If you’re having a bit of trouble – or a lot of trouble – keeping up with the daily “Breaking NewsTweets” in Trumpland as I am – ICE roundups, Obama wiretapping, brand new wonderful cheaper health care legislation - you might not have noticed that the Trump Administration is merrily going about dismantling a whole lot of stuff as we are entertained by Trump's craziness.  It is perhaps with the Environmental Protection Agency where the turning back of dozens of regulations like preventing oil and coal extraction companies from poisoning our rivers and lakes and a greater than 24% cut to EPA’s budget have been fairly widely reported in the small space that's left between Sean Spicer's info-less pressers and Trump's latest 140 character atrocity.  There’s no mystery about these negative Trump gifts to America.  They are all either anti-American, secretly Muslim, useless Obama era regulations or they are job quashing rules that have prevented coal mining companies from exploding the number of high-pay, benefit rich jobs for Rust Belters. 

I’m beginning to think that Trump and his Fascist staff and cabinet members haven’t a bloody clue about how things – forget how government works – but how everything out here in the real world actually works.  Take the new Trumpland health care proposal.  It cuts Federal funds for abortions at woman’s health organizations (read: Planned Parenthood) that don’t receive Federal funds for abortions in the first place.  This magical piece of legislative legerdemain is a carryover from the Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) public shaming of Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards by using "evidence" that actually disproved Chaffetz’s case.  And, don’t forget, his spectacular success in foisting this crap on the pubic was itself a carryover from the fake Planned Parenthood videos creatively created by the Center for Medical Progress fake group.   Breathtaking isn’t it?

But the preceding is all history of course, or would be if the Trump Administration hadn’t continued the same fiction in its brand new, shiny and wonderful Health Care legislation despite Trump’s promise on the campaign trail that no such action would be even remotely considered.   But this implementation of policy based on fiction seems to be the chief characteristic of the Trump Administration.   It’s one thing to Tweet an abject falsehood at 5:00 AM about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower but quite another when important public policy actions are undertaken because Trump, his supporters and his Fascist staff have seen “news reports” on Breitbart proving some conspiracy theory of other.   I don’t know what else to conclude when you see that Trump’s signature Mexican border wall is proposed to be financed by cuts to national security programs. 
 By way of short background, let’s recall that Trump’s “immigration” “policies” are based on two fundamental fictions: 1) that Mexicans are flooding across our southern border (they aren’t and haven’t been for several years); and 2) illegal immigrants are taking jobs that White folks would line up for days for if all those illegals weren’t picking all that lettuce and all those oranges in California and Florida.  (Yeah, right.)  So based on these two, I don’t want to call them “lies” because the term “lie” connotes a consciousness of falsehood that Trump seems not to possess, here’s what Trump is proposing in his budget to get his wall built to keep out phantom Mexicans and free up jobs White folks don’t want:

Overall the Department of Homeland Security is in line for a 6.4% increase that will give it a budget of $43.8 billion.  But, within DHS, the Coast Guard (intersecting drugs, inspecting potential terrorist attacks from the sea, monitoring port activities for potential attacks) gets cut by 14% reducing its budget from $9.1 billion to $7.8 billion.  The Transportation Security Agency, TSA, (airport security screenings) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, (disaster relief from hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, fires) each get cut by 11% cutting their budgets to $4.5 billion and $3.6 billion, respectively.  

Some $2.9 billion of the budget savings would go to building the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, with $1.9 billion funding “immigration detention beds” and other Immigration and Customs Enforcement expenses and $285 million set aside to hire 500 more Border Patrol agents and 1,000 more ICE agents and support staffers.  Overall, funding for ICE would grow about 36 percent to $7.9 billion, while the budget for Customs and Border Protection would increase 27 percent to $14.2 billion.
In addition, at the TSA, the proposed budget cuts, first detailed by Politico, would eliminate four programs that cost the agency $187 million. The programs have been considered a vital piece of airport security and for preventing a repetition of the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackings after planes are aloft.  They include programs for training aircraft flight personnel to thwart attempted hijackings, grants to local police departments to assist Federal agencies when attacks do occur, money to provide local protection for demonstrations and other major events (Trump's inauguration) where terrorist activity might be expected and a program that provides training and highly trained personnel to sweep airports, train stations, subways and other highly vulnerable venues as well as a surveillance program to spot folks "acting funny" in TSA's airport security checks.      

Pretty spectacular this cutting national security functions in order to fund fantasy. (Oh, sorry.  He’s not funding fantasies, but funding the non-reality based conspiracy theories grown real that his supporters solidly believe in courtesy of Alternate Set of Facts world.)

Remember too that Trump endlessly trashed both Obama and Hillary Clinton from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific and everywhere in between that both were putting our country’s national security at risk of terrorist attacks like 9-11 and the Pulse Nightclub slaughter because both were anti-American, anti-patriotic and refused to voice the magical term “radical Muslim jihadists.”   So Trump is slashing money from those very agencies that are in the business of protecting us from terrorist attacks in order to build a useless wall on our Southern border and to deport millions of illegals to free up jobs for Rust Belt White folks they will never fill.   If this makes sense to you then you voted for Trump and don’t live in the “real” real world like the rest of us do but inhabit a world created out of years of nothing burgers through the efforts of Stephen Bannon, Infowars and Breitbart. 

We are folks, way down the rabbit hole that follows the ritual passage through Alice in Wonderland’s looking glass mirror.    

Have A Great Day But Don't Dwell On Our Current Status As "Nation Undergoing Dismemberment." 


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