Here are the three major take-always from today’s rather astounding House Intelligence Committee’s public hearings:

1.  There was no wire-tapp by Obama on Trump, Trump Towers or the planet Uranus;

2.  Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election is a fact and there is (are) continuing FBI and NSA investigation(s) into Russian influence over U.S. democratic institutions.

3. There are ongoing FBI investigations (since last July) of Trump's associates into whether they assisted and/or coordinated with Russian elements.  

Frankly, I was not expecting the explosive revelations that emerged from today’s hearing.  What I was expecting was a bunch of rhetorical bullshit but, hey, I was wrong.  If you paid attention you would come away realizing that it wasn’t only the answers that Comey and Rogers gave to the Intelligence Committee but even more important were the non-answers they gave to many of the questions that were posed to them.  Most of the questions that were deflected by non-answers were about Trump associates.  While not naming names nor supporting public media anonymous source reports about Russian influence and connections with Trump and his associates, it seemed pretty clear that the FBI and the intelligence community has a whole lot more on these aspects of their ongoing investigation.  Stay tuned!

As an aside, it was amusing, to say the least, to see and hear Nunes (R-SC) and King (R-TX) attempting to put the genie back in the bottle that Comey and Rogers had explosively uncorked.  I suspect that this might be the last open public hearing about these issues.  From now on it’s going to be behind closed doors.  It was clear from today’s hearing that both Comey and Rogers aren’t telling us the full story. 

Now, let’s turn to the cultish Trump supporters who from the time that news reports emerged that Russia was involved in hacking the DNC and later John Podesta’s e-mail account that this was all an effete liberal media concoction that the left (liberals and progressives) has mounted to simply discredit their God, Donald J. Trump.  Well, sorry folks, but that meme no longer flies after today: Comey and Rogers simply ripped that fiction to shreds by testifying quite forcefully that no, there was no wire-tapp of Trump or Trump Towers by Obama or the British Intelligence Service and that yes, indeed, there is an ongoing investigation (or investigations) into Russia’s attempt to tilt the 2016 Presidential Elections towards Trump while undermining Hillary Clinton.  They did not, however, testify as to any Trump Team member’s association with or allegiance to Vladimir Putin and Russia.  And this is how it should be.  After all if such allegations turn out to be true, these folks would be subject to criminal prosecution.  On the other hand, their non-response to every such question – even when they could have responded with a theoretical or a policy answer – they chose to remain silent.

One can guess that even today’s rather damaging hearings will not sway the Rust Belters one bit.  I can’t help but think that since Trump’s voters are so blind and deaf to what Trump and his Team have done thus far (sixty days into the new Administration) including the ineffective, yet supremely popular among the Rust Belters, Muslim Travel Ban, or the Trump/Ryan Deathcare healthcare bill, or the illegal alien roundup of 6 year olds who apparently are armed criminals, they are like the followers of Jim Jones of the People’s Temple cult.  If you Google Jim Jones what you will find is that a group of them - 900+ - committed mass suicide, (the largest such mass death event back then until 9-11) killed a sitting U.S. Congressman (Leo Ryan from California) and the wounded half a dozen others who had flown down to Guyana to investigate rumors of coercion and abuse in Jones’ jungle compound.  Although I don’t necessarily compare Trump supporters with Jones’ death cult following, I can already hear Rush, Alex and Fox News disparaging the hearings in loud, blustering full throttled voices.  

The questions from Intelligence Committee Republicans after Comey’s and Rogers’ bombshells revelations -  “If a person is photographed standing next to a political leader while attending a conference in a foreign country, is this enough to start an investigation?”  And “If someone is paid to attend a conference in a foreign country, is this sufficient evidence to open an investigation into a private, U.S. citizen?”  “Is lying to a reporter a crime?” It’s hard to keep a straight face while watching all this nonsense. 

It appears that FBI Director Comey has somewhat redeemed himself after his announcement that he had re-opened the Hillary e-mail investigation last year particularly after it become known that the entire Russian hack/influence business had been going since July of last year.  He seemed remarkably forthcoming today in answering those questions that he felt he could.   Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is less giddy than he was while he was “investigating” Hillary.  Still, he’s very much attempting to minimize the damage that the Russian allegations might have on Trump and the Republican Party.   Nunes final questions about whether or not there is any evidence that White House staff coordinated with Russia?  Naturally, Comey said he couldn’t answer.  Nunes, however, stated that the Intelligence Committee had no such evidence.  I'm betting that they will have such evidence shortly.  

But the bottom line for me?  After the wholly bogus, totally partisan showcase charades that Republican undertook in their IRS, Benghazi and Clinton e-mail “investigations” that we were treated to over the past eight years, it looks as if this one is not going to go the way of reality show television but might just actually amount to conclusions that Republicans are not going to like.  And Trump, as a Republican newcomer, is not going to like either.

Have A Good Day Folks!


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