Carter Page was fingered in a Washington Post article as being the subject of a FISA court order implicating him as a foreign agent.  If you’ve ever seen Cater Page on CNN or Fox or Bill Maher, you will know that this guy is one squirrely mutha fucker.  Sure, is he guilty of spying on behalf of Russia?  Who knows?  He claims that it’s all a big nothing burger.    But here’s the statement he released following the Post’s revelation:

"There have been various reports [about FISA documents and FBI surveillance of him]," Page said. "But I was so happy to hear that further confirmation is now being revealed. It shows how low the Clinton/Obama regime went to destroy our democracy and suppress dissidents who did not fully support their failed foreign policy. It will be interesting to see what comes out when the unjustified basis for those FISA requests are more fully disclosed over time, including potentially the Dodgy Dossier -- a document that clearly is false evidence, which could represent yet another potential crime."

What he’s saying, in essence, is the now-common Trump Administration line that “Obama Did It,” in Page’s formulation of this meme it’s more like “Susan Rice Did It!”  But in what seems to be now classic Page doublespeak, he goes on the blame the entire Clinton and Obama “regimes” for attempting to “destroy” and “suppress” America’s democratic institutions.  Not sure exactly what he’s referring to here.  Is it Donna Brazille’s passing debate questions to the Clinton camp during the Presidential campaign?  Is this it?  Or is it that the Clinton Campaign attempted to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign which, of course, has never ever happened in the history of U.S. Presidential campaign politics ever.  Is this it?  Me?  I'm confused.  

Given the media’s newfound dedication to providing us viewers with factual information rather than spending years of broadcast time on Trump’s “Birther” issue, the entire Susan Rice acted illegally in requesting that redacted names from classified reports, has been thoroughly debunked and was debunked in a couple of hours after Trump tweeted this lie to the rest of us.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that the bombing of that Syrian air base that left the runways unscathed and didn’t seem to harm Assad’s ability of his air force to put planes back in the air less that 24 hours after the “devastating” take-down of the air base, is still being touted on the mainstream media as Breaking News.  It’s not.  So far there doesn’t seem to have been any particular destruction of Assad’s military resources but was rather a kind of propaganda “side-reality-show” to appease Trump supporters but accomplishes little else of practical value.

And, here’s the kicker:  all of the latest rounds of “Obama Did It,” “Susan Rice is a criminal” “Trump destroys Syrian air base” – and it’s somewhat bizarre to say this – have all been in the vein of distractions from what is the most urgent issue facing the country today, Russia rigging the 2016 Presidential Election. 

Meanwhile, back at Trump Tower, let’s say, the wholesale destruction of the protections – regulations, let’s say – that protect us from ultimate and final impediments to total corporate rule of everything American proceeds apace.  In just one of literally thousands of backtracking elimination of such protections, is the Trump Administration’s lifting of the proposed ban on Monsanto’s use of chlorpyrifos, a chemical that is suspected of causing brain damage in children.  It’s used on crops from broccoli to cranberries and has been since the 1960's.  It will remain on the market for agricultural use. The EPA proposed in November 2015 under the Obama administration to permanently ban the chemical on food crops, citing potential risks to human health.   I suppose that next the Trump Administration will move to allow lead based house paint once again since who cares that kids eat paint ships that damage their brains. 

It’s one thing to allow the dumping of poisons into lakes and rivers generated by our coal extraction industries but it’s quite another bag of worms to allow chemicals that might cause brain damage in children to remain on the market.  This, of course – the possibility that lead and chlorpyrifos might cause brain damage – falls into the realm of scientific research and, therefore, is simply suspect.  After all, science is just an Alternate Set of Facts, right, and has absolutely nothing to do with the real world.  Even though the Trump Administration is out to destroy every liberal and progressive step forward we have made over the past couple of decades, wouldn’t any administration be cognizant of regulations that might go some distance to protecting innocent children from harm?  But apparently not in the Trump Administration.

 The irony of Trump’s “horror” of Syria’s Assad using Sarin gas on his countrymen including young children, apparently doesn’t extend to American children.  It’s really that simple.  On the one hand he exclaims his utter horror at all the “beautiful little babies” killed by Assad in Syria yet remains intent on putting our own American babies at risk right here in the United States of America by removing the very regulations that are designed to protect them from corporate harm.  But this is not surprising to me.  After all, Trump is our ultimate corporate president.  It is why he was elected – “we need a businessman as President” – and shows no sign of any similar concern for us as he has shown for the “beautiful babies” of Syria.

So then one can only conclude that Trump does not have some base line ideological or ethical concern for children since the children of Syria basically served as a propaganda prop for his ordering the bombing of one of Assad’s airbases and yet continues to put American children in harms way by eliminating rules and regulations to protect them.  But this too is classic Trump.  He has no moral or ethical fundamentals but only responds to transactional events and responds only to those that assist him in maintaining his Realty Show popularity with his supporters.  That’s all there is.  There is nothing more. 

Cater Page?  Let’s hope his is the keystone that unravels the entire shitstorm that is the Trump Administration. 

Seems To Me That All Children's Live Matter! But then I'm just a liberal out to destroy America.  


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