I don’t care if you couldn’t vote for Hillary because you thought she is a criminal (she’s not) or you believe that the DNC sandbagged Bernie’s campaign using dirty ticks (it’s politics people not a bridge game), or you voted for Jill Stein or some other candidate because both mainstream candidates were evil (Really?) or somehow you thought that by not sticking by your principles you were betraying yourself and your ideals, and, as a result, we have an unprincipled, lying, fool for President.  See how well all that worked out?

I’m going to repeat a truth that Millennials and Hillary hating liberals and progressives won’t like:

Bernie Sanders could never and would never have become President of the United States.  The election of Trump should be proof enough of this jarring truth, but here’s my single reason for why I think Bernie – as much as I supported him during the campaign – could not be elected.  It’s simple really.  Bernie’s overall campaign theme was called “Democratic Socialism.”  As much as I would love to see a hell of a lot more European style socialism take root here, the term itself contains Bernie’s demise.  “Socialism” in Rush Limbaugh’s, Alex Jones’ and Fox News’ view is just “Communism” in disguise.  And, had Bernie won the nomination, this is how every single Republican, Conservative and Left of Hitler politician, organization and pundit would have characterized him right out of the gate through the entire election cycle.   I would bet the majority of Americans are uncomfortable with the term “Socialism” since it evokes images of Stalin, Khrushchev and Mao Tse Tung (and if you have to Google these folks then you are too young to have lived through the Cold War unlike most Americans) and tagging Bernie with the term “Communist,” as he surely would have been, would have doomed him. 

So let’s stop with the internecine warfare between Liberals and Progressives or Moderates and Radicals or however you want to describe it, among us thinking Democrats to say nothing of us deeply worried Americans.  Just this week I’ve been disheartened by the Kathy Griffin controversy and how you all were so shocked, disgusted, and revolted with her picture of a beheaded Trump that you went screeching to swallow the bait offered by the right wingers without a second thought.  What this did is to re-confirm Rush’s claims that us liberals are a bunch of low life, immoral loonies who ought to be exported en masse to China.   Her apology might have been necessary (it’s an ironclad requirement for all liberals but never applies to conservatives – Free Speech) but her tear-filled press conference only heightened the image of us liberals and progressives as weak and gullible snowflakes prone to lightening quick180 degree reversals when faced with embarrassment and/or adversity.   Kathy Griffin has every right to deride Trump – she is a comedian, after all – even when her action might be shocking and distasteful to us. 

Now, can you believe it, we have another burgeoning second chapter of right wing outrage against liberal Hollywood types because Bill Maher used the word “nigger” on his “Real Time” show last Friday.  He was responding to a comment from Nebraska’s Republican Senator, Ben Sasse.  Here’s the exchange:

To my mind, whether Sasse realized it or not, (I don’t think he did which only makes it worse) his “love for you to come work in our fields” remark did evoke an image of African Americans chopping cotton in the broiling Alabama sun to me.  Apparently, it did too for Maher as well, given his response.  As of yet, we don’t have the predictable right wing “outrage backlash” on the order of Kathy Griffin yet, but here’s a curious response to the incident from a Black Lives Matter member:

Deray Mckesson, an activist for Black Lives Matter, took to Twitter, saying, “But really, @BillMaher has got to go. There are no explanations that make this acceptable.”

No explanation?  Really? How about a reference to slavery, for example, inadvertent or not?  Plus, Bill is a comedian and he is not the only comedian who uses the term.  I am astounded that anyone who claims to be a member of the Black Lives Matter organization (another liberal organization tagged a “hate group” by the right wing) could have tweeted this.  Maybe it’s fake from a Russian bot.  But Deray McKesson is real.  And he calls for Maher’s firing just like CNN fired Griffin?  Well damn, I guess Deray’s “principles” outweigh the real world’s continuing racism against African Americans, which, by the way, is precisely why Black Lives Matters exists.

And this kind of dumbass bullshit “controversy” is exactly how Republicans and Conserva
tives have been able to turn America into an illiberal trash dump populated, it seems, by masses of ignorant folks who believe that humans and dinosaurs roamed the planet together in perfect harmony and that the Sandy Hook slaughter was a staged (fake) atrocity.  They’ve been pulling this shit for thirty years now and this is the primary reason why we have an orange-haired buffoon occupying our White House.  So keep it up folks.  Keep right on being sucker punched by the right wing and let’s see just how much deeper they can plunge America into the black tar pit of authoritarianism and Fascism.

We cannot afford to be fighting with one another.  Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher and Barack Obama are OUR heroes whatever mistakes or missteps they might make.   They deserve our respect and our support.  They are the ones who actually understand the meaning and application of The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  It’s called Free Speech and it applies to everyone. EVERYONE regardless of political views.  Right wing heroes?   Trump, Ryan, Rush and Alex.   These are THEIR heroes and they are unabashedly and uncritically supported by their devotees no matter how outrageous, dangerous, ignorant and treasonous they are.  They only cite the Constitution when it's useful to their cause like it's okay that Fox News and Alex Jones spew lie after lie because they are "entertainment."   We need to learn one big fat lesson lesson from them.

In order to defeat the dark forces that we are faced with, we first have to understand that this is not a game, not some “he said she said” political disagreement, not some “politics as usual, both sides do it” argument.  We are engaged in an epic struggle to wrest our beautiful, loving country back from the Trump’s, Ryan’s and McConnell’s of the world.   So, please, act like you understand this.  And the first step is for all of us to come together, put our political differences aside, make peace with our Democratic Family members at least until we can win the war that we are engaged in.   Let’s see if we can really change things come the mid-term elections in November of 2018.  This will be our first big test in Trumpland and let’s not screw it up. And this will only be the opening salvo into a decades long fight to “Make America America Again!”

Be Careful!  It’s A Battleground Out There!

PS:  This is the kind of President we need and deserve:


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