Media Criticism From ‘a Proud Deplorable’

To the Editor:
I wanted to provide you with an unsophisticated synopsis of The New York Times and the media’s quest for the implosion of Donald Trump’s presidency from out here in the real world, in “deplorable” country.
As you can imagine (or maybe you can’t quite), as a proud deplorable, I have many associates, colleagues and relatives who agree with me. Every time you and your brethren at other news organizations dream up a new scheme to get Mr. Trump, we out here in deplorable land increase our support for him.
It’s quite humorous that when The Times, The Washington Post and the networks all bash Mr. Trump, our support increases. Regardless of what you dream up every day, we refuse to be sucked into your narrative. And even more humorously, there isn’t anything you can do about it!
And I love it that you are having the exact opposite effect on those of us you are trying to persuade to think otherwise. I mean it is seriously an enjoyable part of my day knowing you are failing. And badly!
I haven’t had this much fun watching the media stumble, bumble and fumble in years. I wonder what will happen on the day you wake up and realize how disconnected you’ve become?
NOTE: This letter to the New York Times today perfectly illustrates why I've stated that it's pointless to "bridge the divide" or "come together" and those calling for some sort of rapprochement between Liberals Democrats  and Conservatives/Republicans are naive and destined to fail.  Trump could really shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and his supporters like the letter writer above would simply not care.  But in reality, we have a much worse scenario on our hands than a Manhattan shooting.  We have a situation where our 2016 Presidential Election - as Trump himself loudly proclaimed - just might have been rigged.  By Russia.  With assistance from Trump and the Trump Team?  This is the remaining question, the only one left to answer.

There cannot be any healing of the divisions for one very simple reason.  Note that Kenton Woodhead rails at the press but does not mention rigged elections or Russian influence over Trump, his family and his associtates.  In fact, as he states, "It’s quite humorous that when The Times, The Washington Post and the networks all bash Mr. Trump, our support increases."  One might rephrase his phrase to this: 

"It's quite humorous that when the New York Times, The Washington Post and the networks reveal new information that points to both Russian influence in our election and malfeasance by Trump Associates and even Mr. Trump, our support increases."           

We tend to and want to deal in facts in assessing things.  Trump supporters pay no attention to facts but see conspiracies that are out to get them and their President everywhere.  Facts do matter, however, as one Lucy Richards of Florida, who is a "The Sandy Hook Slaughter Was A Staged Event" supporter, was convicted of threatening one of the Sandy Hook parents and will serve five months in prison followed by five months of  home detention.

Finally, after six people crushing years, Mr. Radical Economic Experimenter, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, gets his ass kicked by his own party.  The Kansas State Legislature has overridden Brownback's veto of a bill to kick his experiment to the curb. After Gov Brownback was elected back in 2011, he immediately announced his "real live experiment" in conservative governance.  What this "governance" amounted to was tax cut after successive tax cut to prime to pump of unprecedented tsunami of new jobs, new businesses and revenues to the state.  Or as he put it: 

 “a shot of adrenaline into the heart of the Kansas economy.” 

Well the "shot of adrenaline" nearly killed the patient.  I've referred to the Kansas "real live experiment" on these pages before as funds for public schools were cut, Kansas state debt increased, the state had to divert billions of dollars in road funding, slice higher education money, cut social services, reduce support for public pensions and fall behind on previous pledges to improve funding of K-12 schools.  

Tea Party darling (and Koch Brother supported) Brownback was aided in his quest to destroy Kansas by similar efforts in other Red States and at the national level among conservative think tanks and economists.  Brownback’s policies were designed to make Kansas a national laboratory of Tea Party economics. But their dismal effects have been visible for years. By 2015, job growth was lagging its neighbors, the U.S. as a whole and more fiscally responsible states such as California. Job growth had actually slowed since the enactment of Brownback’s tax-cutting package, lagging that of 37 other states, including neighboring Missouri.

A year after the first tax cuts were implemented, Brownback touted “impressive” early results to the Wall Street Journal, citing the formation of a “record number of small businesses — more than 15,000.” But that was deceptive. As was shown by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 16,000 had disappeared. Many of the others cited by Brownback appeared to be created to take advantage of his elimination of all taxes on partnerships, sole proprietorships and LLCs that pass through their tax liabilities to their owners. That scheme allowed everyone from freelancers and petty contractors to huge partnerships to avoid any state income tax at all, as long as they were organized as a certain type of “small business.”

If that sounds familiar, it’s because the same idea is part of President Trump’s tax proposal. It’s an invitation to tax dodging (and perhaps not coincidentally, would be a huge boon to Trump’s own businesses and family).


Pro-Trump Group Releases Anti-Comey Attack Ad Ahead of Testimony

I don't think anything needs to be said about this one! 

Since we already know what Comey is testifying about since we've read his opening statement, I'd pay close attention to the questions he's asked by Republican Senators and Democratic Senators.   We might be able to pick up some clues about what the Intelligence Committee already knows from it's closed door meetings with NSA, CIA and FBI officials but have not shared with the public.

Take Care!  


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