For folks who are regulars to my blog, you know that I intersperse the phrase “WTF?” fairly regularly in my written screeds.  It serves my purpose in attenuating my outrage at the mouthings of conservatives like Paul Ryan or Rush Limbaugh and Republicans in general.  But I’ve come to realize that here in Trumpland, it just doesn’t do it.  This pithy phrase cannot convey my utter outrage and/or despondency in the face of Trump, his minions, his Team Members and the entire Trump Administration.  Consider for a moment the latest Washington Post revelation that Carter Page was the subject of a FISA court order to investigate him for being a foreign agent.  Carter Page?  Really?  Frankly I have no idea what role Cater Page might have played in the Trump Campaign but for the time being I can’t help but think that he, as opposed to let’s say Paul Manafort, Cory Lewandowski, and Mike Flynn, wasn’t exactly one of your top Trump Team members.  

This, natch, raises the question – at least in my nefarious liberal mind - that if Carter Page, a Trump minion who has already been described as having not even a marginal but an essentially irrelevant role in the election of Donald Trump by the Trump minions themselves, wasn’t a prime time player yet was targeted by the intelligence community as some sort of Russian spy/agent what the fuck does this mean for those folks who were solid with the Trump campaign and have tons of ties to Russia?  Look, say what you will about the procedures, the efficacy, the objectivity of FISA warrants, they are among the most stringent of actions the U.S. government can take when it comes to investigating domestic and foreign espionage.  And if Cater Page was the subject of an FBI, NSA and CIA investigation, what the fuck does this mean for the other Trump folks? 

What it means is that our intelligence agencies have been dong their jobs.  As far as I’m concerned, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that since the FBI, CIA and NSA have been investigating Russia’s hacking our 2016 Presidential Election, folks like Manafort, Flynn and Lewandowski were also subjected to FISA warrants and have been under investigation since July of last year if not earlier.  This extraordinary chain of events is at the very heart of the current Trump crises and has nothing to do with Syria or building a Mexican Wall or banning Muslims from entering the country but with the allegations that Russia directly interceded in our election process. 

All of this business about Syria, Tillerson’s trip to Moscow, Putin’s meeting with Tillerson, “Has the Russian reset gone south?”  “Have our relations with Russia soured?”  “U.S. blames Russia for Sarin gas attacks.”  “Russia blames U.S. for Syria mess,” looks to me as if it’s just more smoke and mirrors to keep us away from the underlying premise that we may have a President who illegitimately won the Presidency due to Russian rigging.  If I were managing Trump’s media output, wouldn’t I want to be sure that there were a hundred stories out there about how bad the U.S. relations with Russia are right now?  Absolutely!  This is what the media is covering.  This is what we’re talking about.  What we are not talking about is Russia rigging our Presidential Election.  WTF? Sean Spicer, by the way, seems like just your natural cypher for distracting headlines since almost daily he manages to come up with some statement or other that causes moral outrage around the country.  But we aren’t talking about Russia rigging our election, are we?  WTF?

While the media and us tend to get caught up in the daily “Breaking News Headlines” that Trump and his Administration seem to generate like a rapidly spreading Ebola virus, underlying all of the Trump Tweets, headlines, backstories and daily Sean Spicer faux pas, is the Russian influencing of our elections.  The constant drip, drip, drip of more and more Trump-Russian influence and connections revealed by the press is the prime story: A Foreign Government Interceded In Our 2016 Presidential Election and Rigged It In Favor of Trump.”  And this is where words utterly fail.   It’s where the expression “What The Fuck?” is insufficient to express my personal outrage over what’s happening to our country.  

NOTE:  All the swirls and twirls of the Russia/Syria/Tillerson/Putin dance of distraction can’t hide the fact that Trump and his Administration continue to shred just about every good regulation that’s been enacted over the past three decades.  This has been going on behind the scenes, absent from the glare of the media’s “Breaking News Headlines” and quietly but methodically since he was certified as the 45th President.  I call it the “Revenge On Liberals Project” since allowing Monsanto to continue spraying our vegetables with a poison that is implicated in children’s brain damage is pretty much all this is.  Revenge.  

As I noted at the top of this post, “WHAT THE FUCK?” simply no longer conveys the level of outrage and anger I feel about this fucking Klown of a President.

Take Care Folks!  And wash those veggies!    

P.S. Some Good News!  That special election in Ultra Red State Kansas yesterday?  Some VERY GOOD NEWS since the unknown Democrat, first time running for office, lost this calcified Red District Seat by only 7%.  Trump won this Congressional District with 70% of the vote.  Let's hope that this continues around the country! 


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