And it’s looking more hopeful today in 2017 than it has in over three decades.  Be clear about one thing:  We are facing our most serious Constitutional Crisis, not since Watergate, but since South Carolina precipitated the start of the Civil War when it declared itself independent of the United States of America in December of 1860. That crisis was resolved by a bloody four year conflict that still reverberates today.  (New Orleans removing Confederate statues, South Carolina removing the Confederate flags from pubic buildings, etc.)   The 620,000 soldiers killed on both sides total up to exactly one half of all Americans killed in all wars in our history.

Conservatives, right wingers, White nationalists, Nazi sympaticos (all on the rise since Trump's election)  have threatened to do the same if their cult leader is forced from office.  Me? I say bring it on!  But as I see more replays of the Trump rallies during the campaign, I am struck by how many young people were wildly cheering for him.  I do not understand.  Was it just lots of fun shouting: “Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!”   Was it an emotionally cathartic experience to wildly clap when Trump dissed immigrants, reporters, judges, and Latinos?  Did you not see the yuge con Trump was pulling on you?  I did.  But then I’ve worked with developer types for decades and the term "developer" explains Trump more than insanity or unhinged.   Were you so bamboozled by all the "Criminal Hillary" bullshit that you did not see where it was coming from?  The origins?  You could have Goggled it.  You didn’t understand that there was not one ounce of truth to any of it?  None of it.  Not a mote.  Like the rest of us, you were so disgusted with what passes for governance today that you could not see that what Trump was offering was so much worse?   Or maybe it was Trump’s business experience.  Sure, declaring bankruptcy multiple times didn’t give you pause since declaring bankruptcy is a technique to stiff all the people Trump owed money to?  It's a very common business practice among developer shysters.  Was “draining the swap” the big appeal?  Look how that’s turned out!  Perhaps it was “on principle” that you could not vote for one of the most experienced, dedicated and hard working public officials in American history but thought that a totally inexperienced, bombastic, disgusting, blowhard developer could do a better job?  Really?  This was your take? 

Politics and governance are not “principled” endeavors.   They are and always have been messy, horse trading, grubby, shady affairs and always will be.  It didn’t matter to you that Trump insulted Blacks, Latinos, Disabled people, Judges, reporters, the media, liberals, and virtually every "other" minority and other than whites in America and around the world?  Are all you young people so bereft of knowledge of international relationships and alliances that you could not see what a disaster and a threat he would be to our standing in the eyes of the world to say nothing about our security interests? What the fuck did you learn in school, for God's sake?  

This is what’s so troubling to me.  This is what I cannot fathom.  Trump has proven since January 20th 2017, that he is the same man he was on the campaign trail as he is as President.  There’s been no “pivoting.”  There’s been no “maturation” in office.  No “tempering” of his views given the enormity of the Office of the President.  No manning up and acting like a decent, civilized human being.  No.  There has been none of that.  When he was elected back in November of last year, I too had hopes – very modest ones – that his actions, demeanor and attitudes that he displayed on the stump would mellow.  After all, he was trying to get elected.  But they have not.  And now with his ignorant, inexperienced, “know-it-all,” narcissistic self he is all about destroying the country and making sure that the wealthy – just like him – gain even more wealth at the expense of the rest of us.  His health care proposal and his tax reform proposal (“so-called” in both cases) will have the worst impacts on the very folks who actually supported him to say nothing of the rest of the country, those of us who are not already rich, that we have seen in our entire history. 

As young people, did you vote for increased air and water pollution?  Did you vote for banning an entire religion from entering the country?  Did you vote for enormous tax cuts for the rich and crumbs for you?  Did you vote to restore Saudi Arabia to first class ally status even though it has one of the worst human rights records on the planet and has been exporting ultra-radial Wahhabi-Sharia Islam around the world for decades?   Did you vote to destroy the nation's public school system? Allow corporations to poison us once again?  Strip the elderly from the little assistance they get from Medicare and Medicaid?  Allow Wall Street and our friendly Big Banks to bring on an even worse disaster than the world wide economic collapse of 2008?  Are these the things you voted for because by voting for Trump this is what you were actually voting for.  Okay, so maybe it's a hell of a lot worse than you had imagined, but what the hell did you expect from this cretan of a human being ALL of which was on display before you stepped into the voting booth.  Or voted third party.  Or didn't have the good sense to vote at all.  It's a bloody disaster.  Thanks folks.  

Maybe because I lived through the 1990’s Clinton Administration and dozens of “scandals” brought to the public by the ultra right wing partisan “charitable organization,” Judicial Watch,” the appointment of an equally ultra-partisan Special Prosecutor to investigate each and every one of these “scandals” and yet after two years not a single one (not White Water Gate, not Arkansas Trooper Gate, not White House Travel Gate, not White House File Gate, not Vince Foster Murder Gate - the vilest of them all - resulted in a single criminal or civil charge against Bill Clinton. Not one.  A comparison to the Benghazi reality show hearings of late is right on target.  If you didn’t know this, please brush up on your recent American History so you won’t be fooled again by right wing or Russian propaganda again in 2018 and beyond.

Bill Clinton was impeached for committing perjury while testifying before a Grand Jury.  This is what caught him up:  “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” a relatively simple proclamation referring to Monica Lewinsky.  Let this sink in.  He denied having sexual relations with Monica in the White House while keeping in mind as you ponder the alleged criminal, treasonous  “missteps” of Paul Manafort, Corey Lewandowski, Roger Stone, Jared Kushner, and Michael Flynn.  These sleazebags folks, are implicated in assisting the Russian Government is rigging a United States Presidential Election.  Trust me, I'd much rather be dealing with a good, solid, old fashioned sex scandal than this.  Are you getting the point here?

Russiagate isn’t about a “third rate burglary” or about some sexual improprieties, it is about – potentially – obstruction of justice, treason and espionage.   Even in my wildest liberal biased dreams I could not have imagined much less predicted the absolute chaotic dystopia that is Trump and his minions.  Remember, it wasn’t the Watergate burglary that did Nixon in, it was the cover-up that did.  And following this logic, Trump’s biggest mistake?  Firing FBI Director, James Comey.  He didn't have the good sense to realize that by firing the guy who was leading the investigation into his and Trump Team's sorry-assed efforts to win an election at any and all costs that it would spark the entire nation into a frenzy of anger and outrage.  And it’s this mistake that will eventually do him in because despite Trump's deep set beliefs that as President he can do whatever the hell he wants and no one can stop him, there are still Americans who remain  dedicated to and actually believe in our institutions and America's promise and will fight to preserve them.  Trump simply does not realize that his Rust Belt supporters are not going to be able to rescue him from the ensuing mess he has engendered.  This is not a reality show, it happens to be reality.  In the real world not the "alt.right" fake media world he's so enamored of.   

So to all you folks who voted for Trump last year or to all of you who simply could not vote for Hillary and voted Third Party, or did not vote at all, are you now understanding that, indeed, elections really do have consequences?  Let me make a suggestion here:

Get Off Your Principled High Horse Ignorant “Oh But I Couldn’t Ever Vote For Criminal Hillary” (see the irony here?) and get your asses out and vote in 2018, 2020 and beyond and vote for Democrats, who, hopefully, will have come to understand why you might have been pissed off at them.  (I am too!)  And do this every single other year for the next decade and more or we are never going to be free of the strangling corruption that has trapped all of us in a web of Republican, Conservative, Tea Party, Koch Brothers, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell selfish, inhumane, cruel and spirit America crushing regime we now find ourselves in.

Elections Really Do Matter Even When The Candidate Who Received Fewer Votes Is The Winner. 



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