I just happened to catch a documentary on Netflix called “Gasland” about the fracking industry.  Maybe I’m late to this, maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention.  But quite honestly I had no idea that fracking was as bad as it is, contaminating people’s wells, groundwater and aquifers, and apparently causing massive increases in the number of earthquakes.  What I did not know is how many people have become ill as a result of fracking.    This was the one revelation that shocked me. 

You might remember back in the 60’s and 70’s when our cities were smog havens, our rivers and streams served as dumping grounds for poisons from chemical companies and the earth was basically used as a giant dumpster in service to our industrial and manufacturing overlords.  Then along came the Environmental Protection Agency.  A couple of decades later and a bunch of new laws and regulations to clean up America with several billions of dollars, we made pretty damned good progress.  Around me, the Potomac River, un-swimmable and un-fishable when I first arrived in Washington, D.C., is now clean and unpolluted. 

Obviously, Trump’s War On The EPA and our environment is a very unwelcome assault on all the progress we’ve made so far, but it’s much more this this.  Sure, I’ve seen the news reports of the increase of small earthquakes in Oklahoma and Arkansas, the folks in Texas who took up arms against their neighborly gas fracking company who was poisoning them, their kids and their air and water and the failed efforts of local communities in Pennsylvania who lost a battle to have Chesapeake Gas Company pay for a new water line from a municipal supply 10 miles away since their ground and well water had been destroyed by fracking.  The Obama Administration, in its efforts to make America energy self-sufficient, promoted fracking and natural gas production and the gas companies were set loose across the land.    Now with the Trump Administration let loose, it looks as if we are in for a hell of a lot more of this destruction.  Oh, and by the way, methane that gas fracking companies burn is much worse than CO-2 in creating the greenhouse effect on the earth. 

You can’t remain neutral when folks hold lighters to their kitchen faucets and flames are generated.  You can’t remain neutral when a farmer’s well used to water his cattle bursts into flame thrower plumes of fire when a torch is applied to the running water.  You can’t remain neutral when young kids living in fracking zones suffer daily nosebleeds and have massively elevated levels of poisonous chemicals in their bodies.

You can’t remain neutral. 

Is there a means of making fracking safe?  Perhaps so.  But it isn’t now.  But you can get your last 401(k) dollar that it ain’t gonna happen under the Trump Administration.   You can probably kiss the Clean Water and  Clean Air Acts goodbye and no question that no more SuperFund monies will not be forthcoming.   In fact, Congress passed a law – informally called the “Halliburton-KBR Exemption” – to exempt fracking from the requirements of the Clean Water Act.  If you look at a map of the United States that shows where fracking is taking place, you might be surprised that it’s not only out West, but in Ohio, Virginia, New York and 18 other states across the U.S. 

 With no recourse – the gas fracking companies are huge and have endless legal resources to counter citizen lawsuits – many people have had to move from their homes.  Either that or risk the health of their families.  This is a tragic situation.   And dare I say it?  The longer Donald Trump is President and his Administration remain we are going to be constantly clobbered with more of his revenge campaign against everything Obama and everything liberal and progressive.  There is no question in my mind that he has adopted – so far in his first 100 days – an “agenda” that is anti-common folks, ripped from the pages of the most conservative policies we’ve ever seen and is going to put America further behind and more battered and crushed.  Except for the already wealthy, of course, just like him and his Goldman Sachs cronies.  Given that he has already reneged on dozens of his campaign promises – cheap, healthcare, The Wall, draining the Washington swamp, etc. etc. etc. – can you imagine what lies ahead? 

Great Day! Resist! 


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