Despite Trump raping the Environmental Protection Agency, withdrawing from the Global Climate Agreement, allowing corporations to dump poisons into our lakes, rivers and streams, pushing through the Dakota Pipeline, deporting parents and leaving their children abandoned, stripping funding for Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities, banning Muslims from entering the country, squashing America's leadership in the world of nations  - and the list goes on, and on, and on and on -  Trump's war on everything Obama and liberal regardless of the consequences to America and turns back the clock on progress, there is one aspect of the Trump War on Liberals that is an upside to all crappy things Trump.  

His actions have finally woken up Liberals, Millennials, and those of us who are not wealthy, to actually speak up, speak out, and get involved because the danger he represents is so great.  This has not happened ever in the long, long conservative pathway towards America's current status as a failing (failed?) democracy.  Thirty and more states passed laws - Voter ID laws - that are designed to and do disenfranchise minority voters and Millennials didn't speak up because it didn't affect them.  Climate change?  Before Trump issued all those Executive Orders lifting restrictions that prevented corporate raping of our landscape, Climate Change was viewed as an esoteric argument pitting scientists against radical right wingers.  Banning Muslims, promoting Law and Order, overturning Dodd-Frank regulations enacted to prevent another worldwide economic collapse, the war on the poor, disabled and the elderly?  All have their roots in both Republican and enabling Democratic Administrations (the Clinton Administration) that go back decades.   

You might not remember that Ronald Reagan (and, yes, I know, I keep attributing our current state of affairs to him but, hey, read Melanie Klein's "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" which opened my eyes to what was going on in the co-joined world of politics and economics) but history does have a certain reality.  And America's decline of our working and middle classes, the vitiating of the American Dream, the enshrinement of corporations as the arbitrators of our lives, are not sudden explosions on the American scene with the election of Trump.   As a matter of fact, it all began for real with "Master Communicator" and "Grandaddy  to the Nation" our 40th President, Grade B actor, Ronald Reagan.  It's with Reagan that the war on the poor began, the lazy mooching scammers feeding off the trough of us taxpayers.  It's where the demise of unions (good paying jobs with benefits) started.  It's where the demonization of the Welfare folks (Cadillac driving welfare mothers), began. It's where the current distrust of "government" began when Reagan proclaimed that "Government isn't the solution, Government is the problem."  Reagan was our first President who both embodied and championed the meme of the "self-sustaining individual" with no need for any support from anyone and most certainly not any government agency, and the meme that "unions are a barrier to Free Market Capitalism" as Reagan championed  "right to work" laws across the country, and finally, cutting government regulations no matter if they are useful or protect us from corporate malfeasance.  This is where it all began.  This is why today we have a lying, ignorant, inexperienced, totally incoherent man as President who might be in the pocket of Putin's Russia.  

But finally, at long last and hopefully, the majority of Americans have woken up to the danger to our Republic and our democratic institutions that the Trump Administration represents no matter what the antecedents to his certification as American President by the Electoral College might have been.  This urgent, newfound concern is a result of the totally batshit, retrograde, anti-American, anti-humane policies promoted by the Trump Administration.  It's unfortunate that it's come to this - the virtual destruction of the America that was the worlds' beacon of hope, liberty and opportunity that we used to represent but equally important is what these policies mean for us Americans.   A health care bill - replacement for Obamacare - that strips 20+ million Americans from their health insurance?  A "tax reform bill" that gives huge tax breaks to the uber-rich but gives the rest of us crumbs?  Banning Muslims from entering the country as a means of implementing "extreme vetting?"  None of it makes sense. All of it harms us all.   Unless, of course, it's only a backlash attack on people, policies and initiatives that Trump's voters liberal efforts to encourage America to become a better, kinder, more inclusive, less racist, more equal nation.   This is the common thread that seems to link all of Trump's actions from the appointment of racist Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, the anti-environment Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA, the Muslim Travel ban and so many more.  None of Trump's executive orders or policy proposals are base on facts.  But Trump's supporters don't deal in facts an data.  They deal in conspiracy theories and false facts and fake news as does Trump as he has demonstrated.  But Trump and his Administration are actually implementing policies that his base believes in to the widespread detriment of America.

But because Trump has personally stretched believability of virtually anything he says, does and tweets past the breaking point, he has raised alarm bells all across the country and energized the efforts of a whole bunch of Americans to ferret out truth from fiction, bullshit from facts and propaganda from reality.  Even the media has suddenly jumped into the business of countering the Trump Administration's lying bullshit.  It's a revolutionary turn around for them.   But this is the most significant positive impact of the Trump Effect.  We require facts, data, real news and won't be cowed by fake news and pulled-out-of-someone's-ass facts that aren't facts at all.  It's too bad it's taken so long - right wingers like Fox, Rush and Alex have have been dealing in conspiracies, lies and propaganda for years - but finally folks have woken up to the danger of passing laws based on misinformation, factless propaganda and outright lies.   

But we liberals and progressives still have a yuge problem when it comes to countering Trump, Ryan, Rush and Fox in our efforts to wrest American out of the hands of right wing and conservative dealers in conspiracies.  We still believe that all of our battle strategies must incorporate our core ideals.  As me and Bill Maher have stated (he said this on his show last Friday)  the "when they go low, we go high" is simply a recipe for ensuring that the Trump status quo remains in force even if he is removed from office.  This is exactly what our response has been in the face of conservative reactionaries and it got us Trump.  we cannot continue "going high."  We have to steel ourselves to going even lower than our enemy.  And this is what Kathy Griffin did.  And what happened?  A huge outpouring of disgust, approbation and condemnation from liberals, progressives and  Democrats.  Sure, the right wingers took gleeful joy in the national response to Griffin's intemperate initial photo bomb, were even more thrilled with her apology and waxed orgiastic over her teary-eyed press conference.  Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones and Fox News were over the moon by your reaction that proved us liberals can't even be trusted to support our own. 

When Alex Jones proclaimed that the Sandy Hook Elementary School slaughter was a staged event, did you hear right wingers screeching in outrage against this reprehensible proposition?  No you did not.  Why? Because they didn't.  There was no moaning and loathing about Alex's "theory" even though the number of people who actually believed his cruel bullshit numbered in the tens.  When those pics of Obama being hanged from a tree and burned at the stake did you hear cries of "shame on you" or "Oh my God this crosses the line" or "How disgusting.  He/She needs to be fired."  Again, no you did not. Because right wingers know that if they openly criticize their own folks it undermines their cause.  But the media was coc-a-block full of liberals and progressives falling all over themselves to apologize for Griffin's (and Maher's) political indiscretion.  WE can't afford to react like this.  Sure, I found Griffin's photo disgusting.  But she probably made it as a take on the German magazine, Der Speigel's, cover photo of Trump beheading the Statue Of Liberty.  

So the next time some Hollywood type or Liberal politician does "cross the line " (wherever it is because it's different lines for liberals and conservatives) just stop and think.  Before you react on Twitter or Facebook or Snapchat stop and think about the number of people who will literally die if the Trump/Ryan Deathcare is enacted.  Think about all the working poor and the elderly who will dies when Medicare and Medicaid funding is slashed by $800 billion.  Just stop and think.  Just cut it out.   

We are being punked folks.  Scammed.  We are being manipulated like a bunch of deaf, dumb, blind and mute puppets on strings.  Wake up everyone.  Conservatives, right wingers and Republicans have been scamming us for decades.  Since the Reagan era conservatives have developed a vast network of think tanks, "charitable" tax exempt organizations, policy institutes, 

Don't let the right wing do this to us.  Right wing news outlets, pundits, comedians can say of post the most vile of proclamations about Obama, or Nancy Pelosi, or Black Lives Matter, or Al Sharpton and yet there is not righteous outrage from the right over any of this stuff.  So drop your ideals, your principles, your liberal, compassionate, all understanding values.  This is not a game.  This is war.

Have A Good Peaceful Day!


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