All right then.  So now we’ve seen the orange haired dashboard bobble doll act Presidential.  This was a major hurdle that Trump had to overcome in order to legitimize his popular vote loss.  He passed.  But for Herr Trump, however, “acting Presidential” means not tweeting ridiculous, barely literate, 140 character messages at 5AM in the morning, or calling Rosie O’Donnell a fat bitch, or banning Muslims to prevent Islamic jihadist terrorists from entering the country from foreign countries who’ve never perpetrated terrorist attacks here in the United States or allowing coal companies to poison our lakes and streams with abandon again.   This, forgive me if I’m a bit disdainful, is not a terribly high bar to breach.  He didn’t sound clearly insane nor did he come across – as he usually does – as a bombastic klown struggling to speak and think simultaneously.  When asked in post-speech polls, as all the cable television networks did,  “Do you think that Trump’s speech was uplifting/positive/Presidential/encouraging?” folks did, of course, say “Yessir!” since it was so different from his normal daily crazy mouthings that are typically insulting, disdainful, divisive and vapid or don't make any sense at all. 

So I’ll wait and see what happens over the next couple of days to see if the new Presidential Trump will last.  My bet is a solid NO!  But I will bet the ICE dragnet will continue unabated.

There was, if you saw the speech, not a single detail of how all the great and wonderful things Trump wants to do – manufacturing jobs, infrastructure rebuilding, reducing Chicago’s murderous crime rate – which has been a signature characteristic of Trump since he began his campaign.   Then again, this speech before Congress was designed to “reset” his in-the-tank approval ratings that he’s had since his inauguration.    This speech before a joint session of Congress was an attempt to boost his horrible ratings as if he were in some reality show like The Apprentice.  Trump is, by any definition, a Reality Show President salivating over praise and popularity rather than in accomplishments and achievements.  In fact, he received the most prolonged applause when he used the death of Chief Petty Officer William Ryan as a prop to improve his ratings but whose death he is largely responsible for (but he blames the military for the total disaster that was the Yemen raid) in one of the most disgusting pieces of maudlin theater I’ve ever seen. Green-lighted over dinner with his Chief of Staff, Deconstructionist Steve Bannon and son-in-law Jared Kusnher, the Yemen raid was a disaster from any standpoint you want to take.  It’s not unusual for Presidents to honor soldiers who have died in battle, but the way in which Trump milked Ryan’s death for his own aggrandizement was shockingly egocentric and incredibly narcissistic.  

But in other Breaking News Headlines:

Justice Department steps away from prosecuting Texas Voter ID law allowing discrimination with razor sharp accuracy against minorities, as one court declared, to continue. 

Justice Department backs off monitoring of police departments because it reduces their “effectiveness” thereby allowing cops to shoot and kill unarmed Black men and children with impunity once again. 

The CIA had made arrangements to pay former MI-6 spy Christopher Steele who had prepared the infamous “dossier” on Trump’s Russian “activities.”  The arrangement fell apart when the media discovered and published the fact that the intelligence agencies had evidence of Russian involvement in the Presidential election.   

Trump finally mentions the hate crime shooting death of Indian American Srinivas Kuchibotla in Kansas a week after he was killed by Adam Purinton who yelled for Srinivas to “get out of the country.”  Better late than never?

Trump says that it's the military and intelligence community who are responsible for the death of SEAL William Ryan in an astounding repudiation of the Presidential mantra that "the buck stops here" - at the President's Oval Office desk.  

Republican Congress holds a hearing today to investigate illegal aliens who have murdered Americans while being undocumented.  Never mind that the number of Americans killed by illegal aliens is probably less than the number of potentially inhabited planets scientists have discovered in the entire universe. 

Justice Department rescinds Obama Title IX “guidance” on transgender bathroom use, thereby requiring inspectors to be stationed at public bathrooms to check genitals of users to be sure that they are using the bathroom that corresponds to their birth sex.

Trump decries hate crime activities (knocking over gravestones, phoning in bomb threats to day care centers and Jewish community centers) in Presidential speech but after embracing a conspiratorial theory that they were being caused by liberals and progressives to embarrass him.  

And Finally:

One topic that Trump did not address?  Russian hacking, Russian election influence and Russian/Trump connections.  But take a look at this piece (it’s about 20 minutes long but worth it) from Rachel Maddow and think long and hard about the four years long Benghazi investigations that unearthed nothing.  

During the Bernstein/Woodward Washington Post investigation into the break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at Watergate, Deep Throat (the Nixon official who was feeding the Post reporters info) advised Carl and Bob to "follow" the money.  This is exactly what they did with the spectacular results that ended with the resignation of Nixon.

There is absolutely no question in my mind that Trump’s “priorities” are to dismantle (destroy) every liberal and progressive advance that has been made over the past thirty years.  (Achieved, I might add, through enormous battles with the radical right wing and the Religious Fundamentalists.)  This agenda perfectly matches the whiney wishes of his Rust Belt supporters who also believe like Rush Limbaugh that liberals and progressives are (have) destroying (destroyed) the country.  (One-Wordlism, multi-culturalism, civil and human rights, Black Lives Matter, Climate Change, Health Care, All You Need Is Love, etc.)  If you look at a list of Trump’s efforts thus far what emerges clearly is an extremely anti-liberal bent that could have been composed by the radical right wing Freedom caucus.  You can probably thank Steve Bannon and Steve Miller for this great achievement.    

After Trump’s “Presidential speech” last night, I wondering how long it’s going to be before we see the real Trump in action as opposed to the teleprompter Trump we saw last night.  I’ve give him until this weekend.

Keep Investigating!  Keep Resisting!  



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