Okay. First let’s dispense with the disclaimer.  There is no evidence (that’s been released to the pubic) that Trump, the Trump Team, the Trump Family and all the Trump hangers-on, have actually cooperated with, colluded with or otherwise in any way possible worked with, assisted, or helped Russia rig the 2016 U.S. Presidential election nor did any of the aforementioned actors have any meetings with, conversations with, communications with any Russian official, including Vlad himself, that weren’t meet and greets where nothing of the least national and/or international import was discussed, exchanged, mentioned or whispered.  (That we know of.) 

There.  I think that covers all the caveats. 

Referencing the latest Trump Bombshell, at least as of this moment when I’m tapping away on my Apple laptop in my living room, the one where Mafia Don’s Son-In-Law, the ever versatile Jared Kushner of slumlord real estate fame, hubby of Ivanka Trump Kushner of clothing-purse and jewelry fame, was outed as attempting to subvert all 17 U.S, intelligence agencies by discussing the possible installation of a secret, secure communications line between the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C. and the Kremlin in Moscow.  The proposed communications affair was allegedly discussed with Russian Ambassador, Sergei Kislyak, which is why the negotiations were picked up by, most probably, the CIA.  Or maybe the NSA. 

To most Americans, I’m kind of betting that this smacks of something vaguely akin to and/or resembling treason or at the very least a more or less moderate breach of American security rules and just about every single protocol ever ginned up by our security agencies.   Obviously to Trump’s Rust Belt supporters, Rush, Alex and Fox News the entire incident is simply made up, liberally biased fake news totally concocted by either Obama’s Deep State cabal inside the Federal Establishment or by the lying, crooked lamestream media.  All of this is perfectly understandable since all of these Trump lovers simply could not ever believe in a million years that cutesy little son-in-law Jared could ever do anything so wrong even though his real estate maven Dad spent a short time in prison – two years, if I recall correctly – for tax evasions and a couple of other forgivable minor offenses. 

But surprisingly, there just happen to be a few other folks who also don’t think that Ivanka husband and glitter accessory, Jared, could never have done such a thing or if he did it was with the best of intentions with no deleterious impacts.

The “No, there’s nothing wrong with son-in-law Kushner negotiating a deal with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. about establishing a secret, secure, line of communications between the Russian Embassy and the Kremlin” rationales that have been flowing from the Administration are just fucking astounding.  Wow!  Blam!  Holy Crap!

First up, we have White House National Security Advisor, H. R. McMaster, a three-star Army general, who defended Kushner.  Go back and gaze at McMaster’s White House official position:  National Security Advisor.  Yes, that’s right, Trump’s main man for assessing all things security and making sure that America and we Americans remain safe from domestic and foreign security  threats, like maybe suicidal terrorist bombers, for example.   He’s been telling reporters that back-channel communications are normal, not a big deal, nothing to write home about, no need to notify anyone, according to Reuters.

"We have back-channel communications with any number of individual countries,” McMaster said. “So generally speaking, about back-channel communications, what that allows you to do is communicate in a discreet manner."

Um, unless I’m mistaken, the United States Government is the entity that has “back-channel communications” with individuals and countries not civilian types as Jared-the-Don’s-son-in-law was last December when the alleged discussions with the Russian Ambassador took place.   Sure, any American citizen can communicate with Russia and/or Russians and I’m sure that many of us do.  But somehow the “back-channel” label is probably what alerted the NSA or the CIA that something nefarious might be in the works.  Now I might be very wrong here, but I would bet my entire 401(k) chunk of change that if I or you were picked up on some NSA FISA wire tap discussing arrangements for setting up a secret, secure, private communications link to our biggest foreign adversary, I suspect that right now I would be sitting in some dark, dank jail cell in the basement of the FBI’s egregiously ugly headquarters building here in Downtown Washington.      

But as if McMaster’s dumb defense wasn’t enough of an apology for Kushner, here's a cabinet member's reaction (the head of Homeland Security, no less, the very agency that is charged with protecting us from terrorist attacks and a whole bunch of other functions to keep us Americans safe) reaction to Kushner’s potentially treasonous act.  Here’s John Kelly’s response.

“There is nothing inherently wrong with an incoming presidential administration establishing “back channel” communications with a foreign power such as Russia,” said Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly. 

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Kelly was asked about reports by the Washington Post and other outlets that President Trump’s son-in-law and close advisor, Jared Kushner, sought to set up secret lines of communication with Russian officials prior to Trump being sworn in.
The retired general did not confirm the reports, but said the principle of establishing secretive contacts during a presidential transition “doesn't bother me” and is a legitimate means of building relationships.
“I think that any channel of communication, back or otherwise, with a country like Russia is a good thing,” he said.
Really?  Damn!  So committing a potentially (there’s no hard and fast evidence, remember) treasonous act is not something that our Director of Homeland Security is worried about?  Jesus Fucking Christ!  He speaks as if clandestine, non-official, shielded from Federal scrutiny and monitoring, is just an everyday, run of the mill occurrence.  So what is it, what event, what indecent, would John R. Kelly be worried about?  Like after terrorists blow up the FBI Headquarters Building (which event would at least remove the ugliest Federal Building from Washington’s urban fabric, but let’s not engage in fantasy gloating here) by some previously unknown terrorist cell operating out of the John F. Kennedy Center’s parking garage?  Is this when he might become concerned? 

And McMasters.  If this is the guy’s response to what might be considered at least a breach of international security protocol if not outright treasonous espionage when it comes to flirting with our known enemies in secret, then it looks to me as if we are all in deep shit trouble.  But we knew that didn’t we.  Not, of course, that’s there’s any evidence that implicates Jared or any of the other Trump Team members in helping Russia rig our last election.      

What the Trump apologists don’t seem to realize, is that we, the rest of America, weren’t taken in by Trump’s Yuge con game.  We knew what was up.  And though a few of us might have held out nefarious hopes that as President he would shape up, grow into his latest reality television show role.  But he hasn’t.  In fact, he’s turned out to be far worse than any of us could have imagined.  To all the Trump Administration apologists, public officials or not, while we understand the legal technicalities surrounding the term “evidence” we are all very much aware that the Trump clan’s connections to Russia are long and deep.  We know as well that it’s the financial connections through banks under investigation by both U.S. and European authorities for massive money laundering schemes that underpin Trump’s silence on the atrocities that Putin commits on a daily basis against his own people, ordinary Russians.  We know also that Russia is not a country that is a friend to the United States.  

We are not as dumb as you think we are nor are we as dumb as the Trump supporters who got him elected.  Although it may be difficult to discern “real” from “fake” news in this age of anti-facts as a result of Russia’s intrusion into our democratic institutions, we are willing to go the extra mile to figure out for ourselves the truth of news reports, the truth of Trump collusion, the truth about Jared Kushner and Michael Flynn and Roger Stone and Paul Manafort and all the other Trump Team players who have been highlighted in the bright spotlight of the media.  But here’s a warning.  Don’t keep underestimating our dedication to removing the Trump stain that has invaded our democracy like some deadly virus.   It may take us some time but our goal is clear.  Our shakable, iron clad, unstoppable goal is to right the egregious wrongs that the Trump Team has perpetrated on America whether it takes six months or a lifetime.

To  gain this end we will not waiver.


Have a Great Day Even If It Is Trumpland.    


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