In one more “anecdote” related to Trump’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) enforcement, the “tale” of one Afghani man’s journey to the United States is instructive if unbelievable.  I put the terms “anecdote” and “tale” in quotes since all the folks screaming for rounding up illegal aliens will dismiss the story of Abdul as just a simple mistake on the part of our border officials or just another of the media’s lies to undermine their cult hero, Donald Trump.   After all, it couldn’t be CBP’s overzealous, Fascist actions that are at fault nor could any responsibility be possibly placed at the feet of President Trump.  But there is something so perverse, so cruel and undeniably tragic in Abdul’s “story” as to cast a very deep and dark shadow over the entire “extreme vetting” Trumpettes were so orgiastic over during the Presidential campaign.   To say nothing about our allies trusting the United States to live up to its promises, to keep it’s word, let’s just say.

First let’s note that Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban is still tied up in our court system, thank - not God - but our Founding Fathers who drafted the Constitution with the rule of law as the first and foremost rock among America’s rock bottom foundation.   We’ve all heard about various “mistakes” made by the newly Trump empowered CBP goons – fathers and mothers rounded up leaving young U.S. citizen children, parentless, DREAMERS snagged by roving ICE cops stationed outside courthouses, etc.   During Trump’s first 100 days of Yuge achievements, some 193 official complaints of harassment by border official were lodged.  This compares to a total of 17 last year.  For the entire year.  Sure, Rush Limbaugh would tell you that this is a good sign; it means that Trump, CBP and ICE are succeeding in ridding the country of all those criminal illegal aliens who are stealing all the lettuce picking and orange plucking jobs that should go only to True Americans, in other words, White Americans.  I don’t suppose that Abdul’s story would sway Rush’s or the Trumpette’s views on the actions of Trump and CBP since they are both doing God’s work in their minds.   Abdul’s story is a fairly simple one but one that clearly indicts Trump, the Muslim Travel Ban and our immigration and border security forces.

Abdul – his last name is withheld since he is afraid that the Taliban will harm his family – arrived at Newark’s Liberty International Airport on March 13 after a flight from Kabul, Afghanistan.   Keep in mind, as you read through Abdul’s story, Afghanistan is NOT one of Trump’s Muslim terrorist nations on his Muslim Ban list.   When Abdul was 19 (he is now 25) a friend helped him secure a job as a waiter in a dining hall on a U.S. military base.   Sometime later he was promoted to become a cashier at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.   Take note:  the United States Embassy, ground zero as a symbol for the Taliban of us hated infidels.  Back in his home village, the Taliban were warning folks that anyone who had cooperated with the U.S. would be punished, including the families of the traitor Afghans.  Abdul was beaten on his way home from work one day, by two men wielding a cable and had a close call with a roadside bomb some time later. 

After this last incident, his boss, a former U.S. soldier and then-contractor, provided Abdul with housing on a U.S. military base and assisted him in applying for an Afghan “Special Immigrant Visa” which is given to Afghani’s who served the U.S. government and might be in danger of retaliation, a not uncommon occurrence in Afghanistan.   Abdul was granted the SIV visa and thus began his journey to the United States.

Upon arriving in Newark, on March 13, U.S. border officials denied Abdul entry, kept him in an airport hallway for two days, denied him access to a lawyer, and bamboozled him into signing a document stating that his SIV visa had been stripped.  He had no idea what he was signing.  Abdul does not speak English fluently and, in fact, his visa denier thugs noted that Abdul speaks Pashto when he actually speaks Dari and has limited proficiency in English.  Abdul is now at an immigration detention center since his entry denial and stripping of his visa over two months ago.

U.S. officials, our border thugs, have provided no reason(s) for their actions denying him entry nor for revoking his SIV visa.  A rough transcript of his interview, prepared by ICE officials, includes no questions or answers pertaining to a national security threat nor criminality.  Now the American Civil Liberties Union has taken on Abdul’s case.  Abdul’s petition for parole was denied by ICE a month ago on the basis that his visa was revoked (notice the Catch 22, here?) and the agency is “currently investigating the basis of that revocation.”  Yeah, good luck with that folks.

But with all the anecdotes, news reports (Fake, of course) swirling about Trump’s Muslim Ban and folks being inappropriately and inadvertently swept up in this swirling mess of crap, Abdul’s case should give us all pause since its implications have potentially far reaching impacts.  Both Iraqi and Afghani citizens who worked for American forces can apply for Special Immigration Visa’s, the fundamental basis of this program is that their lives and those of their families are placed in danger from the Taliban or ISIS who do not hesitate to revenge such acts of collaborating with the enemy.   This is not fake news.  This is real.  With tragic real world consequences. 

So tell me just how much present and future cooperation will there be between locals who actually might believe in the cause the U.S. military is pursuing in some country if they cannot rely on the United States to protect them from harm for assisting the U.S.?  Not much, in my view.  There is no “Fake News” basis about local people who are being murdered in Iraq and Afghanistan because they helped us Americans.  It’s been happening and documented for years, now.   In Abdul’s case, we aren’t talking about some random local wanting to flee the death and destruction that’s been wrecked upon him by the Taliban or ISIS, we are talking about someone who willingly risked his life to help us. 

What on earth could have been the reason for ICE denying Abdul entry and revoking his SIV visa?  Were the CBP folks so dumb as to not know what an SIV visa was?  What the acronym "SIV" stood for?  Or maybe in some excess of “extreme vetting,” they made a mistake?  Perhaps it was just overzealousness in executing their newly energized powers in light of Trump’s Muslim ban.  It really is a mystery to me.  Frankly, there is no legitimate reason than I can come up with. 

But Abdul did:  “I don’t understand why I’m being kept a prisoner here when I served the American government.  I think it’s because I’m from a Muslim country, and I’m a Muslim.”

All I can say is, with friends like our U.S. “border officials,” who the fuck needs enemies? 

Here's a link to the entire article. 


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