with his tiny fingers.   This should smooth things over between the White House and Congress.  Yup!  All those things Trump wants to accomplish:  millions of new, high paying jobs, tax reform, trade balances, reviving the coal industry, infrastructure re-building, tearing up NAFTA, jailing Hillary – he’s just pissed off Congress just the way he pissed of the NSA, CIA and FBI.  Look how that turned out, right?  

Whether the mess that the Republican run White House, House of Representatives and Senate have created bleeds out to the rest of the country remains to be seen.  The truth of the matter is that Trump and Congress have accomplished nothing so far except for Trump’s executive orders (which are bad enough in six months to last an entire four year administration).  I have a feeling that if Congressional Republicans continue along the same path basically pandering to the most batshit crazy of their constituents (the die-hard Obama and liberal haters) and Trump continues to treat them as if the entire House and Senate were his personal enemies, things are going to get much worse.  

The pundit class is already calling for Republicans and Democrats to sit down together and figure out what to do next about health care hours after the collapse.   Of course, it might help if the Trump Administration would stop trying to sabotage Obamacare and if the Freedom Caucus would come to their senses and stop trying to do a Steve Bannon and de-construct the state, but these two fundamental antecedents are unlikely to happen.   On the Trump side, he and his folks are just too stupid to realize that their actions are going to anger folks even more and the Freedom Caucus will no doubt see the collapse of the AHCA as an opportunity to be even more strident about destroying the government and America.

We might wax joyful that this cruel piece of legislation has died a well deserved death but in the crazy world of Trumpland that we now live in, who the fuck knows?  Will Trump bomb Iran as a distraction from this failure?  Or maybe he’ll declare marshal law when the next nationwide protest against him breaks out.   With him there is no predicting what he might do in any given situation.  Just today it was revealed that he had a private, one-on-one meeting with Putin at the G-20 summit.  It’s also been revealed that only Trump, Putin and Putin’s translator were present for the impromptu meeting.  Trump relied on the Russian translator to convey what he was saying to Putin and vice versa.  Wow!  So our President, the President of the United State of America, did not have any other American – staff, aide, Cabinet head, Betsy DeVos, personal butler - no American witness to what might have been said or what secret deal(s) he might have made with Putin.   While I’m sure it’s perfectly legal for Trump to meet in this fashion, but doesn’t it give you chills thinking about what Trump might have given to Putin in his one-on-one, private, communications with the Russian President?   After all, Putin did win the Presidency for him so God knows what the payback might involve.

Take Care Folks!  Living In Trumpland Can Be A Bitch!

PS:  Late Breaking News Headlines:  Trump had second meeting with Putin.  Both meetings together lasted nearly three hours.  


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