House Benghazi Committee Had 46 Staffers. Senate Intel Committee Has 7 On Kremlingate Probe.

Let’s cut through the bullshit.  So when Republicans were out to slime Hillary Clinton over Benghazi they staffed up the House Committee to the max but now that Trump is the one in the crosshairs they can’t seem to step up to the task?  And let’s all remember that absolutely NOTHING came out of the multi-million dollar, seven hearing, years long Benghazi hearings what wasn’t available to all of us when the State Department’s “Accountability Review Board Report” was issued in December of 2012 just three months after the attack.   (BTW, it's a great read.)  On the other hand, we are treated to a stream of new and damaging revelations about the Trump Team’s involvement with Russia in rigging the 2016 Presidential Election nearly every day.  Really?  WTF!  So a terrorist attack on a consulate in Libya that resulted in the deaths of our Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stephens and three others is vital to our “national security” – as Trey Gowdy (R- SC) put it - yet the intrusion of a foreign government into our national elections doesn’t warrant a full staff of House Committee investigators?  Really?  Now, there is no question that the deaths of Americans in some North African rogue nation is certainly “Breaking News Headlines” in the mainstream media, but  rigging a United States Presidential election seems pretty damned important.  At least to me.  And the majority of Americans. 

Yet Republicans don’t seem all that anxious to figure out the Who’s, What’s, Where’s, When’s and Why’s about Russian rigging of a U.S. election.  This, of course, is SOP for Republicans since they will take any measure to ensure their predominance in American politics.  Give me a list of Blue States who have enacted Voter ID laws that disenfranchise minority voters.  Give me a list of Democratic run states that have criminalized our First Amendment Rights to protest.  Give me a list of Blue States who have enacted legislation to prevent cities from enacting higher minimum wage and LGBT laws like the North Carolina state legislature did.   Give me a list of Blue states that have banned funding for Planned Parenthood.  Or maybe give me a list of states who have criminalized (felonized) the efforts of folks to expose the cruel practices of our chicken, beef and lamb industrial conglomerates?   

You can’t, can you?  No, of course you can’t because there aren’t any.  This whole bullshit about how Democrats and Republicans do the same things is just a lie.  It’s a propaganda meme that has no basis in reality.  Unsupported by facts and data.   States led by Democrats have not enacted such legislation.  Only Red State legislatures have.  But from the lamestream media we keep on hearing apologist apologies for what are, in fact, egregious assaults on liberal and progressive policies to say nothing of on our Constitutional rights.  Democrats are certainly not immune to criticism but there is just no comparison between what anti-liberty, anti-freedom Republicans have achieved over the past decades and the tepid efforts of Democrats to counter such efforts which have been totally ineffective.  Sure, liberals and progressives have won the battles for same sex marriage and the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (about to be dismantled by the Trump Administration) and decriminalizing marijuana use in half a dozen states but we have lost the larger war.  No question.  Conservative, Republican and corporate dogma have prevailed and this is the prime reason why we are now under the destructive, anti-American, anti-Constitutional Trump Administration.

It goes back to the Reagan Administration.  And while this might be ancient history to some of my readers, it is where the long, slow slide to Trumpland began.  Unlike JFK and Lyndon Johnson to say nothing of the Jimmy Carter Administration, Reagan perfected the “Big Lie.”  He used propaganda like no President before him.  It was simply telling America the big lie that, if you repeated it enough, folks would believe it.  Sound familiar?  Sure.  It’s “Breitbart’s” and “Infowars” modus operandi that our current President relies on for his news.  But Reagan positioned himself as "America’s Granddaddy," the wise, old man who spouted wisdom every time he opened his mouth.  But much of his comforting homilies were simply lies.  His economic program?    “Cutting Taxes Creates Jobs.”  “Government Isn’t The Solution; Government Is The Problem.”  “Government Regulations Kill Jobs” “Unfettered Free Market Capitalism Will Take Care Of You.”   If these sound familiar, they should be.  Every single Republican candidate in 2016 (John Kasich partially excepted) ran on these very same policies.   They ran on them not only during our last Presidential Election but every single Presidential Election since 1980.  That’s 26+ years of conservative policy, folks, that we’ve been ruled by.  Is it any wonder that we are so totally fucked?

You need look no further to see how much the so-called liberal agenda has been squelched and the conservative one has ruled for three decades than to take a quick glance at Trump’s so-called Tax Reform proposal.   Nothing could be clearer.   Not only has nothing changed since Reagan was President, it’s gotten much worse. 

    NOTE:  The chart above?  Wait until you see it if the Trump "Tax Reform Plan" is enacted!  

Have A Loving Day!  

PS:  The image at the top of this post?  It's fake.  It's not Ambassador Stevens.  So is the text.  It's fake.  Never happened. 



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