So your President accused President Obama of wiretapping him.  Actually, of wiretapping his phones in Trump Tower to be more accurate.  I mean, this is a pretty serious accusation probably as serious if not more so than Nixon using the FBI and the IRS to go after his political opponents which actions, let's recall, Barack Obama has been accused of doing for eight years or so.  You and me, if you’re a member of rational American society, understand that Trump’s latest foray into conspiracy world, is just so far beyond the pale of anything reasonable, rationale and existing in the real world, as to be laughable.  But, if you have been following Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones and all the other right wing media types during the Obama Administration, you would not have single doubt that Trump is right!  Here’s why:

Obama was not born in America but in Kenya, therefore, Obama cannot be trusted since he is not a true American and has no loyalty to America.   

Obama is a secret Muslim, so Trump’s travel ban has angered Obama to the point of apoplexy.

Obama is the most criminal President in all United States history so “wiretapping” would be no big deal (Yuge!) for him. 

Obama hates America and worked for eight years to destroy the country so he’s just continuing his mad quest against Trump.

Obama is the master of manipulation and undercover malfeasance so obviously his Shadow Deep State Secret Government is the real deal.

Obama paid Federal Government employees prior to his departure from Washington to secretly work on behalf of him to destroy Trump.

Obama is a member if the liberal elites (Harvard!) and as a result cannot understand how real Americans are struggling to feed their children. 

Obama, Michelle, Malia and Sasha aren’t really people but orangutans dressed up in human costumes. 

Yes, I made this last one up. At least the “costumes” part.  The orangutan part I have heard over and over and over again.  But back to Trump’s wiretapping claim.  

What Trump can’t seem to get through his head, is that despite his resplendent, riotous and raucous rallies, America is not with him.  Sure, he thinks that he has the bulk of the American populace cheering his every move but this is simply delusional.  Of course since he believes that his crowds at his inauguration far exceeded the attendance of Obama’s inauguration and that the world wide Woman’s Protest that attracted a couple of million participants, didn’t actually happen.  They were simply concoctions of the left wing, liberal effete media. 

It’s difficult to joke about all of this particularly since the right wing media is very serious about how “Trump could be right.  After all Obama, a Black man, was a very devious and dishonest character and couldn’t be trusted” which is exactly what I heard Rush say just a few days ago while he was blathering on about how the Obama Shadow Government was the reason Trump was acting so stupidly dumb (My term, not his.) 

And, the right wing media folks dismiss out of hand ANY “Russian connections,” ANY thoughts of Trump’s Russia ties,” and ANY need for ANY investigations since all of this is simply the liberal media and liberal elites trying to do Trump in.   “Of course,” Rush blasts across the airwaves, “you haven’t seen a shred of evidence of any Russian or Putin connection have you?  That’s right because there aren’t any.”  

I was quite willing to think that it was a Yuge stretch to think that Trump and/or his henchmen were involved in Russia’s hack or that they were aiding and abetting Russia’s attempts to influence the Presidential election.  But it seems that every day out pops another Russian nested doll with a note saying “I Am Not A Crook!” for more and more of the Trump Team and Trump Associates.  Frankly, now I’m beginning to believe that there really was/might be a Russian destabilization campaign working to undermine our country.  This is not a pleasant thought even as I have been and will continue to be dead sent against the orange-haired-bobble-headed-dashboard-doll who now occupies the White House. 

The sooner this man and all his lying, spying henchmen are out of D.C. the better. 


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