By Mark Sumner
Daily Kos
April 6, 2017

The words “tangled web” might have been coined to describe the mixture of contradictory claims, vague statements, unrelated issues, and plain old lies that have defined Devin Nunes’ public appearances over the last month. That was true even before he jumped from a car, paid a secret visit to the White House, and held a late night confab White House officials about the best way to derail the intelligence committee’s Russia investigation.
In his snarly statement on Thursday morning, Nunes opened with a claim about why he was giving up his role as the biggest roadblock to making progress in the investigation.
“Several left-wing activist groups have filed accusations against me with the Office of Congressional Ethics.”

Yeah. About that. The Office of Congressional Ethics, which Republicans attempted to eliminate earlier in the year, does accept complaints from outside groups—and some have certainly been filed about Nunes’ actions. But what Nunes is actually facing is an 18(a) investigation by the House Ethics Committee. That committee doesn’t listen to outside groups, left wing or otherwise. They deal with issues raised by other members of Congress. For Nunes to be under investigation by this committee, at least one Republican member of the committee had to agree there was an issue.
The reason that Nunes is being investigated is because of what he did twice during the day following his nighttime skulk about the White House—hold press conferences.
… he is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for allegedly disclosing intelligence without proper authorization.
Devin Nunes is under investigation for leaking classified information. That’s what his bye-bye note fails to mention.

So now we get Conaway.
A Texas lawmaker on the House intelligence committee says it wasn't just the Russians who interfered in last year's election.
Rep. Mike Conaway, R-Midland, is comparing the use of Mexican entertainers to energize Democratic voters to the email hacking that officials say was orchestrated by Vladimir Putin's government.
“Harry Reid and the Democrats brought in Mexican soap opera stars, singers and entertainers who had immense influence in those communities into Las Vegas, to entertain, get out the vote and so forth,” Conaway told The Dallas Morning News this week. “Those are foreign actors, foreign people, influencing the vote in Nevada. You don’t hear the Democrats screaming and saying one word about that.”
Obviously a completely fresh and unbiased point of view.

NOTE: I’m not sure what to make of Nunes.  Is he simply a Trump loyalist who wanted to protect his buddy Trump?  Is he trying to prevent the House Intelligence Committee from doing their work?  Is he a secret Russian agent working to undermine our democratic institutions?

Don’t know.  But one thing for sure is that Nunes actions key quite nicely with the actions of Trump and all his spokespersons and all the Trump Team minions.  When this whole Russiagate thing started, it seemed pretty far fetched that Russian operatives actually swayed – rigged? – the Presidential Election.  But, all right, we’ve gone past that.  Yes, according to 16 of our intelligence agencies (Damn!   Why so many?) have the goods on all the means by which Putin’s Russia actually did influence the election.

Then came rumors that there was a Trump Team member (or two) who might have had discussions with the Russian Ambassador  about removing the sanctions Obama had put in place (and kicking 30 Russians out of the country) after the election influence revelations.  This is apparently how Flynn got canned.  Well, after that, it became known that it wasn’t one or two folks who might have been actively cooperation and colluding with Russia, but “many” including members of Trump’s family.  Following these revelations we started getting wind of a whole bunch of financial connections between Trump Team Members, Trump’s Family, Trump’s Transition Team, and Trump Agency Heads – the rumors had grown into a full scandal even bigger than Watergate.

Naturally, Trump blames Obama. 

So in the midst of all this truly amazing shit flying around the atmosphere, we have Nunes, you know, the guy who’s in charge of investigation Russiagate from the House side,  who runs to the White House to first pick up some hot classified intel and then returns to let Trump see it.  Trump, the very person the Committee is investigating! 

And finally, after more than a week, he steps down telling the press that he’s stepping back from the investigation because “left wing groups,” your basic catch-all by Rush and the right wingers to provide cover.  But he recused himself only AFTER it was disclosed that the House Ethics Committee is investigating him for breaking the law by disclosing official intelligence without proper authorization.

And think about:  Nunes blames us liberals for the reason he stepped down.  This is a Congressman.  This is not Rush Limbaugh or Ale Jones.   And in this atmosphere where liberals and progressives are blamed for the failure of a Congressional investigation we're supposed to be "coming together" and "healing the wounds of the country?"  Right.

In the end, I suppose, who cares.  He’s out of the loop. 

Have A Great Day! 



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