Trump Backers Like His Early Moves: ‘It’s What Executives Are Supposed To Be Doing

 By: Jenna Johnson
The Washington Post
February 2, 2017
NOTE:  I’ve been checking news articles recently about how Trump voters feel about his actions thus far and they are pretty unanimous:  They Love It!  They Love Him!  Never mind that his “extreme vetting” and ban on Muslims from entering the U.S. will do absolutely nothing to make America safer and is quite likely to make us less safe, they couldn’t be more thrilled.   His supporters believe that he’s doing exactly what they elected him for.  Here’s a few quotes from a Washington Post article this morning from Trump voters out in far Western Maryland.  Recall, if you will, that the state Maryland went for Hillary but out in the Appalachian Mountains in Accident, MD (yes, this is the town’s real name!) where Trump won, a reporter interviewed several of the town’s residents.
 Many here say the president is simply doing everything he promised to do and that he was elected to do — fight political correctness, protect the country from terrorists, crack down on illegal immigration, make Washington’s swamp dwellers uncomfortable and show strength to other countries. Critics are unfairly exaggerating the effect of Trump’s executive orders and complaining without giving him a fair chance, supporters say, just as critics blew some of his comments and jokes out of proportion during the campaign.
“I think people are just picking sides and not really getting all of the facts that they need,” said Charisse Smith, 25, a waitress at Annie’s Kitchen Country Restaurant on Main Street who voted for Trump. “They just go along with their side. They’re not digging into what they’re actually saying.
“Did you really think he was going to go too long without those two words: ‘You’re fired?’” said Buz Gosnell, 71, a retired helicopter pilot who had fried fish for lunch at Annie’s on Tuesday. “He’s the first president since Teddy Roosevelt to really do what he says he’s going to do. ... It’s what executives are supposed to be.”
Others at the restaurant that afternoon agreed. A 60-year-old who works in the oil and gas industry said he is relieved to have a “tough businessman” in the White House and hopes Trump will “slam the door shut” on all Middle Easterners. A 26-year-old IT worker with a bushy beard said everyone should support “enhanced screenings” at airports and struggles to take protesters seriously, referring to them as “an entertaining show” that keeps airing new episodes.
 “I think as Christians we definitely need to be reaching out to these people, and I think our country should be helping them,” she said, “but I don’t think letting them come in and just have free rein of our country.”
“I think a lot of city people always think that we’re so ignorant, and we’re just hillbillies, and I don’t believe that at all,” Smith said. “We might not always be super-educated in politics, but we’re just human beings like everyone else.”

“If you live in an area that’s all white and all Christian and you think that that’s the only way that there is, then those other people are scary, and so in trying to keep their families safe and keep their surroundings safe, then the thought is: I don’t want them here,” Wells said.

NOTE:  This last quote is the key one in the entire article.  This is precisely why our national divide is looking like two liberal coasts with a vast sea of red in between.  Those of us who live along the Atlantic Seaboard or along the Pacific Coast are quite familiar with Muslims, with Blacks, with Latinos, with all sorts of minority groups.  And we love it.  But when you live in the hinterlands and have no contact with anyone other than folks who look, act, and believe just like you do, you don't get this real world experience and, therefore, are quite likely to be swayed by the ravings of the Rush Limbaugh's and Alex Jones's of the right wing world since you have no reality by which to compare what they're telling you (as "news") with.  And, this is how Donald Trump is able to say that America is a "dark and dangerous country." And folks believe him.  

Note: Here’s the link to the full article: 


My own research bears this out.  While millions around the world have protested Trump, his supporters are universally behind him.  This is not surprising to me. After all, they actually voted for a man who demeaned women, demeaned the handicapped, embraces conspiracy theories, lies repeatedly and brazenly and has installed a right wing fake news guy, Stephen Bannon, as one of his most trusted and valued aides.  So all the flash and fireworks over the Muslim ban, banning the press, building the wall, shredding the Constitution is exactly what these folks were looking for.  Apparently all the action, all the chaos, is right up their alley never mind that it's all smoke and mirrors and resembles nothing more than a television reality show. 

It is, on the other hand, quite disturbing that his supporters don't see beyond the reality show spectacle that Trump and his Administration are producing. There is no substance there despite all the oceans of publicity Trump has received in his first few days in office.  He is simply playing to his base and showing them "that he means business."  Problem is, his Presidential "business" is going to go the way of many of his other businesses: Bankrupt.  Which would be okay if he were still a private businessman.  Unfortunately for us (and his supporters as well but they don't know this yet) he is quite likely going to take the entire country into bankruptcy before he's done.


Take Care Folks:  It's a Reality Show Jungle Out There! 

PS: It does occur to me that the undying Trump support from his base gives a pretty solid clue as to how Hitler was able to come to power.  


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