In reality it’s not surprise.  There were those of us during the campaign, and given the results of the election, we were in the majority, who understood that Trump wasn’t going to replace Obamacare with cheap health insurance we would all love or that he was going to make the best deals for us that we’ve ever seen.   As we close in on the Administration’s first 100 days, it’s looking more and more like Trump has pretty much reversed himself, done several 180’s and even a couple of 360’s as leader of the Free World.  But all this doesn’t really matter if you are a Trump supporter.  I mean chaos and bedlam is definitely a new ingredient on the Washington scheme of things so yes, he is shaking things up just as he said he would and just as he promised his supporters.  It remains to be seen where all of this “shaking things up” stuff will eventually lead.  Maybe just more chaos?

Now I will admit that Trump has had a success or two in a couple of areas – bombing Syria with Tomahawk missiles and Afghanistan with a giant MOAB – that the public has been more in sympathy with.   Remembering his campaign promise to keep the U.S. from becoming more entangled in the “mess” that is the Middle East his “success” in these two cases comes at the cost of another broken Trump promise. 

And so far, given that we’re not even at the 100 day mark, he has broken so many of his campaign promises that we’re all suffering from collective whiplash.  Oh, and then there’s Trumps “negotiating expertise” side where he’s threatened to cut off federal subsidies to our health insurance companies to force Democrats to support Trump/Ryancare.  To collapse Obamacare as it were.  Right.  But back to the string of broken promises.   Remember he promised to replace Obamacare as his first act if he was elected?  Yeah.  That went real well. 

Then there’s these:

Trump promised to create reform so that for every new regulation, two old regulations eliminated.
“I will formulate a reform that says for every new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated, so important.” [Video message, 11/21/16]
While some media outlets gave Trump credit for fulfilling this promise, he actually broke it. It does not actually require that two regulations actually be repealed, only that agency heads identify “at least two prior regulations” for elimination.
Trump promised to instruct Treasury Secretary to label China a currency manipulator and to apply tariffs.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Thursday that “we’re not making any judgments” at this time when asked about labeling China a currency manipulator.
Trump promised to protect “religious liberty.”
Trump as a candidate called for a total ban on Muslims entering the United States. Even though he subsequently walked that position back, his administration has attempted, through executive order, to implement a travel ban that is reportedly the best way for Trump to ban Muslims “legally.” His administration has promised to both fight current legal challenges facing the ban and introduce a revised order to avoid judicial scrutiny. He also declined, in three separate occasions in one week, to denounce anti-Semitism.
Trump promised to approve the Keystone pipeline and make a deal for 25 percent of profits in two minutes.
Trump signed an executive memorandum asking TransCanada to resubmit its application for the tar sands oil pipeline, but it will take much longer than the timeframe he described to approve it, much less winning a deal with a 25 percent profit share.
Trump’s executive order, signed on February 9, does not mention the death penalty, though it does direct the Justice Department to prosecute crimes against police officers and pursue legislation to make such attacks a federal crimeeven though FiveThirtyEight noted that some former police officers doubted the order’s efficacy. Still, Trump did not, and could not, issue the executive order he promised to issue.
Trump promised to tell the Dept. of Commerce to immediately review foreign trade practices that hurt the American worker.
Trump has issued no executive order or memo about this, and there are no public statements signifying he has told the Commerce Department to do this.
Trump promised to make policy decisions transparent.
International transparency watchdog groups have “serious concerns” over the approach already taken by the Trump administration when it comes to conflicts of interest. Other watchdog groups have flagged the secretive nature of Trump’s CEO advisory boards. The first law Trump signed removed a transparency rulefor Big Oil. Not to mention the subversion of transparency norms signaled by Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns and his campaign and administration’s dealings with Russia.
Trump promised to rarely leave the White House and not take vacation.
Trump has left the White House for three (sometimes long) weekends in a row to stay at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, FL in the first month of his presidency. 

Trump promised to apologize if wrong.
Trump and his administration lied at least 40 times in the first three weeks of his presidency. During a press conference last week, Trump overstated the scope of his electoral college victory. When given the opportunity in real time to at least acknowledge, if not apologize for, his wrong statement, he blamed someone else for the bad information, and did not apologize. The only time Trump publicly apologized for something during the campaign was when the video was released of him bragging about groping women using foul language, and Trump used the apology to pivot to an attack on Hillary Clinton.
Trump promised that his kids won’t do business deals during his term(s) in office.
Trump promised in January that his companies would not commit to new deals while he is in office. The Trump organization moved forward with a plan to expand its resort in Scotland a few days before Trump’s inauguration, and this month, Trump’s sons attended a lavish opening of a golf course in Dubai.  There is not much difference between renegotiating an existing deal, as in the Scottish example, and signing a new deal. Trump has deals still moving forward all over the worldin India and Indonesia, Uruguay and Canadaand the Trump organization can also revive deals that were previously dormant. Because Trump has not released his tax returns, it is impossible to know what deals Trump’s businesses actually have in place.
Trump promised not to make crazy comments as president.
Trump’s latest press conference was so full of odd comments that even a Fox News anchor called the president’s performance “crazy.”
Trump promised to set up a “private trust,” where he doesn’t know anything about his business.
Trump agreed to place some of his assets into a trust, but it is not blind, secret, independent, nor private. He will receive reports on how his companies are doing and can revoke the trustees at any time.
Trump promised not to settle the Trump University lawsuit.
“Now just so you understand, I could have settled this case a long time ago. I chose notI’m going to win the case in court, because I do that. I win cases in court. It’s a lawsuit. … I don’t believe in settling cases. I believe in winning cases.” [West Palm Beach, FL, 2/28/16]
In November, Trump agreed to settle the case for $25 million.
Trump promised to be “so presidential you won’t even recognize me.”

“My natural inclination is to win. And after I win, I will be so presidential that you won’t even recognize me. You’ll be falling asleep, you’ll be so bored.” [Washington Post, 4/2/16]
Whatever one may say about the president’s first month in office, it cannot be said that it has been a boring month, with Trump putting the nation to sleep with his presidential behavior. Millions of people around the world protested the day after his inauguration, and each new action by his administration has prompted even more civic engagement and protests.
There are a whole bunch more.  But what we can say about how Trump has carried out his Presidency thus far, is that in order to win the Presidential Election, he said anything and everything, made promise after promise, spouted lie after lie only to renege on most if not nearly all of them once he was sworn into office.  As has been pointed out before, politicians often promise things they will not deliver on but the very scale of Trump’s reversals is something we’ve never seen in out history. 
President Trump?  The Greatest Con Game In Our History!

Have A Great Day!



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