Rush Limbaugh: "One way to end" the Russia probe "is just pardon everybody that Mueller is investigating, right now"

By: Media Matters Staff
July 21, 2017

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Now, The Washington Post has a story out today that the Trump administration, that Trump and his family are asking experts who among them can be pardoned and can the president, himself, be pardoned.
I think [special counsel Robert] Mueller's the story, I don't think Trump is. Mueller's the story. This out-of-control investigation that is obviously a political opposition research program underway, with all the liberal Democrats supporting Obama and Hillary that Mueller has hired. And the no parameters and the wide open playing field, they go anywhere back in time to any point they want. There's no limits on them. And one way Trump can shut it down, there's speculation, why don't you just fire Mueller?
One way to end this is just pardon everybody that Mueller is investigating, right now. Just pardon them. It would shut down the investigation. If there's not going to be any punishment, if there are not going to be -- whatever charges are brought eventually, if allegations are made. They've been pre-pardoned here. It'd be one way of shutting it down.

If You Listened to Rush's Full Education Lesson On The Limits Of Special Counsels and Constitutional Law, What Do You Think Of It? Clue: A Counterintelligence Investigation Is Based On A Potential Crime.  Apparently Trump Conveniently Blurs the Difference Between an Investigation Looking for Crimes and A Criminal Investigation.  For Starters.  Now do you understand where all the ridiculous "explanations" the right wing uses comes from?  I especially love the Ken Starr comment! Pure, unadulterated, blowhard, fact-less Rush!   

NOTE:  Rush, along with Fox, are the leaders of the pack when it comes to filling their viewers and listeners with utter claptrap.  Rush in particular, articulates for the Trump set a rational sounding narrative so that his fans don't have to think about such issues as Russiagate or Jared Kushner's lying a bunch of times about his meetings and association with all things Russian.   In fact, this is Rush's primary function: providing un-studied, un-thoughtful, fact-less, explanations for his listeners.  The closest he comes to ever referencing a factual bit of info, is when he declares the "I heard it from a high government official" or "I have the papers under my desk.  Somewhere."

But it's all just feel-good propaganda. Take Rush's daily rant that "liberals are destroying America."  In the hundreds of times I've heard him voice this conservative popular theme, never once has he provided any backup to his claim.  Sure, he will reference hot-button topics like abortion and voter fraud as "proof" but never 'splains how abortions and voter fraud results in liberals destroying America.  And, just like Trump supporters who are undoubtedly Rush listeners as well, Russiagate is simply a made-up, liberal, Deep State conspiracy to undermine Trump despite all the evidence to the contrary that we have now seen.

To his and Trump's fans "liberals are destroying America" (Democrats, too) is sufficient "evidence" since if Republicans and conservatives are the ones who champion freedom, liberty, democracy, family and all the other tropes they allegedly adhere too, all of their and the country's problems simply can't be caused by them.  The problems they are facing, then, must be caused by someone else: illegals, multi-culturalism, Blacks, feminists, anarchists, in sum, liberals.  This kind of superficial analysis and circular logic creates an impenetrable sphere that not even Kryptonite can penetrate.  Never mind that if anyone who isn't blindly glued to the tomes of "cutting taxes creates jobs" and "government is the problem" and "illegals are taking our jobs" ventured to examine the facts, their entire insular world would come crashing down upon their heads.

This impenetrable wall of faulty narratives is perfectly illustrated by the Trump's supporters who, even after six months of inept governance, damaged international relations, crudeness, domestic carnage and lie after lie from Trump and the Trump Team, they are still with him.

And So It Goes.  The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow Whether Or Not You And I Are Here To See It.

PS: Remember when Rush called Sandra Fluke a "slut" when she spoke out against health insurance not covering birth control pills?  Just ran across this which basically turns all that conservative clap trap about birth control and abortions on its head.


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