Granted, Trump voters don’t see his description of the press (mainstream press, liberal press, establishment press) as “the enemy of the American People” as anything to get excited about much less carp on and on about how the Fourth Estate is essential to the preservation and continuation of American democracy.  Of course not.  It’s just us liberals whining because they won and we didn’t.  We liberals have been told to shut up and get with the program never mind that this “program” seems to represent a clear and present danger of morphing into a “pogrom.”  (Yes, I know Trumpettes. Sometimes I use complicated words. Just Google it okay?)  Or we are exhorted to show Trump the same respect we showed Obama.   But I would argue that in all fairness, we are showing Trump exactly the same level of respect the Trumpettes showed Obama.  None. 

Granted, Trump’s rant against the press is no yuuuge surprise since he and his supporters ardently believe that the mainstream press is biased, owned by rich, liberal Jews, and produces fake news on a daily basis.  That the press is “the enemy of the American People” is only a slight ramping up of Trump’s and his followers total disdain and rejection of facts, data and reliable, provable information.   So no biggie, right?

But what is a big deal is where Trump gets his news and information and then translates such news and information into policy, at least occasionally (Mexican Wall, Muslim Ban).  Obviously with Steve Bannon as his Chief Aide and Breitbart Fake News given a White House Press Pool seat, he pays attention to this right wing fake news outlet, one of the most popular right wing fake news sites in the country.  But another one of his sources appears to be Alex Jones, creator of “Infowars,” who has built his empire around not only fake news but “news” designed to undermine reality and create alternate realities with absolutely no basis in fact or truth.  (Is Kellyanne a fan? Sean?)  Jones, in case you aren’t aware, maintains that 9-11 was an inside government job, the Sandy Hook Elementary School slaughter was a “staged event” and the current right wing flagellation de jure, Pizzagate, which alleges that John Podesta and Hillary Clinton are heading up a 70 member pedophile ring headquartered in a local D.C. pizza joint, is a fantasy Jones flogs daily.  Comet Pizzagate is a bonifide right wing internet sensation even though it is totally fake.  If you take a look at the Facebook page “Pizzagate” you will see posts of mine asking where the arrests are since three weeks ago they were imminent as sourced by an FBI insider.  Here's the Infowars link if you haven't been there.  It's worth a visit if only so you'll know the source of the next cockamamey fantasy "news" story that explodes in Right Wing Trumpland and the Trump Administration.  INFOWARS  

As quoted from the NYT, Alex Jones is “the conspiracy-theorizing, flame throwing nationalistic radio and internet star” with millions of daily fans.  Trafficking in fake news and conspiracies, Jones is bigger than Rush Limbaugh and apparently has the ear of President Trump.   The “enemy of the people” comment?  Well, it happens to be the same phrase that Alex Jones used beginning back in 2015.  What a coincidence, right? 

We all saw the news reports about the drought in California last year, right?  Forest fires, and all, lawn watering bans, reservoirs drying up, etc.  Trump, at a rally in California, said that there was “no drought” and the entire media drought news explosion was a cover for saving a three inch long fish.  Oddly enough, Mr. Jones had been promoting the idea that the California drought was fake news, was manufactured and was all about promoting the endangered fish theory.

Last week the Jones conspiracy workshop was busy making the case that the leaks that forced Lt. General Michael Flynn to resign were part of a “counter coup” by what Jones calls “criminal, corporate elements working inside the CIA to overthrow Trump.”  This particular meme is all the rage on right wing fake news sites now.  So is the Pizzagate pedophile ring out of D.C.’s Comet Restaurant that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta are heading up.  Three weeks ago, Jones trumpeted that FBI arrests of 70 child molesters were imminent – the next day, in fact – but so far none have occurred.  This too is a current sizzling hot “news item” on Jones’ “Infowars.”  I'm actually hopeful that there is indeed a "countercoup" in the CIA to overthrow Trump.  But I'm not going to bet my 401(k) on it.  

Listen to the following clip to get an idea of just how insane is Alex Jones.  And this is one of his more "calm and reasoned" exchanges.  

In case you thought that Alex Jones and “Infowars” was simply some minor irritant that no one actually pays the least bit of attention to, here are a few facts to set the record straight:

Two major internet tracking companies, Quantcast and Alexa, report that in January of this year, Infowars had an average of 8 million global visitors who viewed its pages nearly 50 million times.  As of last Sunday, Quantcast ranked its traffic above that of the fact-checking site,  These numbers don’t include his radio audience nor do they count his YouTube Channel where the biggest of his 18 channels has 1.2 billion views and his Facebook page also attracts millions of views.  So the popularity of Infowars is fairly extensive.  Steve Bannon claims that Breitbart "news" has a wider audience than cable's Fox News.  These right wing fake news outlets are not minor.  They attract and influence far too many people with their made-up news stories.  

While you and I might dismiss this right wing fake news chatter as unmitigated bullshit, the numbers tell a very different – if frightening – story.  The folks who actually pay attention or believe or think that Alex Jones has the inside scoop are legion.  If you think about the massive right wing assault on Hillary Clinton, a plethora of fake news and fake crime narratives without a single shred of proof or evidence to support them, were daily mainstream media headlines.  The ‘Lock Her Up” chants that accompanied Trump’s rallies are more than sufficient evidence to tell you just how effective such fake news, fake stories and fake narratives can be.  They cost her the Presidency and won it for Trump. 

For me, this is our largest problem, our most serious public issue and the most damaging trend in American society today.  Nothing else comes close.  The massive disinformation efforts by the right wing to destabilize, demonize, and destroy all those who hold different - rational - views from them have thoroughly undermined public trust in the media, in politicians, in government and has spared like a cancer through our entire society.  Add to this mess the fact that Trump actually takes his news from Breitbart, Fox and Infowars and traffics in conspiracies presents a truly frightening prospect.  That Kellyanne Conway can tell America that Trump’s statements about his Inauguration attendance were simply presenting America with an “Alternate Set of Facts” is absurd.  Not to mention that horrible terrorist massacre down in Bowling Green.

Is there any need to analyze this peculiar statement?  Trump’s charge that the press is the “enemy of the American People” is simply the trumpeting of what the radical right wing media have been feeding to gullible Americans for years now.  Where it goes from here is anybody’s guess but I’m guessing that it is all not going to end well.

Don Lemon: CNN newscaster who won't let the Trump Surrogates get away with lying.   

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