It’s difficult to use such vile language when addressing a President of the United States.   After all, our President is termed “the most powerful man in the world” heading up what is less arguably the most powerful country in the world.  Of course, one of the reasons vile language springs to mind is that – wittingly or just by some sort of weird accident – Trump seems bent on changing America’s status in the world from Number One down to some place after Zimbabwe.   I do recall tagging George W. Bush with a couple of not-so-nice terms but, hey, look at the state of the Middle East today after his bogus invasion of Iraq.  But Trump?  Whole different ball of wax.

Those of us who didn’t vote for the Don understood what was coming, that he was conning America, that he wasn’t really qualified to be a United States President and had a personality whose prime characteristics were bullying, lying and bullshit.   Of course if you're like me, we never thought in billion years that he would be elected.   His dumb campaign statements like:  “The media is the enemy of the people” and “We’re going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it” and "we're going to replace failing Obamacare with cheap health insurance that you're gonna love" were typical Trumpisms with no meaning.  Then there are the even dumber Tweets like:



So the bombast, the disgusting language, the boorish behavior, the disrespect of world leaders, the shoot-from-the-hip domestic and foreign policies were not all that surprising.  Sure, there was a whole lot of “pivoting” talk just after his inauguration and the hope that Trump would “grow” into the Presidency but six months in there has been no pivoting and certainly no growing.  What’s with the whole “hand-shaking” business with world leaders?  What’s with the golfing every weekend?  What’s with Trump Deathcare?  What's with re-polluting or lakes and rivers?  No. There hasn’t been a degree of pivot and whatever growth there might have been is securely hidden beneath a constant outflow of the most ridiculous tweets, actions and statements that simply defy rationality. 

But what I did not anticipate is how utterly incompetent is Trump and Trump’s White House.  One would have anticipated that the big, rich, powerful businessman that he is (or claims to be) might have had a few glitches in figuring out how things work (like government, for example) but as of now we’ve had six months of the most improbable White House “antics” like we’ve never seen before in a Presidency.  During his campaign he told America that he only hired the best people but this too seems to have been just another in a constant shitstream of lies.   Department of Education head Betsy DeVos?  EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt?  Attorney General Jeff Sessions?  These are not stellar examples of hiring the best and the brightest.  What they are are ignorant, partisan, hacks of the highest order.  

The White House staff seems forever bamboozled by the latest Trump Tweet or the latest Trump “Breaking News Headlines”and not only are they often totally ignorant that Trump “is at it again” but seemingly incapable of talking to one another before venturing out in public in order to spin a coherent and consistent message.   The latest Donald Junior contretemps is the perfect illustration of abject Trump Team incompetence in dealing with strictly political issues, much less public policy.   The day after the New York Times revealed Don Jr.’s Trump Tower meeting with a couple of Russian operatives to to talk about "adoptions" Trump released the following statement:

Problem is, next day Donny Jr. tweeted out a chain of e-mails that included the facts that the meeting was attended by a well-known-in-the-U.S., female Russian attorney and revealed that the meeting wasn’t about “adoptions” as had been previously stated by Trump White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders but about getting Clinton dirt form a Russian lawyer.  So just a day after the White House created a staff vetted, Trump approved statement,  itgot blown out of the water.   Then comes the additional revelation that not only was a Russian attorney at the meeting but so was a well-known in Washington Russian lobbyist alleged to be a former KSB agent.  The White House had no comment.   I did not previously think that Trump was stupid despite all his other negatives.  But now I'm leaning into the view that yes, he's just stupid.  What other explanation is thee? 

Now one could simply pass off all these faux-pas as just “learning on the job” or Trump’s unique style as Trump supporters continue to do.  Or one could also say that all Trump’s problems are the result of a secret Obama Deep State and/or the liberal mainstream media, and/or us liberals preventing Trump and his Administration from getting things done.  No, none of these fake right wing news reasons are accurate.  The reason why there is so much confusion, obfuscation, lying and helter skelter domestic and international policies is due to the rank incompetence of Trump personally and his incompetent Administration.  We liberals have absolutely nothing to do with it.

The biggest danger we now face is probably inadvertence.  You know, the unintended consequences of some Trump initiative or other.  We’ve seen this with the bullshit Muslim Travel Ban which was based on fantasy and not fact and so poorly crafted that court after court has deemed it – portions of it at least – unconstitutional even though the Constitution reserves all such powers to the exclusive purview of the President.  Trump’s offer to Putin during the recent G-20 meeting that Russia assist the United States in getting rid of foreign hacking in our elections?  Although quickly rescinded – another example of rank incompetence – it lets us all know that Trump is still Putin’s butt-buddy and either he does not know the dangers Russia and Putin present to the U.S. or just doesn’t care.   Neither case gives me the least shred of comfort or solace.  The Saudi Arabia/Qatar dispute?  Why the hell are we involved in this in the first place?  Like we need another issue to deal with in the crazy fuckwad disaster that is the Middle East today?  Really?  Let them figure it out or fight it out by themselves.  It's not our responsibility nor do we - the country, not the Trump Family - have any strategic issues involved.  Trump doesn’t seem to realize that it’s not about Qatar sponsoring terrorism, it’s only about Qatar’s relationship with enemy of Saudi Arabia, Iran.  A relationship based on the economics of oil that Qatar supplies in plentiful quantities to Iran and that Iran desperately needs.

Imagine if Trump and/or Jared take on Israeli/Palestinian peace efforts.  Inadvertence could wind us up in a massive war with Iran.  Or if Trump attacks North Korea and inadvertently massacres millions of South Koreans down in Seoul.   How about a huge trade war with China that throws us, inadvertently, into another recession?  The possibilities for inadvertent blowback from the Trump Administration's policies, initiatives and actions are endless.  The Trumpettes might give Trump a pass for all his quaint ruling “style” but there’s a hell of a lot more at stake here.  Let’s hope that Robert Mueller doesn’t take too long in nailing Trump to the wall of lies, collusion and treason that he himself - along with great assistance from his family members - has created for himself.   I used to think that Trump was probably not personally involved with helping Russia in rigging the election.  Today?  I'm at around 90% certain that, in fact, he was.  And this is pretty much where the fuck we are today on July 15, 2017 in Trumpland.

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