Of course, Trump, the Trump Team, Conservatives and Republicans would just as soon have us all turn on HGTV or MTV and simply forget about Russiagate, but for some strange, really weird, bizarre, and uncanny reason that I certainly can’t fathom, it looks like folks just aren’t ready to forgeda’ bout it.  Isn’t this odd?   Apparently, outside of Trumpland, there seem to be a whole bunch of Americans who are concerned about Russia hacking our Presidential Election.  Also, it looks as if our lamestream media has finally woken up to what their real jobs are: Investigating.   Rust Belters, of course,  are excepted, natch, since to them this is just the media undermining Trump and preventing him from implementing all those job creating policies.  You know, like killing the EPA.  Or allowing coal companies to poison our lakes, rivers and streams again.  Or maybe imposing taxes on Mexican imports of food and medical equipment.

 Every day seems to peel back another layer of Russiagate crimes onion.  Today, for example, the news outlets have proclaimed that our intelligence agencies have evidence of criminal collusion with Russian agents by Trump Campaign officials.  Really?  WFT?  What the hell is going on?  But remember, the FBI, CIA and NSA have been investigating Trump’s Russian connections since last July.  Think about this for a moment.  Trump has been under investigation for nearly ten months.  Two months shy of a year.  I guess it would have been nice if the FBI, CIA and NSA had done something about it before the Presidential Election but since I’m not an intelligence officer, I suppose this would have been against their rules and regulations or maybe agency protocol.  Or something.  Not only this, now we learn that that Gang of Eight were informed before the election that the FBI, CIA and NSA were investigating Russiagate.  Really?  So can someone tell me why it was the neither Republican or Democratic Gang of Eight members chose not to inform us about it?  See, this is what I mean about Democrats enabling Republican malfeasance for the past three decades.  I would expect Republicans to remain as tight-lipped as a Quahog Clam but Democrats too?  Really?   

Does it surprise ANYONE that Susan Rice has been blamed by the Trump fools of being the one behind the all the Obama Deep State meddling with The Donald’s trying to “Make America Great Again?”  That she is the one who ordered the spying of Trump and Trump Tower with “wiretapps?” No, of course not.  Apparently Trump and his minions once again have no fucking idea how government works or how our intelligence agencies operate.  Susan Rice, just for the record, was Obama’s National Security Advisor, just like Mike Flynn was until he was fired.  Susan Rice, natch, was a YUUUGE flashpoint for all the right wingers for the past eight years who basically wanted her burned at her stake.    Why?: BENGHAZI.  But the bottom line here, is that it was her job to evaluate the daily security briefs provided by the intelligence community.  Unmasking is part of her job.

This breathtaking lack of competence demonstrated by the Trump Administration is a marvel to behold.   Inept and seemingly unable to get out of its own way, the Trump folks don’t seem to be able to respond to any question without compounding the mess that prompted the question.  Or they simply proclaim “We are not talking about that.” a phrase that I don’t think I’ve ever heard stated so blatantly by any administration in my lifetime. 

But taking a step back from the daily onslaught of Trump Connections and Russiagate, if you think about what’s going on – and I admit it’s difficult with the daily exposures of one more Trump crony who’s lied or who hasn’t been fully forthcoming, or the latest “Obama did it” meme - what we are actually talking about is Trump people colluding with Russia to rig the Presidential Election of 2016.  This is not anywhere near the importance of Bill Clinton receiving a consensual blow job from Monica Lewinsky in the White House for which he was impeached (in reality Clinton’s downfall was that he would not state that he “had sexual relations with that woman” to a Grand Jury or that Nixon sicked the FBI, the IRS and the Justice Department to destroy his political enemies.  No.  What we are talking about here is whether or not Trump and his associates cooperated with Russian agents to rig the 2016 Presidential Election.  Not exactly comparable events in the history of the United State as they relate to Clinton or Nixon. 

It seems as if every single day there are more exposes about who and how Trump Team Members are embroiled in Russiagate.  Look, sure there is no definitive proof as yet that Trump’s minions colluded with the Russian agents but I’m not sure how it is that all these revelations add up to simply “coincidence.”  We will wait patiently for the proof, if there is any, but right now it certainly appears as if Trump and/or his minions did indeed cooperate with Putin’s Russia to rig the election.  This raises Russiagate to the level of a much larger scandal of truly epic proportions in our history.   Hijacking our Presidential Election is not exactly in the same ballpark as Clinton’s blow job or Nixon’s attempting to sidetrack election dirty tricks. 

The ever expanding tentacles of what appears to be the expanding web of Russian interference and influence in our election is something that we have never faced before.     



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