Just to recap – briefly – here’s what we’ve been treated to during the first two weeks of the “I’m The President So I Can Do Whatever I Want” Administration, or more accurately, the reality show spectacle aka the Twittster Administration:  

1.  The vital to national security inauguration attendance figures controversy
2.  The “Who’s Paying For the Mexican Border Wall” crucial domestic policy discussion
3.   The introduction of the concept of “Alternate Sets of Facts” by the Administration’s Chief Propaganda  Minister and Assistant Chief Propaganda Ministers
4.  Proposed imposition of a 20% “punishment tax” on goods imported from Mexico
5.  The rescission of the proposed 20% “punishment tax” on goods imported from Mexico
6. The threatened invasion by U.S. troops to take care of “bad guys” in Mexico (Wouldn’t this be considered at Act of War or am I just being a fear monger?)
7.  Proposed Executive Order requiring that two existing government regulations be rescinded for every new government regulation
8. The banning of cable network CNN from the White House Press Corps for criticizing the President
9. The inclusion of right wing fake news site “InfoWars” as regular members of the White House Press Corps for pandering to the President
10.  World Religious Warmonger and former fake news generator Stephen Bannon’s elevation to the National Security Council (This should make all of us very afraid,) 
11. Threat to Iran of invasion/nuclear warfare for testing a ballistic missile. (Am I missing something here or can’t any sovereign nation [China, India, France, Russia, etc.] test whatever missile systems they want?  There’s some international law against this?)
12.  Proposed elimination of LGBT protections in Federal contracts
13.  Rescission of proposed elimination of LGBT protections from Federal contracts
14. The pissing off of Australian Prime Minister for apparently no good reason
15.  The pissing off the Mexican President Nieto for apparently no good reason
17.  The pissing off of Iran for apparently no good reason.  (This might be called poking the hornet’s nest.) 
16.  The issuance of an Executive Order banning the entry into the U.S. of Muslims from seven Muslim nations
17. The pronouncement from Chief Propaganda Minister, Sean Spicer, that the temporary “halt” of Muslims from seven different Muslims nations until “we figure out what’s going on” is not a Muslim ban although it only applies to Muslims from seven Muslims nations (George Orwell would be so pleased!)
18.  Easing sanctions on Russia even though Russia has once again launched an offensive in the Ukraine. (No big surprise with this one.)
19.  Any number of truly dumb-ass comments, tweets, & remarks (Frederick Douglass, Arnold Schwarzenegger, UC Berkley, Mexico, Iran, etc. etc. etc.) 

And to top it all off for the first two weeks, a military mission in Yemen – the first under the Twittster’s leadership - that went remarkably bad, resulting in the death of an American Seal, William Owens, and an 8 year old American girl and 15 other civilians and the destruction of an Army Osprey plane damaged during the raid.  Trump did not feel it necessary to be in attendance in the War Room (or whatever it's called these days) during the operation since he was too busy tweeting about Arnold Schwarzenegger.  

This revelation – Reuters got it right – was quickly followed up by Chief Propaganda Minister Spicer’s announcement that it was Obama’s fault but the mission was successful anyway even though it was Obama’s fault that Americans died and intelligence data was left behind. 

So there you have it.  It’s been one hell of an exciting, asshole clenching, pearl clutching, roller coaster bear of a ride to the new reality that is the Twittster Administration and a brand new world of Alternate Sets of Facts. 

I don’t mean to be harsh here, but WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS FOOL DOING?  In two weeks he has created so much domestic and international chaos that several or our allies are wondering what the hell is going on in the U.S of A.  And they are not happy about it.  Australia for fuck’s sake?  What the hell has Australia ever done to us?  Did they ban the importation of Trump suits or something?  Ivanka's perfume brand?  Now on a more positive note, a representative of the United Arab Republic – you know, the country that along with Saudi Arabia and Egypt spawned the 9-11 terrorists – did announce that the UAE approved of Trump’s Muslim ban.  Wow!  And here you thought that every single Muslim nation on the planet objected to Trump’s ban.  See?  It’s so important to have Muslim friends on the international scene especially in those nations where Trump does business.

It’s hard to know where we go from here.  Well, to be more precise:  What the fuck can we expect from this madman over the next two weeks to say nothing of the rest of his term however long this plague lasts?

In reality, I’m guessing that things are going to settle down, at least publicly, in a couple of weeks.  Trump has pretty much achieved his purpose.  His purpose being to please his base of voters and show them that he is indeed, 1000% the guy they voted for and he is “Shaking Things Up” and taking action and grabbing those pussies right and left where that pussy-footed, weak-assed Obama couldn’t even get it up.  Or something.

Frankly,  I’m hoping that Trump continues along the same path as his first two weeks.  This, I think, will only hasten his demise.  Yes Republicans are still basking the glow of the golden opportunities Trump presents with all his bluster and chaos to fuck ordinary Americans even harder than they have in the past.   None of this, of course, will lessen his glories with his base since they are thrilled with what he’s doing even if endangering the safety of entire country.  Including them, by the way, which fact they don’t yet “get.”  How many of them would welcome a nuclear bomb in their backyards? But continue along the same chaotic path and they will “get” it sooner or later and right in their fat, know nothing, lazy asses.   But for the time being they are absolutely, positively over the top thrilled at this Magical Mystery Tour Spectacle brought to them by their reality show leader.  

We have travelled so far down the rabbit hole of Trump/Bannon world that I’m not sure we can turn around and come back to daylight.  But maybe this is what was needed all along. 

Take Care Folks!  And Be Careful!  Australia, Mexico and/or Iran just might be pissed off enough to launch a joint attack against us.  More to come.  Undoubtedly. 

NOTE:  But the likelier scenario is a terrorist attack courtesy of ISIS. 


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