We Baby Boomers cannot help but draw comparisons between what’s going on now with the Russian meddling into the 2016 Presidential Election and Watergate.  It occurs to me that younger folks will not understand the comparison except for the fact that in both Watergate and Russiagate the nation is faced with some degree of peril.  It is not without a keen sense of irony that both scandals involve intrusions into the Democratic Headquarters, storehouses of information if three decades apart in time.  But the “third rate burglary” of the DNC headquarters in Washington's Watergate complex next to the Kennedy Center on the banks of the Potomac River, is a mere blip in the history of the nation. Russiagate is an entirely different kettle of fish with far reaching implications for the nation.   

Watergate had a series of heroes public officials and private actors like Bob Woodward and  Carl Bernstein and Attorney General Elliot Richardson, his deputy, William Ruckleshouse, Sam Ervin, John Dean, Alexander Butterfield and Special Prosecutor, Archibold Cox.  But so far Russiagate has spawned nothing but traitors among them James Comey and Devin Nunes.  Nixon’s betrayal of American ideals and morality was an internal matter and it was our internal institutions that did him in.   With Russiagate, we are facing a threat for which there are no institutions – save the court system, perhaps – that are working on our behalf or working to actually get to the truth about how Russia was able to do what it did. 

This threat is not driven by Nixonian pettiness and venality although one of the actors in Russiagate, Donald Trump, seems to operate from the very same paranoia and vengeance for perceived wrongs.   After House of Representatives witch hunts over the IRS, Benghazi and Clinton e-mails, I certainly have zero trust that Republicans will be willing to put partisan politics aside and conduct a thorough and wide ranging investigation into Watergate.  It simply is not going to happen.   I suspect that I am not alone in my assessment  and I suspect there are more Americans who feel as I do than do not.

In the absence of any reliable institutional means to uncover malfeasance associated with Russiagate, it is “we the people” who must undertake this effort.    After James Comey announced that the FBI was re-opening their Hillary investigation because of the discovery of a new batch of Anthony Weiner’s e-mails ten days before the election and not seeing fit to also announce that Trump and his associates were being investigated for collusion with Russia in hacking the election, I just don’t trust Comey.   Just last week House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunes, ran to Donald Trump and revealed classified information that he had viewed about Russiagate, information about the FBI and/or the NSA’s investigations into the Trump Campaign's involvement in assisting Russia in its election altering activities, I don’t trust him either. 

You’ve all heard for years now, right wingers yapping about how “we the people” are not being heard, about how “we the people’s” agenda is being ignored.  What they mean, of course, is that it was us liberals and progressives who were being listened to rather than them and it was the liberal and progressive agenda that was being implemented rather than theirs.  This is an incredibly hot load of horsehit.  Mentally ill people can buy guns now?  EPA Budget cut by one third?   Healthcare initiative that cuts 24 million from the healthcare rolls?  Sure, Obama did make progress in implementing our agenda though a massive series of Executive Orders and tighter agency rules but never was any legislation passed that would have cemented such changes into law.  All of these Obama gains are now being dismantled by Trump and the Trump Administration in rapid order.  We all know it.

But in what I can only think was a massive shock to conservatives, Trumpettes and republicans, “we the people” turned out in massive numbers to protest Trump's inauguration in demonstrations all around the country.  The “resist” campaign, by “we the people” that began on January 20, 2017, has already had some success.  Protests against the Muslim Travel Ban has been stymied by the courts, Trump’s budget proposals has caused massive pushback at Senators’ and Representatives’ town hall gatherings all around the country, and the biggest success thus far is our outrage and vocal protests bashing  the Trump/Ryan Deathcare bill.  We the people defeated this cruel and outrageous piece of Republican legislation, no one else.  This time around, “we the people” are actually ordinary Americans and not pseudo-patriots funded by the Koch Brothers and led by the Heritage Institute's or the American Enterprise Institute's ideology.  And our strength lies in our numbers because our coalition of liberals, progressives, Blacks, Latinos, Gays, multi-ethnics, and our diverse population far outnumbers the white, Rust Belt, Trump voters.   We must remember this because the right wing media will tell you every single day that just isn't so.  

We should feel very proud of what we have achieved so far only 60+ days into the scurrilous Trump Administration.  Our voices, our protests, our resistance, our calls, our e-mails were successful.  But we now must take on an even bigger and far more important campaign: Russiagate.   As I see it, unlike back in the 1970’s and the Watergate era, we no longer have institutions that we can rely on to investigate the truth about whether or not the Trump Campaign aided and abetted Russia’s rigging our Presidential Election.  Whatever you may believe about Hillary Clinton, never forget that Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential Election as a result of Russian meddling.  Nothing that we have faced in our history is remotely as threatening to our democracy as Russiagate, save the Civil War.  The task of rescuing our country from the clutches of the illegal, immoral and downright cruel Conservatives and Republicans, is up to us.  It is now in our hands.  Up to us: “We The Real People” who actually give a damn about our fellow Americans irrespective of race, religion, color, creed or national origin and care about their well being no matter how poor and We The Real People who understand that a foreign government has interfered in our elections and we demand answers.      

 NOTE:  Just in case you have forgotten, Russia is not a democracy and is ruled with violence by an iron fisted dictator:  Vladimir Putin. 

Keep On Resisting!  We Have Everything To Lose!



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