JUST IN:Judge Signs Two Arrest Warrants Grand Juries Closing In On Donald Trump – W.H. Claims Ignorance

MAY 4, 2017

Sources have confirmed two federal grand juries have been convened in the Russia connection to the Trump campaign and presidential administration. FBI Director James Comey hinted at a deep well of evidence pertaining to the investigation during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday. One grand jury may be nearing completion.

According to pundits from both sides of the aisle, one of the federal grand juries could result in an indictment or charges. Comey did not confirm a federal RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act] grand jury, when Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island asked the FBI director about the possibility during the hearing. Comey answered the question vaguely, but did not shy away from the issue.

Republican strategist Rick Wilson and Democratic strategist Claude Taylor both wrote about grand juries last week. Now, Taylor alleges he has two confirmed sources indicating a judge signed two warrants.

Attorney Andrew C. Laufer explained what that meant for Trump, keeping in mind that grand jury warrants do not have to be arrest warrants:

‘It can be a couple of things. First, [Grand Jury] it can be Subpoenas to compel prod of evidence/witnesses to [the Grand Jury]. They can also be arrest warrants.’

NOTE:  My ears perked up as I was watching the Comey testimony the other day when he mentioned the term "Grand Jury."  (Might of been "Grand JURIES" - plural - but that I can't recall right now.)  Remember, it wasn't Kenneth Starr, the Republican appointed "Special Prosecutor" who brought Bill Clinton down, it was his District of Columbia Grand Jury testimony.  Specifically, his utterance that "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" referring to Monica Lewinski as "that women" about the consensual blow job in the White House.  (Doesn't this seem quaint now that the White House is occupied by the Chief Destructor, Donald Trump?)   This is what the House of Representatives jumped on to bring Articles of Impeachment against Clinton, only the second sitting President in our history to be so "honored." The Senate, however, declined to mount a trial against him.

I've thought all along that it isn't going to be the House and Senate investigations into Rusiagate that might bering Trump and/or his associates down, but our legal system.  There is just no way that the Republican dominated House and Senate are going to mount a serious investigation into the sordid matter.  Maybe after the 2018 elections if either the House or the Senate falls into Democratic hands again, it might work.  But no way right now.

But the power of Grand Juries is pretty wide ranging and precise.  They can - and do - delve into the details of a probable cause case brought by a District Attorney or Federal Judge.  They work quietly, in secret, behind the scenes away from the glare of the media and politics.  I have no idea if the report above is accurate, but as I said I was heartened when Comey was questioned about ongoing Grand Jury action and he sidestepped his response. 

Although it seems like we've been under Trump attack for years after only 110 days and who the hell can even remember the November 8th election it seems so far back in history, but if indeed these Grand Jury proceedings are real, we may not have to wait much longer.  Well, let's say a couple of years during which all of us will age about four decades.  But maybe the end is beginning to come into view!

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