If you’re not familiar with the term “Trump Effect,” it’s basically the rippling waves of impacts around the country (and the world) as the Trump Administration goes about the business of governing and implementing their policy agenda.  With Obama, such impacts included the reform of our justice system and the largest increase in alternate energy sources in our history.  With Trump the effects are just a bit different.  We all know about the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol roundups of illegals and the destruction of the Environmental Protection Agency.   These, one could argue, are the positive “Trump Effects” at least if you are a Trump Rust Belt supporter who wants a job picking lettuce from 7AM until 7PM each day under a broiling sun for $2.50 an hour.  There are, however, what I’ll call the intended “unintended consequences" of Trump’s bully pulpit power that he and every President possesses and uses to influence the "mood" of the country.

The shooting death of Indian-American Srinivas Kuchibhotla and the wounding of two of his Indian friends by “Get Out Of My Country” American patriot Adam W. Purinton? The Trump Effect.  The marked increase of White, nationalist hate groups over the past year or so? The Trump Effect.  The detaining of the entire passenger load by ICE of a Delta airlines flight from San Francisco to JFK until they produced valid ID's?  The Trump Effect.   So along with all the positive Trump effects rolling across the country there are some not so great and wonderful Trump Effects too. 

One of the signs that the Trump Effect is working its magic across America, is the latest kerfluffle over Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  An Irish-themed  tradition in Boston since 1737, the organizing committee has decided to ban a group called “Out Vets” although they have participated in the annual parade before.  The reason?  Well it seems as if Out Vets sport a small rainbow patch on their uniforms that for some reason the St. Patrick’s Organizing Committee (in reality “The South Boston Allied War Veterans Council")  have decided this year - although NOT in past years - is just way too flamboyant for Boston's St. Patty’s Day Parade.   The Out Vets group has received the go ahead for the past two years but, of course, that was under the Obama Administration.  The Trump Effect.

Here’s the “reason” the South Boston council decided that this year they simply can no longer tolerate Out Vets' participation:  “We will not allow the advertisement or display of one’s sexual orientation as a topic that should in any way be depicted as a theme of our parade.”  They concluded that the display of a rainbow pocket patch was just too dangerous a provocation for the general public to be exposed to.  This decision, of course, could logically apply to the "My Little Pony" float too whose inclusion this year would severely impact the 4 to 12 year old set.  Even Disney, as we all know, promotes LGBT causes via it’s animated films, nearly all of which openly display rainbows in one or more scenes.  Let’s call the Vets Council decision an intended unintended consequence of the administration’s law and order anti-transgender campaign.  The Trump Effect.

Now considering that we are talking about LGBT service men and women who, if they actually have served our country in the military, rightly call themselves veterans, you can well imagine the corrosive impacts on American society that such open displays of orientations must have, right?  I mean, I’m guessing that there must be at least two dozen LGBT former soldiers in Boston to say nothing of the hundreds or thousands of Alt.Vets from around the country who would be attracted to Boston’s St. Patty’s Day Parade this year, probably overwhelming the strictures of “Making America Great Again” that we are now living under.  The Trump Effect. 

Just like the purge of illegal immigrants it seems as if the urge to purge has taken hold all over the country including in our Federal Government as well.   Recently, the U.S. Department of Agriculture purged its list of identified Puppy Mills around the country from its web site so that us Americans will have a far wider choice in where we purchase our pets.  The Trump Effect. 

And only yesterday it was revealed that the Trumpcare bill working its way through the House of Representatives (who represent every corporate interest rather than any of us) has also been infected with the urge to purge since the bill would purge maybe 11 million folks from having health insurance.   The Trump Effect.

 As you can see, the Presidential Bully Pulpit is alive and well despite being a bit clouded by accusations of former Presidential wiretapping, Ivanka’s burgeoning business activities and China’s approval of 38 new Trump Trademarks thereby insuring that Trump’s business interests won’t suffer while he remains President.  The Trump Effect.    

Me?  I have to say that it is a very sad day for America when an obscure (unknown?) group of gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender former soldiers are banned from participating in Boston’s annual St. Patrick’s’ Day Parade as a result of the Trump Effect.   

As I sit here writing this on my laptop (which, is un-ironically on my lap) I can't help but think that this struggle is too much.  Maybe we liberals and progressives should just let Trump be the dictator he apparently wants to be and let the Republicans and Freedom Caucus folks run the country and we can all move to Denmark.  If, of course, Denmark will have us.

Sad. But it seems that this is where we are.  

NOTE:  More intended unintended consequences from the Trump Effect?  The Republican crafted Trumpcare bill that the entire healthcare industry appears to hate, drops funding for the Center for Disease Control’s programs for such things as preventing Zika and Ebola outbreaks.   This amounts to around $1 billion annually most of which goes directly to the local state health departments  and hospitals.  Said former CDC Director, Tom Frieden, “Americans will be at greater risk from vaccine-preventable disease, food-borne infections and deadly infections contracted in hospitals.” 

And There You Go Folks!  Making America Great Again In Trumpland!



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