Although it’s been quite a roller coaster ride – frankly it’s been more down, you know like plunging deep into the earth, than up - since November 8th of last year, let’s all remember that it’s actually been less than two months since bobble head was inaugurated.  In fact, it’s only been  50 days give or take a day or two for you when you refused to get out of bed thinking that maybe it was better to sleep though the entire Trump Administration.  But, in reality, right here in the “real” real world, we gotta deal with it as best as we can.

But yesterday as I was reading through the details of the Trumpcare legislation that House Speaker Paul “I Don’t Care How Many People Die From The American Healthcare Act” Ryan (R-WI) has been rushing through the House of Representatives, I had a flashback to Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail in what seems like just a hot sec ago proposing Universal Health Care for everyone.  “Huh!”  I thought.  I guess the Rust Belters had given nary a thought that their guy, Mr. President Bobble Head, might not keep his promise to give them really wonderful, really cheap, health insurance.   How, you might ask, has this happened when all through The Donald’s campaign he was telling his supporters that he was gonna take care of them real good? 

Well, you know all those slippery politicians.  In fact, it’s been the Trump supporters – you know, all those “Lock Her Up” masses of White folks who rocked Trump’s rallies all across the country – who have been most insistent that their guy would drain the swamp, shake things up, and end business as usual in Washington.  In a strange way, they were right.  There is nothing, so far, that the Trump Administration resembles more than Don Corleone’s mafia family in “The Godfather” movie franchise. Frankly I’m wondering if Trump, reality TV guy that he is, hasn’t adopted The Don’s (The Godfather “Don”) as his modus operandi as a model for his Administration.   

I mean 50 days and we have been treated to daily spying and lying scandals like nothing we’ve seen ever before.  50 Days for God’s sake!  It took the Republicans SIX years to finally impeach Bill Clinton for a White House blow job.  Blow Job?  Well in alt. right world it wasn’t the blowjob but his testimony before a D.C. Grand Jury ABOUT the blow job that did him in.  But never mind.  This, apparently, is where we are. 

But in the face of Trump’s totally useless Muslim Ban, the ICE and Border Patrol dragnet of any and all illegals who breathe, the scotching of Dodd-Frank banking and Wall Street regulations, the destruction of the EPA, the killer American Healthcare Act, stopping Afghans who assisted U.S. troops from coming to the U.S., allowing oil and coal companies to poison our rivers and lakes again,  accusing Barack Obama of wiretapping him and, last but not least,  the crazy ass Tweeting, I thought “What the Fuck is going on here?   What happened that we got this asshole rather than Hillary?  Oh, right.  The overlooked, ignored and whiny Rust Belters.

But then I thought, damn, look at all this crap passing as “policies” under Trump while the Democrats were proposing policies that actually would have helped us.  Here’s a shortlist of what Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were proposing last year:
Reforming the criminal justice system

Relieving students from crushing student loan debt

Restoring voting rights to those disenfranchised by voter ID laws

Investing in wind, solar and other alternate energy sources

Reducing pollution from extraction industries

Improving Obamacare

Reducing Income inequality

Retraining workers who lost industrial jobs

Free college tuition

Raising taxes on the wealthy

Increase capital gains taxes

Impose a fee for Wall Street transactions

Strengthen banking regulations to prevent another 2008 style crash

Full funding for Planned Parenthood

Universal Health Care

Expanding common sense gun controls

Eliminating corporate subsidies

Eliminating corporate tax dodging

Making sure corporations pay their fair share

Wow!  Quite a stark contrast with the Trump Administration’s “policies” aren't they?  Damned straight it is and the really “odd” thing about the Democratic platform of last year is that this these are exactly kind of stuff that would actually help us, improve our lives, make America better for all of us.  Even the Rust Belt whiners. (Okay – maybe not the already wealthy but then who gives a shit about them!) And let’s remember too that Trump didn’t win.  He lost by over 3 million votes but was certified – not elected - as President, ironically enough by a system, the Electoral College, that was put in place to prevent nutsos like him from ever becoming President of the United States of America.  A minority of Americans voted this reality show performer into office.  It’s almost ridiculously ludicrous isn’t it?  

Other than the pillaging of the land and the rape of the American people, I don’t see that the Trump Administration has done a single thing to Make America Great Again.  Perhaps what Trump meant by this slogan was that AFTER he destroys America singlehandedly  – which he seems to be in the process of successfully doing - he was going to Make America Great Again by rebuilding the country.  Yeah, this must be it.

Remember, Love Is A Healer!   


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