There is simply no way to not collapse to the floor in orgiastic gales of laughter over this statement from our President! The reasons are ripe and many:  1) How can he call it a witch hunt when his fellow Republicans are refusing to undertake a thorough, in-depth, searching for the truth, getting to the bottom of things “Benghazi Style” Congressional investigation? Nothing’s been done yet.  2) It seems that there was a waiting line of Trump surrogates several days long who wanted to speak to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.  3) Thus far as time has progressed (at least in our world and not the Alternate Set of Facts world) more of the Trump Campaign Team have been outed as having had one/a couple/several/many/exchanges/a shitload of chats/talks/discussions/confessions with several Russian officials during the campaign.   Apparently they had to form a single line and take numbered tickets like at your local bakery to keep everyone from mobbing Ambassador Kislyak and crushing him.  4) Jeff Sessions is spinning his confirmation testimony like a kid's toy top. He’s saying one or more of the following:  (a) it was a mistake; (b) he misunderstood Franken’s question; (c) he thought he was answering another question that Senator Al Franken (D-MN)  didn't ask in the Alternate Set of Facts world; (d) he experienced a brief brain-fart just before opening his mouth; (e) he admitted that he can’t hear a bloody thing without his hearing aid, a secret he has not revealed to the public; (f) as an attorney he gets to lie to Congress while rest of humanity (including Hillary Clinton) does not.   

All of this “stuff” is just getting diceier and diceier with every passing day.  Even a week ago I would have bet my entire 401(k) on the premise that Trump would NOT be impeached.  Now, I’m not so sure.  One thing though, it will have to be a recorded conversation or some other direct and incontrovertible proof that Trump himself actually promised Putin to remove sanctions, agreed to allow Russian to absorb the Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and France as a formation of a new country to be called “Greater Russia” or a video of Vlad fornicating Trump in the ass in some Moscow hotel room.  All right, all right.  The last is just too far out to imagine.  (Unless, of course, we are talking of an Alternate Set of Facts universe where this shtupping actually did take place.)  But absent such hard core evidence, Republicans will remain overjoyed that they can gleefully go about implementing their “ultimate destruction of America at all costs” plan while braying that they are simply protecting America’s working and middle classes. 

You know what government agency is not going fare well in all of this?  The FBI.  In fact, it was after FBI Director Comey briefed the Senate Intelligence Committee last week in a closed door, secret, session that I began to think that hell, yes, maybe impeachment is in the offing.  Why?  Well typically after such secret meetings, Senators emerge and adopt an attitude of “nothing much to see here,” drop hints about what was said and generally go around reassuring the American public that all is well.  This time?  The absolute, impenetrable, wall of silence when they emerged from the briefing was telling.  It means that they learned much, much more than they had anticipated.  And it was bad news.  Even now, a week later, Adam Schiff (D-CA) is demanding that the FBI give the Intelligence Committee all of the info they have collected thus far from the FBI’s investigations.  This is not a good sign.  (Well, yes it is for those of us who detest Trump.)

Those of you who were sentient during the Watergate Hearings will remember that it was one Alex Butterfield, a White House Deputy Assistant to Nixon, who revealed during testimony before Congress, that Nixon had installed a recording system in the White House to record his every word for posterity.  It was this revelation that sealed Nixon’s fate.    Now think about Trump’s call to Putin following his election.  It’s been revealed that Trump (presumably an aide) turned off the recording system.  Why?  What was it that Trump said to Putin (or vice versa) that Trump did not want anyone to know about?   Sure, under normal circumstances one would think nothing of it.  But, with all the Russian contacts stuff floating around, the resignation of Michael Flynn, Manafort’s removal from the Trump Campaign, Jeff Session’s recusal, and the on again off again rumors that Trump associate Carter Page and others also met with the Russian ambassador, the question still is "What the fuck is going on?"  By the way, you must see CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s interview with Carter Page last night.  It’s priceless! And supremely cringe worthy.

But hey, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not on some “Trump Witch Hunt” like Republicans have been on Hillary since the last ice age retreated from Europe.  No, no.  I’m not.  I will admit that my heart would sing “God Bless America” if Trump were forced from office before his four years of revenge against liberals is over.   But for the moment, I’m enjoying the mess, chaos and anarchy that is the Trump Administration. 

Have A Great Day!  And hang in there!


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