It’s hard to figure out if these Trump supporters know they are lying through their teeth or if they simply don’t have a clue about what Trump has actually accomplished.  In either case – or perhaps “both” cases – I can’t help but see shadows of cultism in their absolute personal devotion to Trump and their abject dedication to all things Trump.   They believe in him.  They believe him.  Then again, the whole “Trump can do no wrong,” "Trump is draining the Washington swamp,” “He’s looking out for the little guy” are “truisms” so far detached from reality (even “political” reality) as to sound like that Star Wars movie crawler;  "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....", because the reality of Trump’s promises and his accomplishments certainly resemble nothing that these folks are speaking about.  At least in “real” reality, let’s say.  The one we live in.   What Trump has done is trumpeted forth a whole lot of words, phrases, expressions and tweets telling his followers what he’s done and what he intends to do yet, words like “the best, affordable health care ever,” “bringing back high paying industrial and manufacturing jobs,” “knocking out ISIS in 30 days” and so many, many more such campaign promises have not only not been kept but in many cases have resulted in proposals that will actually hurt Americans.  (The liberal revenge aspect of Trump’s presidency.)

But the Trumpettes were all agog, yelling and cheering, chanting “Lock Her Up” (just like Mike Flynn) and shoving protesters to the ground and having such a wonderful, free, boisterous, no-holds-barred, no-political-correctness-here grand old time at Trump’s rallies and never mind half of what he promised could never have been delivered, forgedda' bout it because he’s our man and he’s gonna’ take care of us so no matter what he does, no matter how many promises he breaks, no matter how profane are his personal acts, no matter how much he won't get done, so just shut up because we are never going to abandon him.    

This is how Trump supporters feel about him.  They have elevated him to cult status so that no matter what happens during his administration – 20+ million Americans sliced from their health care, a war with Iran or maybe North Korea, a 2020 worldwide economic collapse – they are so invested in Trump that to abandon him would be to abandon their own integrity, self worth and make them feel as if they are just as bad, untrustworthy and irrelevant as the political supporters of say Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.  They are stuck.  They are neck deep in Trump mud and cannot and will not look for outside help since to do so would be an admission of failure. 

You’ll notice from the clip above, that whenever a fact is presented to them – How do you feel about 20 million actual people losing health insurance under the AHCA? – they simply cannot even acknowledge that the question was asked since any acknowledgement that Trump would be proposing such a disastrous Obamacare replacement goes against everything they believe about Trump and everything they believe he stands for.  This attitude is basically denial writ large.   Denial on a scale so massive that it defies logic.  It is,  in fact, illogical and irrational.  They are living off "feelings" and "hope" projecting their own desires and wishes onto Trump rather than actually seeing and evaluating what he's actually done.  

In Trump’s five months in office he’s actually not accomplished any of his big promises.  Sure, the Border Patrol cop guys are rounding up more illegals these days but there’s no wall along our border with Mexico nor is any budgeted for.   Trade?  Re-negotiating NAFTA?  Hasn’t happened since Trump early ran into the problem that higher import tariffs can work both ways. Health Care?  Tax Reform?  Both stalled since both are simply anathema to most Americans.  But not to Trump supporters despite every piece of evidence that shows just how disastrous would be both proposals to ordinary Americans.   It’s why polls still show that Trump has pretty much the same level of support today as he did when he was first sworn into office at least among Republicans.  Not so, however, with the rest of Americans who no longer believe in or trust Trump.  Today Trump’s approval rating is at less than 40% for all Americans but is still very strong and hasn’t slipped but a couple of points since he was certified as the 45th President. 

What to make of all this massive denial?  Nothing really.  There’s nothing that the rest of us can “make” of it.  Trump supporters – his cult followers – will always be Trump supporters.  Trump will always and forever be his followers' cult leader and devoted champion.  So all we can do is to continue to resist, continue to thwart the Trump agenda in whatever ways that we can and continue to insist that honesty, data, facts and real information lead the way.       

But here's what Trump supporters and many other Americans as well are also in denial about:  America is no longer the best country in the world.  We may be the most powerful but in things that really matter to a nation's citizens, like health care, longevity, educational levels, live births, etc. we no longer rank near the top of most Western nations.  The clip below, although a kind of joke, illustrates what I mean.  

You will never ever hear any Trump supporter or any conservative for that matter, say that America isn't the greatest in everything no matter what the facts, data and statistics tell us.  It's the same phenomenon where Trump has been elevated to cult leader status among his supporters.  In both cases the admission that even one thing may be false is just too much to bear since to them it portends the collapse of the entire fiction of American Exceptionalism and Trump's fictional America.  (They are more right about this than not since admitting that America has problems is an admission that we are not the best and would then have to face the reality of actually fixing things like our infrastructure or our health care system.)     

This folks, is a fundamental problem and it's one that will continue to bedevil us and keep us divided.   On one side we have the Trump believers who think America will be great again through the efforts of their Great Leader and on the other side, liberals and progressives and Democrats who actually care about the facts - the fact that our health care system is the most expensive in the Western world and has the shittiest outcomes, that our educational attainment levels have been on a steep downhill slope for decades now, that we have a society where only the wealthy are able to achieve the American Dream - facts that tell us we can no longer ignore the reality of America's situation.  

 Trump is in the process of making America even less great than it was when he took office.  

God help us all! 


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