NOTE:  From your President on down - which means through House Speaker Paul Ryan, the Freedom Caucus, to Mitch McConnell, and on and on and on down to Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones and all the Rust Belters who voted for Trump – Obamacare is about to cause World War III.  And all the yellers are using exactly the same language in typically Fascist style.  Republicans have a well-practiced history of uber-disciplined lockstep on most things and most assuredly on those things that they are attempting to con the American public about.  The 50+ times that the House Republicans passed resolutions killing the ACA (or was it Obamacare?) and their total obstruction of any and everything attempted by President Obama for eight years is pretty clear evidence of just how united they can be when they are in their “It’s Obama’s Fault” mode.   You can gage just how desperate they are by the volume and intensity of their rhetoric, which, when it comes to Obamacare and Trump/Ryan Deathcare, is probably the loudest I’ve ever heard in many years. 

But here’s the real deal with the ACA/Obamacare in this brief L.A. Times article:

Trump says Obamacare 'is collapsing.' Here's what he's getting wrong

Noam Levey
February 28, 2017

President Trump, as he has repeatedly in the past, said Tuesday that the Affordable Care Act is a disaster.
"Obamacare is collapsing, and we must act decisively to protect all Americans," he said during his address to a joint session of Congress.
This is a major exaggeration.
Health insurance premiums on marketplaces created by the law did increase markedly this year in many parts of the country as insurers dealt with higher-than-expected medical claims from patients.
But most consumers are still able to get health plans for less than $100 a month on the marketplaces, thanks to insurance subsidies made available by Obamacare.
More broadly, Trump's attacks miss a much larger part of the Obamacare story.
Marketplaces represent a fraction of the overall system, providing coverage to only about 11 million people, most of whom cannot get coverage through an employer or other government program.
By comparison, more than 150 million Americans get health coverage through an employerAn additional 55 million elderly and disabled Americans get coverage through the federal Medicare program.
Healthcare costs in the employer market and in Medicare have been rising at historically low levels since the enactment of the 2010 health law.
In 2016, for example, annual family premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance rose an average of just 3%, according to an annual surveyby the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust.
And since 2011, premiums have risen 20%, far lower than in the previous five years, when premiums jumped 31%, and even lower than in the five years between 2001 and 2006, when they shot up 63%.
Medicare has seen a similar slowdown, as the cost per enrollee has grown by an average of just 1.4% annually since 2011, according to the last report by the program’s trustees.
That was the lowest growth rate in Medicare’s history, dating to 1965.
Meanwhile, the law's coverage expansion has helped more than 20 million previously uninsured Americans get health coverage.
And new research shows the law is dramatically improving poor patients’ access to medical care , particularly in states that have used the law to expand their Medicaid safety nets.
At the same time, contrary to charges from Trump and other Republicans, there is little evidence that Obamacare is destroying jobs.
In fact, the private sector has added jobs every month since President Obama signed the law in March 2010, a stark reversal from the months before the law was enacted when the economy was hemorrhaging jobs amid the recession. 

NOTE:  The fact of the matter is that only 3% of Americans with health insurance saw their premiums rise by the hundreds of percent that you’ve seen daily from the right wing propaganda machine.  The rest of us are doing pretty well.  That is, we were, until Republicans unveiled the Paul I Never Met A Program That Actually Helped People That I Didn’t Want To Immediately Kill Ryan (R-MN) unveiled Ryan/Trumpcare.  Let’s hope if dies an early and spectacular death. 

Take Care!!


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