Had the unrivaled privilege of listening to about 15 minutes of the Rush Limbaugh Show today on my way back from a doctor’s appointment.   According to Rush, Obama’s fingerprints and his undeniable sneakiness and manipulative nature is what’s causing the millions of people who turned out after Trump’s inauguration, all the vociferous pushback at Town Hall Meetings, the leaks of information from the FBI and CIA and the failed Yemen raid are ALL Obama’s fault.  I fucking kid you not! 

I’ve seen several other right wing screeds claiming the same thing, that it’s Obama who’s stirring up all the resistance to Trump and his Fascist minions and that there are Obama “plants” in all the Federal agencies tirelessly working day and night to prevent the implementation of Trump’s agenda.   This has been a growing phenomenon over the past two or three weeks with comments on Politico and news outlets both“fake" and real all in Fascist lockstep screeching that it’s Obama! Obama! Obama!  Obama!

I kid you not and this is not a joke.  Not, naturally, to the Obama Haters and the Trump Lovers because just like the Pizzagate pedophile scandal it all makes perfect sense.  Yup!  After all there is simply no way that liberals and progressives have the ability to organize these kinds of massive protests on our own.  So, therefore, there must be some all-powerful force that is both organizing the protests and paying for protesters time, transportation and lunches.  And what better devious, criminal, anti-patriotic, minority person in America to blame than Obama? 

Here’s a video clip of Trump talking about Obama being behind all the protests:

 And as for the leaks, well maybe Trump shoulda’ thought about how his slamming the CIA, the FBI, and the Federal Government in general for over a year might not go down all that well with the very folks he now is forced to rely on (not that he knows this just yet, but he will) in order to achieve his agenda as dumb as it is.  The leaks and leakers themselves?  Sure.  What the fuck did he expect after his first Executive Order was to put a civilian hiring freeze on the Feds?  Did he think he was endearing himself to the CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, NSA and the FBI when he accused them of lying to the American pubic and spreading false rumors about him?  But when you think about it, there are around 4,000 political appointees in the totality of the Federal Government which numbers about 2,663,000 of civilian employees today so the 4,000 folks that Trump gets to appoint don’t go all that deep into the Executive Federal Agencies.  And whether or not there are Obama holdover traitors among these 2.6 million slugs (which there are not), Federal employees are favorite sadomasochistic whipping boys for many presidents so they are both inured to such abuse - they, unlike the Prez, are not thin-skinned - and get pretty pissed of when they are blamed for shit they have nothing to do with. 

Not only that, Trump’s hiring freeze doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when you actually know the facts surrounding Federal civilian employment.  In 1980, when Ronald Reagan began the thirty year Federal  “whipping and spanking boy” anti-Federal Government mantra, civilian Federal employment stood at 2,821,000.  In 2104 this total had dropped to 2,663,000 so when Trump orders a hiring freeze he seems not to understand that the Federal Government – actually with both civilian and uniformed military employees -  has been declining steadily for decades. 

This would be evidence enough that it’s not the bloated Federal government who is “the problem” as Reagan declared, but then when you figure in total population of the U.S. the picture becomes even clearer.  Back in 1980 the population of the country was 226,545,805.  So figuring out the ratio of civilian Federal employees to the total population, we find that there were about 80 U.S. folks for every 1 Federal slug.   Update this to 2014 with our population of 324,118,787 and you find that each 1 civilian Federal employee is servicing around 121 folks in the United States.  One could argue than that today Federal employees have had a 27% increase in their workload and haven’t been adequately compensated for it. 

But I digress.  What I’ve been impressed by is the secretive anti-Trump Twitter accounts that have sprung up since the election of Trump.   I follow ones from the Department of Justice, (@ALT_DOJ), Homeland Security, (@AltHomelandSec), State Department, (@AltStateDpt), Department of Agriculture, (@altusda), Department of the Treasury, (@alt_treasury), and the White House (@RoguePOTUSStaff).  I have to admire the folks who are tweeting on all these sites since they are surely in danger of losing their jobs if discovered.  There are new tweets nearly every day and the most interesting, by far, are the ones from @RoguePOTUSStaff where you can generally learn about issues, announcements and impending tantrums a day or two before they are announced and keep up with all the internal mechanizations in the White House. (Kellyanne Conway receives no end of derision and Steve Bannon no end of warnings about how dangerous he is.)

This, as far as I know, is new.  Trump is not wrong when he says that there are folks in the Federal Government who are against him.  But the claim that they are Obama holdovers doesn’t hold water and the claim that it’s Obama who is behind all the anti-Trump protests sounds like the latest conspiracy theory from Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh.  Oh, wait.  That’s exactly what it is.     

The clip below is just one of literally thousands of such posts on YouTube.  In fact, this Obama Shadow Government/Obama Behind Anti-Trump Protests/ Obama Trying To Overthrow Trump is now second only to the literally thousands upon thousands of Pizzagate/John Podesta/Hillary Clinton pedophile ring operated from Comet Pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C. YouTube posts.  

Even though these right wing wackos from Rush and Alex to the guy in the clip above got the President they have been pining for over a decade, they still cannot understand that maybe the rest of us - in fact, the 65,844,610 folks who voted for Hillary compared to Trump's 62,979,636 (a difference of 3 million votes in Hillary's favor) - aren't all that hunky dory with a President Trump and we don't need some nefarious, clandestine, underhanded, criminal Obama Shadow Government to get us out into the streets to protest the inanities that characterize Trump and his Fascist minions. 

One positive outcome of Trump's election is the much wider exposure to Jones and Rush and right wing media to folks who might not have grasped just how popular and powerful these folks really are.  But as I've noted before, they are the ones who created and dispersed all the lies about Hillary Clinton including the one about her involvement in the Pizzagate child sexual abuse "scandal" not to forget her emails.  

If you really want proof of just how prolific all this bullshit crap is,  search "Obama shadow government" on YouTube and then just for fun search for "Pizzagate Scandal."  Both are scorchingly hot topics all over the right wing media.  But don't be shocked at what you find.  

Have A Great Day Folks Despite Trump!          


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