Friend of mine has taken a break from Facebook.  This is a neighborhood friend, someone I grew up with and we share pretty much the same political views.  It’s become too emotionally draining for my friend and I totally understand it.  It gets to you.  Its gets to you when Republicans in the House craft a health care replacement for Obamacare that is without doubt one of the cruelest pieces of legislation that Republicans have foisted on America is a good long time.  And that, friends, is saying something in the decades long screwing of us ordinary Americans that they have engaged in for decades.  Along with Trump’s proposed “tax reform” bill that basically shifts billions of dollars to the rich while leaving less than a scattering of breadcrumbs for the rest of us, I think it’s fairly safe to conclude that we have entered a new era of “boost the rich and screw the rest of us" like we've never experienced before.

But resistance continues despite the long, hard road we have to follow in the face of what seems to be pure evil.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  In act after act the Trump Administration has demonstrated a profound lack of interest in Making America Great Again for us run-of-the-mill Americans while continuing to improve the well-being of the already wealthy and our corporate overloads.  Yeah.  It’s hard.  


The French public soundly rejected “populist” candidate Marine LePen – who could be Trump’s Paris-based  sister – for boring, never held public office before, youngster Emmanuel Macron by 66%.   He’s 39 years old.  You could ask how the stodgy, arrogant, purveyors of the world’s without-a-shred-of-doubt “finest culture” accomplished this rather startling feat.  After all, it’s not the U.S. who has suffered some of the most devastating terrorist attacks over the past few yours.  No.  This honor goes to France.  Wouldn’t it seem that with this backdrop a candidate who railed against immigrants, railed against Muslims, said she would re-make France back into a country of white Frenchmen and women instead of a browner nation sprinkled with Algerians, Moroccans, Tunisians and Turks?  How, then, could she lose so badly?  Yeah.  It’s a good question. 

Maybe, despite the November 2013 terrorist attack in Paris that killed 180 people, the French people didn’t lose their minds like America did in the face of “Mexican rapists, drug thugs, and murderers” pouring over our southern border as Trump erroneously proclaimed.  Or maybe the French are more adept at distinguishing real news from fake news as Americans seem unable to do given the one year ban on Federal funds for Planned Parenthood based on fake, doctored videos presented as proof – again, erroneously – that Planned Parenthood was selling baby parts for profit.    Or maybe, unlike Americans, the French actually have the facility to accept that multi-culturalism and diversity are not liberal weapons of mass destruction as Rush proclaims daily over the airwaves designed to extinguish a society.  Ya think?  


Scott Pruitt, who as Oklahoma’s Attorney General brought some 13 lawsuits against the EPA and now is its Administrator, has dismissed –,aka fired -  the 12 scientists who comprise the agency’s Scientific Advisory Board and wants to replace them with corporate shills or, as  EPA spokesperson J.P. Freire put it quite pithily, “The Administrator believes we should have people on this board who understand the impact of regulations on the regulated community.”  The Board functions as a peer review body, ensuring that research related to EPA’s functions is thorough and accurate.  I’m wondering why it is that some consideration isn’t given to the kids and the rest of us who are being poisoned by fracking, you know, us, the community who is being impacted by EPA to counteract corporate activities like barring coal companies from poisoning our lakes and rivers or Super Fund efforts to remediate the environmental disasters foisted on us by the very corporate community the new board would be composed of.   

And, unless I’m missing something here, doesn’t a Scientific Advisory Board mean that it’s memberships might include a couple of “scientists?”  But never mind.  We are living in Trumpland so this 1984-style doublespeak slight of hand is perfectly legitimate given that we have an Administration who believes in conspiracy theories and Alternate Sets of Facts realities.   This astounding slap in the face to those of us who don’t wield corporate power but do suffer the impacts of corporate greed and malfeasance is one more example of Republicans putting ideology ahead of the welfare of real people.  Us. 


Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, (R-WI), says that criticism of the Trump/Ryan American Health Care Act – aka “Deathcare” – is bogus bullshit fomented by us lefties and are just wholesale lies.    Here’s what lying Ryan had to say:  “This is a rescue mission as Obamacare is collapsing. This is a crisis.  We are trying to prevent a crisis.  We’re proud of this effort,” he added, dismissing reports that some House Republicans had not read the bill.  “It’s us keeping our promises.”  Indeed.   He's right, of course.  At least about the promises part.  While we await CBO’s analysis of the latest iteration of the Trump/Ryan Deathcare Act, the first pass kicked 24 million people – you know, humans - off the health insurance rolls, transferred $800 billion from ordinary folks to the already wealthy, knocked out coverage for a host of pre-existing  conditions by transferring such decisions to the states and stripped the tax mechanisms from Obamacare that paid for the program thus potentially ballooning the Federal debt by a trillion dollars.  Or thereabouts. 

All, of course, are simply bogus blatherings of the left.  Right.  

PS: North Korea has detained a forth American for perpetuating “Hostile Acts” in this country of 25 million starving people.   Is this what Mr. Trump intended when he began his blustering strong man foreign policy rants against Kim Jong-Un?  Or is it just some unintended consequence in the “it’s complicated” world of international relations? 

PPS:  The French don’t have anything like our Electoral College that was allegedly created by our Founding Fathers to prevent some crazy dictator Nazi type from becoming President that worked out so well this time around.  No.  On the contrary, France awards elections based on which candidate actually receives the most votes by the number of people who actually go to their polling places and cast their votes for the candidate they want to win.  You know, just like what happened to Hillary Clinton in 2016. 

Have A Good Day Everyone!  


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