The constant barrage of allegations of Russian involvement in or the rigging of America’s 2016 Presidential Election keeps bubbling up to the surface of America’s consciousness has taken a very severe toll on what we used to think was the collective agreement of what America actually stands for. This bubbling up has just boiled over.  Congressman Devin Nunes’ (R-CA) actions to inform the Trump White House of the results of an FBI and/or NSA surveillance of NYC’s Trump Towers smacks of the very worst of partisan politics.  Or, one might logically characterize it as the abject personal dumbness of the Republican Head of the House Intelligence Committee.   Nunes this morning, has refused to say how he got the information that he took to the White House or where it came from stating that he could not reveal the source for his stunning revelation because: national security.   But apparently Nunes believes that it’s perfectly all right to inform the very folks who are being investigated by the FBI and/or the NSA for criminal or treasonous actions of what information has been collected by such investigations.

Really?  As he said so eloquently  stated, "Well, I just thought it was something he needed to know" speaking of Trump.  Huh!  So than can we assume that John Podesta, mastermind of the vile "Pizzagate" (Google it!) child molestation ring that's being run out of the Comet Pizza Restaurant in your nation's capital, is also entitled to know what the FBI has on him while he's being investigated?   What about a serial killer maybe?  A bank robber?  Just where, Congressman Nunes, is that line where above which you are entitled to know what shit the FBI or NSA has on you?  Or is the President the only one who's above the line?  Frankly, it’s hard for me, mere mortal as I am, to fathom just exactly why a Congressman who took an oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America would undertake such a treasonous act.   Not to mention that Congress is supposed to provide a “check” on the Executive Branch in the “checks and balances” formula that the Constitution lays out.  But I guess Nunes was absent that day in Middle School when this was covered.  

Forget that the Republican “investigations” into the IRS, Benghazi and Clinton’s e-mails, as any sentient human being cannot help but conclude, were simply Republicans putting partisan politics over what is best for the county.  After years of “investigations" into the Benghazi tragedy, not a single fact or piece of evidence emerged from the years' long Congressional “investigative” efforts and absolutely nothing was produced that wasn’t available in the Accountability Report that was published three months after the attack. While we liberals and progressives have assumed that Republicans are not all that interested in the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s and why’s of Russia’s influence on the 2016 Presidential Election, Nune’s actions pretty much puts the last nail into the coffin of the credibility of the House Select Committee’s investigation into the entire matter. 

“It’s not fair for him [Trump] not to know what’s in these reports.”  This folks, is how Nunes defended his treasonous action.  Press reports this morning state that there are at least four Trump Team members who are under investigation for criminal and/or treasonous activities. The last time a sitting Congressman passed on classified info to the very folks who are targets of such an investigation?  Ummmm…. Never.  Okay.  At least not publicly.    

But now that we know Trump Tower was the target of a surveillance operation, it kind of makes Trump’s campaign rhetoric more understandable.  More understandable and much more “disturbing.”  Remember when Trump castigated our intelligence agencies, "they produce fake news” and "they are a lying bunch of traitors," as he put it, during the past year?  At the time, I thought, what the fuck is he doing?  Doesn’t he realize that if he becomes President these are the very folks he’s got to rely on?   And he’s accusing them of malfeasance over and over and over again?  Damn!  And while I certainly don’t want to cast aspersions on Trump of any of the Trump Team associates, (well, this is a lie) looking back and knowing what we know now, his public sliming of the FBI, NSA and the CIA seems much more logical.  One could conclude that Trump was aware that Paul Manafort and/or Roger Stone and the others were under investigation and wanted to make sure that his base, and as many of the rest of us as possible, would mistrust anything and everything that came from the FBI, CIA and NSA that implicated him or his team in RussiaGate.  This is the same "strategy" he and his minions have employed to delegitimize the media.   Is there some other rational explanation that isn’t centered in an Alternate Set of Facts universe that I’m missing here?  Please.  If you have one, let me know. 

 Trump's supporters have never been particularly bothered by all this Russia hacking, Russia influence, and Russia rigging in the media.  Why?  Well here's why:  

From Today's Breitbart News Site

From Rush Limbaugh:

 From Alex Jones' Infowars:

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PS:  Late Addition:  Congressman Nunes has apologized to his committee for not informing them BEFORE he ran down Pennsylvania Avenue to inform the White House.  Good start, I'd say.  Now, when is he going to apologize to the American people for being such a traitorous douchebag?  


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