This is your normal, rational, functional brain conclusion about today's Congressional hearings.  I mean, I watched them and this is what I came away with. But here’s the verbatim headlines ripped directly from right winger Alex Jones’ “Infowars” web site following the end of the House Intelligence Committee’s public hearings:


This is neither an outright lie nor “Fake News.”  It is correct as far as it goes.  It is, however,  just slightly disingenuous or a bit off-topic, let’s say.  The reality of the House Intelligence Committee’s hearing during which FBI Director, James Comey, and NSA Director, Mike Rogers, testified under oath that there has been an investigation concerning the Trump/Russian connections since July of last year.  This is the first confirmation that we the people have had of the existence of such an investigation, or investigations as it might be. 

Here’s Rush Limbaugh’s take today following the conclusion of the hearings that I ripped directly from his web site:


Again, technically correct since neither Comey nor Rogers testified that Russia altered the results of the 2016 Presidential election.  But what they did testify to, in addition to the explosive revelation that there is an investigation into Russia-Trump connections that has been going on since last July, was that Russia actively worked to influence the 2016 Presidential election through propaganda, false news reports and other public propaganda efforts, by favoring Donald Trump and attempting to undermine Hillary Clinton.

And here is what current Chief White House Policy Advisor, Stephen Bannon’s old haunt, Breitbart, says about the House Intelligence Committees' hearings:


This one, of course, serves a dual purpose: it gives the Trump supporters a readily embraceable Trump theme (resistance to “draining the swap”) in which to frame yesterday’s hearings while buttressing Stephen Bannon’s policy goals as chief policy advisor to President Trump, i.e. the deconstruction of the Administrative State.  (There might be a global religious warfare theme here as well, but I missed it.)

Guess which of the “views” – the Jones, Breitbart or Limbaugh "themes" or the Comey/Rogers view – Trump supporters will believe?  You don't need to spend a whole lot of time in introspection. Why?  Well, once again it comes down to “evidence” to them which, as a matter of process and procedure, has not been proved or released to the Intelligence Committee or to us, the American public.  This absence of "evidence" is dictated by the Justice Department’s and the intelligence community’s policy that no evidence will be released during an ongoing investigation.  To do so, to release the names of folks under investigation, could jeopardize anyone who is indicted as a result of these investigations from receiving a fair trial.  And don’t forget, what we are talking about are felonies that if folks are convicted of collusion with Russia or assisting Russia to sway the elections or cooperating with Russian propaganda efforts, can result in a decade or more of prison time.  It’s no joke.  But even Sean Spicer, Chief White House Propagandist, took the Jones/Limbaugh/Breitbart line that there was no “evidence.”

But as someone who sat through day after day of Watergate hearings, I can tell you that such protestations don’t mean a bucket of warm spit.  With our 24/7 cable news cycle that simply did not exist back in the 1970’s, we have much more information than we ever had back when Nixon was accused of using the IRS and the FBI to go after his political enemies, being directly involved in the Watergate break-in, approving the financing of campaign dirty tricks.  The public was simply not privy to any of the behind the scenes activities and investigations that were going on.

For better of for worse, today’s media climate is starkly different.  We have anonymous sources – many of them unlike back in the 1970’s when there were only a couple – that have published links between Trump Associates’ involvement with Russian businessmen and operatives plus the fact that President Donald J. Trump’s received his largest bailout from financial difficulties to the tune of $800 million from Russian connected banks and Putin loyalist oligarchs.  Never forget that it’s not the Russian people who determine Russia’s present and future but Putin’s close, secretive circle of businessmen he has personally made billionaires and are, therefore, wholly beholden to him.  One could argue that Trump is at least a marginal member of this secretive circle of billionaire operatives and this is what is so troubling.   It would explain his public admiration of Putin. After all, one is not inclined to dis someone who has bailed you out of your career's most serious financial difficulty. 

One thing that impresses me is how naive the Trump Administration and its minions think that we Americans are.  Sure, throw out some pabulum for your base to chew on and digest comfortably, but the rest of us are not taken in by the deflections and word salad mechanizations that the Administration engages in.  Rust Belt voters might be so up into Trump’s ass as to cling to any and every “excuse and pretext” that Trump minions throw out, but the rest of us are not that dumb.  We’ve been through this before and this time it’s looking a whole lot more serious than the Benghazi and Hillary e-mail Congressional hearings that Republicans orchestrated but were simply political hatchet jobs. 

Will this issue, the Russian connections, the election intrusion, the Trump support by the Russians against Hillary Clinton, doom the Trump Administration to the dustbin of history?  Personally, I can only hope so.  But this is no sure thing.  But if the Republican dominated Intelligence Committee’s hearings are any indication, it would appear that there is a much better chance now than just a few days ago.  But as I’ve noted here previously, the only way that we liberals and progressives can overcome this tide of authoritarianism and Fascism that Trump has unleashed upon America, is to engage in all out warfare against the Trump supporters and Trump himself.  There is no other way.  They seem to equate chaos and intrigue with progress.  Well, there is a difference between “shaking things up” and “draining the swamp” and treasonous activities against America and our democratic institutions.  The hearings are a good start. 

While I am less than sanguine about the Republican dominated House and Senate investigations to actually uncover Trump (and his associates') malfeasance, I have a feeling that this Trump/Russia issue is just way too big for even Republicans to ignore.  While Trump cultists might not view Russian interference in our elections as "a big deal" the rest of us really do think that it it is in fact a very big deal.  One that, I'm hopeful, will continue to be the signature issue that we the American people rally around to defend the country against the deconstructive philosophy of Trump's chief aide, Stephen Bannon and the influence of a foreign government - an American enemy on the world scene.  There is no other issue that so places America in the keystone arch of history like nothing else in our recent history.  

This, folks, is where we are and it's not a comfortable position for us to be in.  What we are doing by resisting the Trump agenda, by making sure that Trump and his associates are forced to account for their their policies and associations, goes to the fundamental premise upon with America was founded: We are a society of laws and not a society based on Tweets, propaganda and Presidential and advisor propaganda.  

There is nothing so vital to the continuation of the American Ideal as this. It is what we are all about.  
NOTE: Just tuned into Fox News who is trumpeting the "leaks" aspects of the Russia/Trump influence and connections as opposed to the links between Trump, his minions and Russia and Russia's attempt to influence the Presidential election.  They are blaming the Obama Administration for the entire scandal and still are maintaining that it Obama wire-tapped Trump and Trump Towers.  LOL!  You really cannot make this shit up.  

Have a Great and Prosperous Day!  Just Don't Get Snagged By The Lies of the Trump Administration. 


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