While Pelosi and Schumer will rightly take credit for the Senate’s defeat of the Obamacare Repeal that Republicans have been yapping about for seven years now, but the real force behind this embarrassing disaster for Republicans rest squarely on the efforts of the public.  Folks who took to the streets, who spoke out at their representatives’ community forums, folks who wrote to their Senators and House Representatives, folks who called the offices of their Congressional representatives, the millions of people who understood that what the Republicans were proposing for national healthcare was a disaster.  And we prevailed.  We can celebrate this but don’t forget there is much more to do. 

Particular admiration must go to Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski and Maine’s Susan Collins who from the very beginning were courageous in their steadfast opposition to healthcare proposals that would have stripped between 16 and 30 million Americans of their health insurance.  In addition, Senator John McCain’s “yes” vote yesterday and his “no” vote today now seems a very smart tactic since what has happened is now the entire healthcare issue must go through normal legislative procedures (committees, hearings, mark-ups, amendments, etc.) as opposed to the secretive reconciliation process Republicans used from the very beginning of this embarrassing legislative mess.   

So far, it’s now 2:00 AM Friday morning just after the Senate disaster, and no word from Trump.  Now, of course, he has the opportunity to threaten Arizona with all sorts of punitive measures as he did with Collins and Murkowski.  Let’s see if he does it.  My bet is that he will since Trump does not seem to have a tight grasp on just how powerful are Senators and the Senate.   He’s demonstrated his ignorance of how the Federal government works by dissing the NSA, CIA , FBI, firing James Comey and dissing Jeff Sessions.  If Trump comes out hard against McCain, I’m betting that he will suffer a backlash like nothing else that has come before.  Will he?  Who knows?  After all it’s pretty hard to imagine that any President would disrespect a U.S. Senator who has just had brain surgery and come away with a prognosis of death within months.  Then again, it is Trump, so who the fuck knows? 

Let’s not forget that now Republicans control all three branches of government and back when Obama was in office, they declared that only when they were in power would America see how real governance really worked, could be effective.  Well, it hasn’t worked out so well for them.  So far, the Republican trifecta has accomplished exactly nothing.  And why not?  What they have proposed in the way of healthcare was simply a disaster and they were treating it as if it was some minor piece of legislation where keeping their foolish promise was more important than putting American’s lives at risk.   Have Republicans and Trump figured out that "America" isn't with them on the healthcare bullshit?  That's should be their takeaway from this flameout.  Let's see where they go from here. 



Day before yesterday, Trump and the Trump administration dealt a triple blow to the LGBT community.  No one should be surprised.  After all, Trump pledged numerous times during his Klown Kar campaign that he "stood solidly with the LGBT community" but Trump's promises are like so many snowflakes melting in the air before they reach the ground.  You've all seen the infamous Trump tweets about this:

Now if this seems like a dramatic turnaround to you, you would be right.  But not to Trump.
 Don't forget, Trump is a "transactional President" so, therefore, whatever he might have said or promised in the past (a year, a month, a minute ago) he simply erases from his memory and proclaims that it never happened.

Not only did Trump lie about his never-ending support for the LGBT community, he also lied in his transgender ban tweet.  The Pentagon says they had no idea that Trump was considering this "policy" move so I'm not sure what Trump meant by "After consultation with my Generals and military experts."  Maybe when he tweeted "My Generals" he meant the guy in the Army uniform on the late night "The General's" car insurance commercials (he allegedly watches a lot of television) and by "military experts" he meant the combat guys in his vast G-Joe collection that he's apparently had shipped to the White House from New York city.

You got a better explanation?

Then there was the Department of Justice's inserting itself into a private employment civil case as a "Friend Of The Court" simply to declare that Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act does not cover discrimination based on sexual orientation, i.e. that gay men and women can still be fired from their jobs just for being gay.  Jeff Sessions' Department of Justice, for no particular reason, filed a brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (New York) to proclaim the Department of Justice's "position" on this matter.  The irony of the very name of this Federal Department, the one that is responsible for upholding the laws of the United States, and their un-asked for insertion into this case really means that Jeff Sessions - despite being shat on by his president - is still carrying Trump's dirty water.

The details of the case the DOJ decided was so critical to the continued functioning of the United States that it was compelled to intercede in the matter?     It's both sublimely simple and ridiculously weird.  One guy, Donald Zarda, who is a sky diving instructor, informed a female client that he was gay to allay any "uncomfortableness" she might feel given that he would be laying on top of her as they both plummeted to earth.  Well, apparently this was okay with the woman since she did the dive with Zarda but her hetero hubby apparently misconstrued sky diving instructor, Zarda's, motivations.  Or something.  I mean did hetero hubby feel he had to intervene like some Knight In Shining Armor  because he thought that Donald's announcement was intended to warm the lady that he was going to fuck her in the ass on the way down?  Or something.

But whatever the fears of hetero hubby of what might have happened to his wife and the evil intentions of her sky diving instructor, he informed the company of the non-incident and David Zarda was fired.  As any gay man interested in fucking heterosexual women in the ass would, (I mean really.  Think about this!) he sued the company for discrimination based on his sexual identity.  Remember, nothing happened in this case.  The two made it safely to earth, Ms. Amateur sky diver wasn't injured, wasn't molested and hetero hubby wasn't involved.  Yet THIS is the case that the U.S. Department of Justice decided to weigh in on, unasked.  It's mind boggling!

You just can't make this kind of shit up, can you.  And Trump wants Sessions gone as Attorney General?  One of the two Trump Cabinet members (the other being EPA's Scott Pruitt) who are actually implementing his policies?  You can't even call Trump stupid.  He's far below even this low bar.

And In Other Breaking News Headlines:


Wait a minute, you say.  Isn't this the same bank who was just caught opening millions of bank accounts on behalf of its customers without their knowledge or consent?     Yup!  Same bank.  Well, now it appears that not only as the previous, massive show of what Wells Fargo defines as Top Flight Customer Service by opening bogus bank accounts for its customers without their knowledge, now Wells Fargo is charged with forcing 800,000 of its car insurance customers to buy unnecessary auto insurance policies to go along with their Wells Fargo auto loans.  Really?   It seems to me that this bank can't shoot straight unless it's aiming at its own customers.

Here's what Wells Fargo said about the bogus auto insurance policies it forced their customers to purchase:

"We have a huge responsibility and fell short of our ideals for managing and providing oversight of our third-party vendors and our own operations.  We self-identified this issue, and we made the right business decisions to end this placement of the product."  This from Franklin R. Codel, head of consumer lending at Wells Fargo.  Well, thank God, I suppose. Or something.

What the fuck are their "ideals" one might ask?  Getting away with fraud until they are caught?  Is this the ideal they "fell short of?"  So Wells Fargo has been exposed in perpetrating two massive fraud operations against their own clients in less than a year.   Do they simply issue some lame-ass apology and cockamamie "rationale" and then go about thinking up more ways that they can screw over their customers?

I understand that after the 2008 worldwide economic crash, it was prudent to bail out the banking industry even though they too had collaborated with Wall Street to defraud the American public of a couple of trillion dollars.  But we're past that era.  The economy is doing well, unless you are a Trump supporter, then we are still in a deep economic hole.  What kind of governmental action will be taken against Wells Fargo?  Well, from the Trump Feds you can forget it.  Maybe the Attorneys General in a state or two will file lawsuits against them.  But unless I'm mistaken, banks receive charters from both the Federal Government and from every state government and it is these charters that allows them to do business.  In the face of Wells Fargo's criminal activities of late, how about putting them out of business by revoking their charters, their licenses to do business, as it were.  As far as I'm concerned, this is exactly the kind of "message" that would pretty quickly cause other businesses thinking about creative ways to defraud their customers to think twice.    Some hairdresser caught doing "off the books work and being paid under the table" would quickly be deprived of his or her license.

Why not Wells Fargo?

Be Good To Each Other Because The Trump Administration Is Up To No Good!



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