NOTE: With the murder of two men and severe wounding of another by a self-styled white supremacist in Portland, Oregon, last week for attempting to stop a man from harassing two young Muslim women, there's seems to be an uptick in hate crimes of late. Coincidence?  Surely, right?  After all there's just no evidence that the words that come out of a racist, bigoted, fascist, anti-semitic, Muslim hating President's mouth or his TweetWords have the slightest impact on what happens around the country. Is there?  

From Daily Kos
May 31, 2017

Sadly, this Memorial Day weekend saw its share of chaos and tragedy as racists decided to take their hatred out on people of color in attacks around the country. In Portland, Oregon, two people were killed and a third injured when they stood up to a man yelling hateful slurs toward two women on a train. And in Washington state, one Native American man was killed and another hospitalized after they were run over by a white man in a monster pickup truck screaming racial slurs. Of course, this story didn’t seem to make the national news. Wonder why that is? 
The victims were James “Jimmy” Kramer, 20, of Taholah and Harvey Anderson, 19, of Aberdeen. The driver of the truck, described as a Caucasian in his mid-30’s driving a truck described by witnesses as a mid-1990s Chevy with an extended cab and large tires, had been doing “doughnuts” at the site when the two Quinaults and other campers tried to make him stop.
The driver was screaming racial slurs and war whoops when he ran over the two tribal members. A woman passenger in the truck, also described as a Caucasian in her 30’s was screaming at the driver trying to make him stop.
The police are actively investigating this crime. They do not yet have a suspect in custody. We can never know what possesses a person to kill another. But we do know that hate crimes are on the rise—and the common denominator seems to be our hateful Xenophobe-In-Chief and the violent white supremacist rhetoric he has allowed to become mainstream. These incidents are not isolated to a particular group. Crimes against Jews, Muslims, Asians and LGBT persons have all accounted for the number of cases that have been reported. This is a hideous and shameful legacy that this presidency is leaving in its wake. 
Since the investigation is ongoing, anyone with information is urged to contact the authorities and help get justice for these two young men and their community.
Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Det. Sgt. Darrin Wallace, or Deputy Eric Cowsert at 360-533-8765.
This is horrific. And sadly, this country becomes more unrecognizable and grotesque with each passing day.

NOTE: You can't place this uptick in hate crime violence on The Donald's doorstep.  No.  He's only keyed into the increasing level of the "violence is okay" theme that we here in America have been experiencing for a few decades now.  This new "Wild West" attitude is evidenced by the increase in gun ownership, fear mongering from every single Republican candidate from the President down to state and local level pols.  Every Republican campaign ad during the 2016 election was designed to make everyone more fearful.  And than along comes Donald J. Trump.  Trump, however, with his "populist" messaging, has perfected the dark art of appealing to the basest of right wing instincts by cloaking his dog whistle hate speech in very old fashioned "Law and Order" terms.  No one can object to "law and order" can you?  It's a sure fire winner even if it's totally out of date. As Democrats were addressing the need Justice Reform since serious crime levels are at historic lows, Trump was running around the country telling everyone just how dark and deadly were our urban centers.  What did he call them?  Oh, yes:  "disasters" and full of "carnage" come to mind. However, the data (statistics, facts) simply do not bear this out.  In fact, they tell the opposite story of an unprecedented surge in revitalization and vitality, yet The Donald managed to convince sufficient numbers of voters that our cities were hellholes of murder, rape and anarchy as he swept across the country in his latest and yugest reality show tour. 

Now that he's moved to Washington, maybe he'll notice that it's difficult driving virtually anywhere in the District of Columbia because there is construction everywhere - apartments, single family homes, office buildings, shopping centers, road work everywhere.  The streets are littered with all sorts of construction stuff that seems to involve large trucks blocking a lane of traffic on Massachusetts Avenue, lanes closed on Constitution Avenue because the adjacent renovation of a former hospital is nearing completion, an entire stretch of Potomac River Waterfront has a dozen new buildings nearing completion with a brand new Fish Market to boot.  This is carnage?  IN all my years in Washington I have never seen a construction boom like this one.  Trump, of course will never see this stuff since when he's out and about it's in a chauffeured limo with a 20 vehicle escort that races down Pennsylvania Avenue as if an atomic bomb is headed for the White House.  (I will resist, here!) 


No, it's not all Trump's fault.  But he turned out to be the perfect inheritor and latest propagator of the thirty year long assault on facts and reason courtesy of The Tea Party, the Freedom Caucus, Republicans and the right wing in general.  Under Trump, Net Neutrality is about to become history.  Under Trump, Planned Parenthood has been stripped of all Federal funding. Under Trump, oil and gas extraction companies can once more dump poisons into our rivers and lakes.  Under Trump, some 25 million Americans might lose their health insurance.

What gives with a man and an Administration that is so anti-people?  So bent on taking revenge? So dedicated to destroying all the protection we - you and me - have fought so long and hard for? What is this war on everything Obama?  This war on liberals?  This war on ordinary Americans with a health care bill that will make emergency rooms the primary health care option for millions of Americans again and a so-called Tax Reform Bill that gives an $800 tax windfall to the richest slice of America and cuts funding for Meals on Wheels that serves the elderly?  What the fuck is going on here?  

What really gives?  Trump's total lack of what might be called "values" that have no relation to human beings outside of his family and don't lead to increased wealth.  What we might see as fairly commonplace "values" like compassion, empathy, concern for the weak, the elderly the poor, children are simply absent in Trump.  You can see this in his business practises:  scamming subcontractors by not fully paying them for work done.  Even here in his D.C. hotel there are lawsuits against him for nonpayment of bills.  His bankruptcies did exactly the same thing but not only to his flooring contractors or his painting contractors but even to the banks and private equity firms that financed his projects.  With almost every word that emerges from his mouth and every letter of his dumb-ass Tweets, Donald Trump demonstrates to us and to the world that he's only in it for himself and doesn't give a shit about any of us.




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