Say what you will about Trump and his “Administration,” but he and his reality show assistants are providing us with daily doses of a lame-assed version of a Keystone Kops comedy.   When they aren’t threatening World War III, of course.   Remember when you were a kid at Six Flags and the Big Bear roller coaster was the scariest, most thrilling ride imaginable?  Yeah.  It’s kind of like that these days.

The latest “Breaking News Headlines” viz Trump and Company, is the news that Trump, Sean Chief Propagandist Spicer, Secretary of Defensiveness, Aston B. Carter, National Security Advisor, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, Navy Admiral Harry B. Harris, Jr. were all confirming that your President Trump had ordered the nuclear powered aircraft carrier, Carl Vinson, and it’s accompanying flotilla of two Navy destroyers and a cruiser to turn around and head for North Korea.  This forward deployment and “show of force” ordered by your President, according to Sean Spicer, was meant to send North Korea a powerful message.  “I think when you see a carrier group steaming into an area like that [the Sea of Japan], the forward presence of that is clearly, through almost every instance, a huge deterrence,” said Spicer.    

Immediately, the lamestream media was flooded with warnings of World War III, nuclear devastation and dire consequences for the planet from this move should North Korea not get the message that Trump was ready to take out Kim Jong-Un in short order.  Suddenly, old black and white footage of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis during John Kennedy’s administration was everywhere.  Fox News praised your President’s strong move and broadcast that “We are sending an armada” to the shores of North Korea.  This went on for a week after the April 12th announcement that the United States was sending the Carl Vinson into the Sea of Japan to make sure that Kim Jong-Un got the message that America is the most powerful nation on the planet and will not hesitate to use its nuclear arsenal against him if he doesn't shape up.   

One small problem has emerged, however.  No, there has been no mishap involving the Vinson and its strike force group.  No mid-ocean collisions, no navigational near-misses, no breakdown of the nuclear power plant, no stopping midstream for repairs to the kitchen.

Nope.  Nothing like that.  What happened is that the Carl Vinson was never on its way to park itself off the shore of North Korea within striking distance of Pyongyang.  Nope.  The Carl Vinson was steaming, not to the Sea of Japan, but down under to Australia on a long planned joint warfare exercise with the Down Under Navy folks.  Yup.  That’s right.  Never was there any sudden reverse course order turnaround.  Didn’t happen.   All those Trump Administration spokespersons proclaiming that the flotilla was heading for North Korea in a show of force?  Turns out that it was only a “show of farce.”  Apparently, all the Administration spokespersons were simply confused or as they are now calling it, engaged in an entirely understandable and forgivable “miscommunication.”  Or something.  Maybe Google can send the Trump Administration their Google Maps ap so that they won't mistake the Coral Sea with the Sea of Japan.  And, no, you can’t make this shit up!

Now we know that except for the Trump blunderbuss, we were never in any danger of World War III.  This time.  Now, it appears that the Carl Vinson has completed its Australian mission and is headed – vaguely – in a northwestward direction, more or less (Who Knows?) in the direction, maybe, near or maybe not, towards Kim’s missile stockpiles.   What we were treated to for a week is a Keystone Kops reality show that didn’t go as planned or at least didn’t go in the direction that we were being told it was going in.   In fact, I’m thinking that what happened was that the Trump Administration got confused between Real Reality and Alternate Set of Facts reality.  In one, nuclear war is a distinct possibility (Real Reality) but in the other (Alt. Fact Reality) it really doesn’t happen so we were never in any danger.  Not the slightest.   The entire episode ended last Saturday when the Navy posted a pic of the Carl Vinson sailing off the coast of Indonesia some 3,500 miles south  of the Korean Peninsula.   

It is too obvious, I suppose, to point out that this ridiculous propaganda ploy or mistake does have real world consequences?  Not World War III perhaps, but what happens when North Korea actually does lob a missile  towards Seoul or Tokyo, the U.S. announces that we are re-directing a bunch of nuclear powered aircraft carriers replete with accompanying strike forces to take out Kim Jung-Un?  Will any other nation believe us?  Or will they think, as this time, that it’s just some Trump Administration playful hi jinks and not really real? 

Who knows?  And this is the real problem.  At least here, in Real World Reality if not in Alt. Facts Reality.  Until now, until the Trump Administration, nations around the world – friends and foes alike – have relied on America’s word.  When we say we are going to invade Iraq even as a result of bogus evidence, that’s exactly what we do.  When John F. Kennedy told Nikita Khrushchev that the United States would attack Cuba and take out the missiles Russia had installed there, Khrushchev believed him and the missiles were removed.  Today?  Who the fuck knows?  With all the spontaneous, shoot from the hip “actions” Trump seems enamored of, all bets are off.

Yes, I know.  The Trump supporters will still love him.  But I’m thinking that if we are faced with more reality show style diplomatic and military actions that scare the bejesus out of us while damaging our trustworthiness overseas, his likability ratings, already at historic lows, might just plunge off the charts where no one can measure them.


Although Jon Ossoff did not win 50% of the vote in Georgia’s Ruby Red 6th District primary (he got 48%) to avoid a June runoff with the Republican vote leader, Karen Handel, his “win” was stunning.  This is the seat that propelled Trump apologist Newt Gingrich to Congress and has been held by Republicans for over thirty years.  Also, in Kansas’ 4th District special election last week where the Democratic candidate, James Thompson, lost to Republican Ron Estes by only 5%.  Remember that Kansas is home to ultra right winger, Governor Sam Brownback, and not some purple state like Virginia that flips from Red to Blue and back again.  Do we have a trend here?  Who knows?  But things are definitely looking up just a tad despite the fact that World War III might be a hell of a lot closer than we would like to think.  Or maybe not.  Who knows?

Have A Great Day Everyone!



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