Happened to see six Trump supporters on CNN yesterday being interviewed about Trump/Russiagate.   Not at all surprisingly, all six maintained that way too much was being made of the Russian connections and election influencing and that they wanted everything to “settle down” and let Trump be President.  A bit surprising to me was the “everybody does it” regarding electronic spying, that is, - the U. S., China, Russia, Korea, etc. – “so what’s the big deal?”  Well, that much is true, as far as it goes.  Does the U.S. spy on Russia?  Yes.  On Germany? Yes.  But not since our interventions in Latin American elections attempting to keep brutal dictators in power at the behest of American multi-national corporations, I don’t think we’ve done what the Russians seem to have done in influencing our Presidential election.   To the Trumpettes it’s because Hillary Clinton lost the election and The Donald won.  Ah, no folks.  It’s a hell of a lot more than that.

What I think is astounding about the Trump supporters, is their abject cynicism or total ignorance.  I don’t know which it is.  Sure, they think that Democrats are as evil as Republicans.  But let’s look at a couple of things.  When was the last time Democrats proposed a health care bill that kicked 20 million people off their health insurance?  Never.  When was the last time Democrats cut EPA funding by one-third?  Never.  When was the last time a Democratic President had such deep ties to Russia?  Never.  When was the last time a Democratic ruled state enacted Voter ID disenfranchisement laws or defunded Planned Parenthood?  Never.

So, no, Trumpettes, both parties do not do evil in equal measure.  But this attitude, in fact, is precisely where we wind up when facts have no more weight than the latest conspiracy meme, like Pizzagate, for example.  Whether from cynicism or from ignorance these folks simply so not seem to realize that Russiagate is this nation's worst constitutional crisis since the Civil War.  To believe that “too much” is being made of this is simply an insult to the rest of us Americans.  

The other major part of Russiagate is the abject incompetence of the White House.  This is due mainly to the Tweeter President perhaps but it seems as if no one in the White House seems to understand how things actually work.  Particularly when it comes to the FBI, CIA, NSA and our other intelligence agencies.  Blaming Obama?  Flynn should get immunity from prosecution?  Passing classified documents to the Committee Chair on the White House grounds?  Giving FISA collected info to the Republican head of the Committee who’s investigating the Trump Team?  WTF?  What is going on? 

Its all pretty lame.  It’s all pretty Klown Kar.  I had no hopes that Trump would be removed from office but now I’m not so sure.  What will get Trump is not necessarily collusion with Russia (his Team Members are ripe for this, however) but what might do him in is obstruction of justice charges.  These, of course, would come from the FBI and be transmitted to the Attorney General for prosecution.  Who knows if this would ever occur with Sessions in charge.  I don’t see Jeff Sessions resigning as did Nixon’s Attorney General, Elliott Richardson, rather than acting on an illegal order from the President.   

What we know now is that the Russian influence over the Presidential Election was being investigated by at least last July.  Now does Trump’s ranting and raving about the FBI and the intelligence community – the latest being Trump’s accusation that Susan Rice committed a crime by unmasking names from classified documents - make more sense?  It does to me.

But here’s the bottom line for the Trump Supporters:  No.  It’s not because he won and Hillary didn’t.  Democrats and liberals are not trying to bring Trump down nor is there some Obama Deep State in the Federal Government trying to do the same.  No, we don’t like Trump.  We never did.  But we aren’t the ones trying to bring the Trump Administration to a halt.  

They seem to be accomplishing this end all by themselves and don’t seem to need any assistance from anyone else. 

Here's the right wing's view of Russiagate as illustrated by Michal Flynn:  

And here's how the some Americans responded to the bombing of Syria in many cities across the U.S.:

Take Care Everyone!  Things are heating up on all fronts!


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