There is, of course, no real answer to the question I posed in the masthead to this post.  It could be both if you are on the liberal side of the political chasm or neither if you are on the conservative side.  But in fact it's neither of these.  What it boils down to is that Sessions has proposed the re-institution of minimum sentences, ramping up arrests and prosecutions for marijuana use and calling for more harsh and aggressive "Law and Order" measures is simply one more attack in Trump's war against all things liberal.  Trump, remember, used the tried and true "Law and Order" dog whistle during his campaign claiming, for example, that the government of Mexico was sending murderers and rapists across the border when in fact arrests of Mexicans at the U.S./Mexico border were and are at historic lows.

Here are the facts rather, than propaganda blatherings, and you can Google any number of non-fake news sites and this is what you will find:

Trump also claimed that folks living in American cities were suffering from a veritable tsunami of murders, rapes robberies and home invasions - devastating carnage, as he termed it.  But why do I say that Sessions' ramping up of Law and Oder measures is simply a means of taking revenge on Obama and us liberals?  Because what he's proposing flies in the face of common sense to say nothing of data, facts and statistics.  Serious crimes has been on a downward slope for years.  The data prove it.

So let me see here.  It looks to me as if the murder rate in the United States has been declining since around 1992 when it peaked and has been on a steady decline since.  Am I reading something wrong here?  Murder rates have declined since 1992 - that, folks, is 25 years (two and one-half decades) of decline.  But listening to Trump and Sessions you would think that we were in the midst of the crack epidemic of the 1980's and 90's.  Now, the graph above comes from the FBI an organization that is a well known purveyors of doctored information, propaganda and false data.  Yeah, right, and Fox News is the world's greatest purveyor of honest, objective and "fair and balanced" news reporting.

And we've seen the same decline in overall violent crime rates.

This decline is due to the age cohort that is historically prone to committing crimes - the 13 to 35 year old age group - and has little or nothing to do with tough Law and Order measures adopted since the 1980's.  Why have we seen such a decline?  Because us Baby Boomers have worked our bubble through and out of that cohort of folks who commit the vast majority of crimes and this correlation between age and criminal behavior has been known ever since such data has been collected.

And again, you can check any reputable - and by reputable I DO NOT mean Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones and Fox News because these and the rest of the lying right wing media do not deal in data, statistics and the real world but only fear-mongering and bullshit propaganda.

But there is a reason, if not a good one, for Trump's and Sessions "Law and Order" crackdown over and above my theory that it's revenge time on liberals.  It's pure and simple "Fear Mongering." And the following chart explains the reasoning that underlies my conclusion.

Note that those who responded that there was more crime this year than last year began to climb around 2002 and is now at 70% of the population.  All this while the real crime rates were actually declining steadily.  You know, declining out here in the real world as opposed to the Alternate Set of Facts world that Trump, Limbaugh, Jones and Fox inhabit.   Here's the primary question that one has to ask about this truly anomalous situation: "Why is it that folks simply do not believe what is happening to them in their real world lives, indeed, what they are experiencing every day?"  It's a good question and one that can only be answered by looking at year after year of fear mongering by a certain segment of our political spectrum:  Republicans, Conservatives and Right Wingers.  Listen to Rush or you will never understand how this lying works and convinces folks that his propaganda is the real news.  

Richard Nixon, perhaps the most famous Law and Order candidate in our history, declared that Washington, D.C. wasn't the capital of the Free World but the Crime Capital of the United States.   While that didn't endear him to us District residents, (we hated him anyway) he did have some data to back up his claim at the time.  By 1991 murders peaked at 479  here in D.C. as the crack cocaine epidemic was savaging not only D.C. but the entire country.   Today?  Well despite what you hear from Trump and Sessions, in the District of Columbia there were 135 murders in 2016, which is too many, but is a 17% drop from the prior year and this amidst a well-publicized "spike" the right wing press so gleefully proclaims everywhere.  But D.C. is also undergoing the most massive building boom that I have ever seen in my forty years of living here.  The picture that Trump and Sessions impart to the world is simply not true.  It's a lie.

Finally, why did I post the One Mary Jane arrest every 45 seconds in America?  (This was from the PBS Newshour.) Because it illustrates the stupidity of arresting folks for the use and/or possession of the "drug" when 26 states and D.C. have relaxed marijuana laws and de-criminalized its use and possession.  Do I think that our law enforcement community should arrest and prosecute drug lords and others who are in the supply and mass distribution business?   Of course.  But Republicans and conservatives have perfected the art of the "either/or" where if you do not embrace the totality of a proposition down to the last dotted "I" and crossed "T" then you are morally deficient, politically corrupt and brain damaged.  It's "you are either with us or you are against us" which is a well-trafficked tactic among conservatives and their ilk.

Attorney General Sessions isn't basing his newly energized "Law and Order" campaign on facts, data and reality.  It's based on perception.  Not reality.  It's no different from the fact that the Trump/Ryan budget proposal strips all Federal funding from Planned Parenthood which is also based on the lie that the organization "sells baby parts" for profit.  Remember, Planned Parenthood is already prohibited by law from using Federal funds for abortions.  The total defunding is simply an attack on liberalism.  Or you could cite the Trump mantra that there are millions of illegal aliens who voted in last years election.    But it is estimated that some 200,000 folks in Wisconsin were denied the opportunity to vote in the Presidential election due to Scott Walker's Voter ID Law.  But today the Supreme Court denied North Carolina's request to re-institute that states Voter ID law and upheld the lower court's ruling that the law was discriminatory.

Republicans and Conservatives have been punking Americans for three decades now.  And they have been enormously successful at it's rule by fear-mongering agenda.  And Jeff Sessions is only the latest in a long, long line of such folks who ignore, deny or don't even know the difference between a "fact" and a "lie" or  "data" and "conspiracy" or "statistics" and "blather."  But never mind.  One of the saddest results of this Law and Order crackdown is the tossing to the curb the growing consensus under Obama that a major overhaul of our Justice System was in order.  The fact remains that the United States incarcerates more folks per capita than any other nation on earth and the fact that minorities are subjected to greater arrest rates and longer sentences for the same crime than whites.  

But despite reality to the contrary, Trump and Sessions believe that American is in a state of extreme danger and they are going to do everything they can to stop the carnage that is raping the country.

Yeah.  We Have Got To Get Rid Of This Guy And His Right Wing Minions.

Take Care Everyone, It's A Law And Order Jungle Out There!


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