Trump’s mass illegals roundup is going to cost the country many billions of dollars.  Already Trump and Department of Homeland Security head, John Kelly, have called for increasing the number of border patrol agents and ICE agents by some 15,000 to say nothing of the Mexican Wall and the new holding and processing facilities that will have to be constructed to process and deport the millions of criminal illegals who are taking all those jobs that Rust Belters should have. 

This is all such a farce.  First, Trump’s entire immigration/illegal alien elimination “policies” are actually based on two fundamental “misstatements.”  Or, LIES, to be non politically correct.  Yes.  That’s right.  The Great orange-haired dashboard bobble headed President lied to America and it goes without saying that his supporters didn’t catch the lies because in their alt.right, Alternate Set of Facts reality, there are no such things as “facts” or “lies” just differing realities in which theirs is true and ours is not.  They, natch, believed him.  Sheeesh.  Fucking Fools.

The first lie is that illegal aliens – Mexicans, let’s assume – are flooding the country.  And the second lie is that they are causing tons of crimes with 2 to 3 million criminal aliens running around free.   As to the first lie, illegals living in the U.S. shot up from 3.5 million in 1990 to a peak of 12.2 million in 2006.  Since then – let’s say over the past decade just for argument’s sake (yes, the Trumpettes will dispute me here since in their reality 10 years does NOT make for a decade) illegal aliens living in the U.S. have actually declined to around 11 million in 2015.  As far as Mexicans flooding the country and leaping over or tunneling under the existing walls between El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico, the data shows that the number of illegal Mexicans entering the country has dropped by 90% over the past decade.  (Same “decade” caveat as previously.)  In 2015, according to the data, 170,000 Mexicans came across (over, under or around) the border but on the other hand more Mexican Americans left the U.S. and moved back to Mexico than entered the United States.

As far as the criminal aspects of illegal aliens, it has always been counterintuitive to me to consider that illegals are somehow criminally disposed.  If you are here illegally, Mexican or otherwise, what set of circumstances would compel you to exposed yourself to cops?  I mean I don’t illegals are so stupid as to risk being arrested for knocking off a neighborhood 7-11 or carjacking some old lady on Main Street.  It just doesn’t make sense.  I first explored this issue when I saw some right wing “data” showing that illegal aliens had higher felony rates than any other group.  “Damn,” I thought.  Is Trump right about rapists and murderers flooding across the border?  Guess what?  The real deal is that every single person – Mexican or otherwise – who is here in the United States illegally has committed a felony.  That’s right.  Because immigration is under the purview of the Federal Government and not the states, if you overstay your visa, you have committed a felony. 

That’s right.  You have committed a Federal crime.  So, if my logic is still intact now that we live in Trumpland, this means that all 11 million illegals are criminals even though they might not have robbed the neighborhood 7-11 or murdered some homeless guy.  What are the actual crime data for illegals?  I have no idea.  At the moment I’m sticking with my biased, alternate set of non-facts gut reaction and believe that illegals are not so stupid as to put themselves in danger of being apprehended by the law by committing crimes.   The new Trump immigration plan actually empowers ICE and the Border Patrol to arrest any illegal who has committed the horrendous crime of not paying a parking ticket.   This "illegals commit voluminous crimes" is based on a lie as well.  Despite cherrypicking a couple of horrendous murders committed by illegal aliens and Trump's insistence that crime is "way up,"  the Non-Alternate Set of Facts reality shows that overall and serious crime has been falling for a couple of decades all across the country.  But,  this "misstatement" of facts is Trump's Law and Order at work. 

Now, about all those jobs.  I’ve noted before that the agriculture industry would probably collapse (or probably “will” collapse) if all the illegal aliens living in the country were deported.  On the other hand, if they are kicked out this would open up hundreds of thousands of new job opportunities for Rust Belters that they do not now have.  As I’ve speculated in previous posts however, I’m not sure that White folks are really down with working 12 hour days in the San Joaquin Valley picking lettuce in the blazing sun for $2.50 cents an hour with no benefits except 2 meals of rice a day and rat infested housing accommodations in wooden shacks.  

But last night I saw a discussion about Trump’s latest immigration roll-out where some poor slug who worked in a gas station got nabbed by ICE.  It made me think that yes, there are other jobs in construction, in landscaping, house painting and in auto repair for example, where illegal Mexicans work.  When the illegals are all deported then these jobs too will open up for the Rust Belt Trump voters.  Thing is though, illegals with no experience, start at a wage of maybe $6 an hour with no health insurance, no sick pay, no vacation, no maternity leave, no nothing.  I’m thinking that even though these jobs in landscaping, construction and auto repair do have better futures than those in agriculture, I can hear the Rust Belt White folks bemoaning that this isn’t enough to even pay their monthly rent much less live on and whining that they shouldn’t have to work for such low pay.   
So there you have it.  The dumbness that is the new Trump immigration policies.  It’s one thing to propose defunding Planned Parenthood based on lies since the impacts of such a policy are not all that great but it’s quite another kettle of fish altogether when immigration policies based on lies have the potential to disrupt millions of lives to say nothing of costing us taxpayers billions upon billions of our hard earned money.    

Remember too that fully 40% of our undocumented illegals don’t cross our borders – Canada and Mexico – but actually arrive by United Airlines, American Airlines Southwest Airlines, Taca and Aero Mexico which factual situation Trump’s ramped up illegal roundup does absolutely nothing about.   I’m thinking that the Rust Belters are going to have to wait until Trump gets around to bringing back all those high paying, benefit rich mining jobs that places like Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky have lost in recent years.  Oh, but wait.  Those high paying, benefit rich jobs were union jobs, United Mineworkers of America jobs for the most part, if we're talking coal mining.  Since unions no longer exist in the Rust Belt states thanks to Republicans, the Rust Belters are going to have to go though the same activism and protests that give rise to the United Mineworkers of America in the first place and be prepared to suffer the violence, blood and deaths that the decades long efforts to unionize mine workers entailed.  It was a bloody struggle that lated for maybe 20 years.  Are they ready? 

You might remember that during the Obama Administration there was a movement on in Congress to enact Comprehensive Immigration Reform that went nowhere.   It wasn’t the first time since such comprehensive immigration proposals come up maybe once a decade.  This, frankly, is what we need and not wholesale rounding up of illegals breaking up families, destroying people’s lives who have been living here peacefully for decades, and have paid their way to the American way of life. 

Just Another Day In Trumpland.


  1. This an excellent article with one huge exception - the gratuitous comment that ending funding for planned Parenthood is "not that big of a deal". For the thousands of women and girls who depend on PP for their reproductive health care -- mostly relatively low income and/or minorities it would be a very big deal indeed.

    1. I agree with totally. I only used the charade of Chaffetz Congressional hearing as a foil - a comparison between a stupid policy that affects only women and a policy that affects many many more people. The entire Planned Parenthood hearings were a farce of the first order and for my money Chaffetz should be censored for it. (I would rather that he be subjected to the same treatment African American men were treated to in the Old South for decades but I don't want to run afoul of anyone's "terms of service" bullshit. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it.


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